Realty One

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders held a walk-through on Day 1 of their practice week Monday at Mosaic Stadium.

Quarterbacks Darian Durant and Mitchell Gale each saw time with the first team offense, throwing lightly.

Durant missed last week's 30-29 win over Ottawa with a lower body injury and in his absence, back-up Mitchell Gale earned the win in his first pro start.

Durant spoke to reporters in the Rider locker room after Monday's workout.

"Feeling a lot better," Durant reported. "Still taking it day-by-day, making sure we're cautious with it and not trying to push it too much.  It's definitely getting better, that's for sure.  I haven't really tested it out that much yet."

Durant was asked if he'll be feeling well enough to start this Friday's game at Montreal.

"We'll see," Durant forecasted.  "I don't want to sit here and put an estimation on that right now.  We'll see as the week progresses."

Riders Head Coach and GM Chris Jones wasn't willing to tab Gale as the club's starter for this Friday's game at Montreal despite his solid showing against the RedBlacks.

"Darian Durant's our starter," Jones advised.  "Mitchell did a good job and when Darian's back healthy, he'll go back on.  It's that simple.  Mitchell Gale did exactly what we expected Mitchell Gale to do."

Gale was satisfied with his performance in the win over Ottawa, but feels there's plenty of work left in his game to improve.

"Definitely," Gale offered.  I'm definitely my own worst critic at times.  There's definitely things I need to improve on for sure from what I did, and as an offense.  There are things that tend to go unseen that we need to fix up."

Gale was asked how he'll approach this week of practice given the fact he doesn't know if he'll get the start against the Alouettes or not,

"Same as I have every other week," Gale shrugged.  "I've got to do my job to make sure if I'm called upon that I can go in there and run the offense efficiently.  My approach doesn't change based on external factors."

Meanwhile the Riders released defensive back Brandon McDonald on Monday, replacing him with rookie Major Culbert who was given McDonald's #22.

Centre Dan Clark was back with the first team offensive line after missing the past two games with injury.  Nicked receivers Shamawd Chambers and John Chiles were back on the field as well.  However star guard Brendon Labatte was absent as he continues to recover from a concussion.  Running back Curtis Steele was absent as well.



John Knight said...

Just watching the Argo/Alouette game, Argo attendance is an embarrassment. For a city who thinks they are the center of the universe they are a disgrace. If TSN wasn't so important to the league, we would be better off without them

willy said...

I just hope the Riders are looking very very hard for a new Superb Starting QB at least for next year. I have always liked Durant and still do but when you are getting hurt as much as he is it really makes you wonder. Is It Time ?
This team has so much potential and I believe they are getting better every time out. They have proven they can score lots of points But my question is . Can the D get much better and cut down the points scored against?

GWil26 said...

It's tough to make a decision on DD right now. He isn't a Buck Pierce (concussion or pulled hamstring every week). He has had 2 freak injuries and another injury from a dirty hit.

Also what do you think management has continually tried to over the years? They bring in QBs who they believe can be starters in the CFL. It may seem easy but every offence requires a certain skill set and we haven't had continuity at OC for a long time. I also think that many of the successful QBs in the CFL are direct by-products of the system they play in.

wally said...

I can't see Ottawa moving on from Harris because he was hurt, just like Toronto did not move on from Ricky Ray because of his injuries. Experienced starting QB's of a caliber like Ray, Durant, Burris, Reilly etc don't come along too often. Not many CFL QB's are lucky enough to escape injury, but none of them are in the category of a Joe Namath with glass knees.

Lucky for the Riders Durant is still young and durable, with no chronic wear and tear injury problem. He has had a run of bad luck of late, but his best years are still ahead. We now have a capable back-up behind him.