Realty One

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The dark clouds were a metaphor for the Roughriders' current injury woes at Tuesday's practice at Mosaic Stadium on Day 2 of the work week.

Starting defensive tackle Jonathan Williams left the workout with injury and was immediately ruled out for Friday's game at Edmonton by Head Coach & GM Chris Jones.

Meanwhile starting right guard Brendon Labatte missed the practice entirely and Jones said Labatte injured himself Tuesday morning, possibly at home.  He's not sure when the former CFL Lineman of the Year will be able to resume practicing.

And finally, Jones confirmed that offensive lineman Matt Sewell intends to retire and has subsequently been placed on the Riders' Retired List.  Sewell was acquired from Toronto on Saturday in a package deal which sent defensive end Shawn Lemon to the Argonauts.

Meanwhile some Las Vegas oddsmakers have installed the Eskimos as 10.5-point favourites over the Roughriders for Friday night's game in Edmonton.  Some of that may have to do with the hard feelings which linger over Chris Jones' departure from the Grey Cup champs for Saskatchewan in December.  However the Riders feel they have their own motivation to focus on.

"I don't know, I don't really want to get into that (the Jones-Eskimos relationship)," offered Roughriders DB Ed Gainey.  "We're just making this game as another opponent on the list.  We've gotta come ready and it's all about our preparation right now.  We're not really focused on the off-the-field stuff and what happened last year.  We're focused on the X's and O's and what we got to get done this game."

Meanwhile the Roughriders have released quarterback Philip Sims.

The Riders visit the Eskimos Friday night at 8:00 on TSN and the CKRM Roughriders Radio Network.



Gord said...

How many times is Jones and Murphy going to trade for a guy who then retires? This is absolutely ridiculous. So we basically just gave away a Allstar Dlineman for some no name QB. This is downright embarrassing. Ive never seen anything like this.

Heptiro said...

Disappointing Sewell retiring.Wondered if Toronto was aware of his pending retirement? Say what ever happened to "future considerations"?? That almost always was part of a trade package.
Hope the QB the Riders got for Lemon has some potential and is not a lemon.

Paul Brown said...

So, Barker sticks it to us again. We gave him Foley last year for a concussed linebacker and this year he gets Lemon and we get a player who retires. Should we assume that Barker was unaware that Sewell would quit? Hah hah on us!

Graham Green said...

Matt Sewell = Mo Price

GWil26 said...

No Gord, Shawn Lemon and his attitude on the sidelines last Thursday was embarrassing. Sewell was a fluff in the package anyway we don't need him.

ReginaRed said...

Incentive? Do the Eskimos need any more than what was provided by Rod Pedersen on 2nd of April. MIke Reilly gets the last laugh. Based on player comments, the Riders will be fine once the newbies gel!

Rod Pedersen said...


bdunc said...

It really is not a big deal if Sewall retires...the biggest issue here is that we got rid of a big salary that didn't want to be here...although he did leave with some bonus money...once again its time to move on to this week...not worry about last week

3RD and 1 said...

I agree that this Toronto trade exchange is an embarrassment. It's not just Mo Price this year but I believe O-lineman Jones was also this year. He retired and now Sewel? Does Murphy not talk to these players before the deal is done?
I'm not making this up but I have heard rumblings that there are other Rider players not happy and hoping to get out of here. As well that the Riders have become a team under Jones and Murphy that players no longer want to come here. Even the QB we received didn't want to come here. It must be the new Riders pay structure after a 4.4 Million dollar loss combined with a regimented my way or the highway attitude. As a 40 year Rider fan I have never seen so many trades retire or players not wanting to be here. Combined with hold outs!!! Even the bad, bad Alan Ford Days didn't have this.
I'm only printing what I have heard and observed?
What is going on Rod. You must have some insight. No one can tell me that this is not a organization in some kind of spin.

GWil26 said...

I believe Murphy can't talk to players under contract with other teams, that would be tampering.

Jeremy Hodgins said...

Not sure that you are allowed to talk to players under contract on other teams before the trade is consummated

Reginald of Regina said...

It would be good to get a ruling on this.
During a trade are the teams allowed to talk to the players involved?
If your not allowed to talk to the player your trading for after you have agreed with the other team in principal. Then there is something wrong with this ruling.

Gerry Dillman said...

hmmm well folks I think we are seeing a bit of how a NFL type football organization is run . Football is a ruthless business down south , most Cfl teams adopt a much softer approach just being happy some of american players choose to come to play in Canada.