Realty One

Sunday, July 31, 2016


MONTREAL - The Alouettes certainly did not look like the league's worst offence on Friday.

Montreal came into the game dead last in five offensive categories, but it didn't show on the field as the Als beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 41-3 for their first win since their season opener, snapping a three game-losing skid.

Montreal entered with a league-worst average 15 points per contest, but put up more points against the Riders (41) than in its three previous games combined (37).

"When you win like that, right now in the locker room, you can tell,'' said quarterback Kevin Glenn. "We didn't turn the ball over, we had great first-down production and we dialed up some good plays.

"It puts us right where we want to be - back in the win column. Our mindset coming into this game was that we weren't going to have any excuses.''

Glenn threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns, running back Brandon Rutley had two touchdowns and Duron Carter made eight catches for 115 yards and a touchdown.

"This is a very big win,'' said Carter. "We were expecting something big, but I'm not going to say I was expecting something this big. This is the type of game that I'm used to playing - Alouettes football.''

On an evening when former receiver Ben Cahoon saw his No. 86 retired by the team in a halftime ceremony, the Alouettes offence surely reminded the 20,018 fans in attendance of the days of old.

It all started with an impressive seven-play, 75-yard opening drive that got the home side on the board early.
Starting at their own 30, the Als marched down the field with ease. Glenn completed his first six throws of the game, including a 39-yarder to Carter.

His sixth consecutive completion was a six-yard toss to B.J. Cunningham in the end zone - Montreal's first opening-drive touchdown of the season.

"Any time you can go out and score on your first drive, it's a momentum builder,'' said Glenn. "That was something that we talked about doing all week.''

Looking for his second career win, rookie QB Mitchell Gale went 23 for 41 for 211 yards and an interception for the Riders (1-4).

Saskatchewan's offence never really got into gear. The team's only points came at 6:19 of the third quarter with a 38-yard field goal.

"I'm not going to sit here and be negative,'' said Riders coach Chris Jones. "We're not going to throw our hands up and quit, I can assure you that. There's nothing we can do about this football game now.''

Montreal's (2-3) opening drive was a sign of things to come for the Riders, as the home side went up 22-0 at halftime rather effortlessly.

Down 8-0, it looked like the Roughriders caught a break when Carter fumbled the ball and it was recovered and returned for a touchdown by Shane Herbert. But a review showed Carter was down on contact, and the call was overturned.

Montreal made the most of that possession four plays later as Samuel Giguere punched the ball into the end zone from the one-yard line to make it 15-0 after a defensive interference penalty on Saskatchewan.

It was more of the same in the second quarter for Montreal.

Brandon Bridge capped off a 94-yard drive with a QB sneak from the one-yard line after yet another costly Roughriders interference penalty in the end zone.

Following the half-time ceremony honouring Cahoon, Glenn found Rutley for a 38-yard score at 13:49 of the third quarter to make things 31-3.

The Als added another touchdown in the game's dying minutes when Glenn found Carter for a 16-yard catch.

Montreal and Saskatchewan combined for 21 penalties totalling 228 yards.

Notes: Als kicker Boris Bede went 1-for-2 in field goal attempts. He's now 6-for-14 on the season. ... Former teammates Brian Bratton, Bruno Heppell and Scott Flory, as well as Als president Mark Weightman, spoke at Cahoon's ceremony.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Chris Jones defence is so good

Enigma said...

Absolute embarrassment on "D" out there. Offence not any better. We have nobody who can cover, no pressure, no nothing. Against one of the worst teams in the league..really! Pathetic looking bunch out there tonight..

Anonymous said...

This is an unprecedented humiliation at the hands of a team playing on three days rest.
I really hope somebody attempts to say how much better this team is than the 2015 edition, just so I can laugh in their face.
What exactly about this team is better?
The roster depth? No
The defence? No
The offence? No
Special Teams? No
Size, speed and overall athleticism? No
Heart and determination? No
Where are all these great and talented athletes the Riders are supposed to have? Every game I see them beaten over and over again.
Where is the great coaching the Riders are supposed to have?
Every week we are beaten by the same plays on defence. Either there is no film study happening, or there is no talent on defence.
Totally pathetic in all three phases of the game.
I hope we all enjoyed last week, because this team might not win again this year.

Kevin S said...

I have to say I was hopeful there would be improvement this season. I am now thinking they are going to be worse than last season. That was three hours of my life I will never get back. It is one thing to get beat but to get hammered like that makes me think I was way to optimistic.

dave spad said...

Totally agree with above Anonymous. Different faces, same dead team! What a disgrace!!

Morgan said...

There wasn't even an effort tonight. That's my concern. When people don't care about their jobs they work the way our "professionals" did tonight. This organization is in complete disarray. Reynolds needs to take a long look in the mirror and make some decisions. It's maybe time to sit down with jones and murphy and give them an ultimatum.

@mrt_man said...





willie said...

In 1965 Hamilton defeated Winnipeg in the Grey Cup. In 1966 Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup and that was the year that I moved to Saskatoon from Manitoba. That is 50 years ago. When I moved here I was an avid Bomber fan but after being in Saskatchewan I basically found out that if you live in this Province you cheer for this Province and so I became and still am a huge fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I have seen many good teams and players over the years and I have seen some bad, but tonight in Montreal was probably the worse I have ever seen a Rider team play.
How can you play a whole football game and only get inside the oppositions 20 yard line once ? That's right just once.
Mr. Jones and Company how can you go in front of the media and say "That game is over so we will just have to get better" ?
You mean to tell us that when Darian Durant comes back everything will change and we will be winning again? Not A Chance.
Sorry fellow fans but I really cannot swallow the Hogwash that we keep hearing from these Coaches and Manager and it is due time to do something about it. Let's get some players in here that want to play football.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I took away from the game is that some of the talent on the team may not be good enough. Also how does a guy like Jeff Knox Jr lose his starting spot because of injury? That is not supposed to happen. IMO he is better than any of the current three linebackers. Last year he was a league star playing on a poor team. This year he is relegated to a special teams player and that is nonsense. The LB's we have are not that mobile, and Montreal proved they could run on us in any combination they wanted. Jeff Knox was making those stop before. Get this guy in the starting squad or lose him. Considering how many points we are giving up, I think he would be a better option than what we have now. He's too good to sit.

Yet they trade for Davidson who was terrible and now they've released him. Do we have nobody to bring pressure? Oh I forgot Knox is on the sideline. It's more passive than Ritchie Hall's defence. When will Lawrence have a return of more than 7 yards? Lots of upgrades needed. Find a couple of guys who can cover without interfering would be good. They don't ask just how many, and right now there aren't any! Giving up the staggering number of points they are tells me they don't have the horses yet. Time to cut the crap and get serious.

Keith Pottruff said...

Tonight... The Riders got an ass kicking.

Now they have to man up and respond. Nothing more nuanced than that to say.

JPR said...

All i have to say is that was ths most embarising thing i have seen in football i unsterstand we have players hurt but Montreal is on 3 days rest and we get humiliated not sure wh
o to hold acountable for this one

Reginald of Regina said...

This year is a continuation of 2015. The only difference is there are very few players on this team that have any pride of ownership. At least when we had players that had been with the team a few years. They truly cared and fought to the end. What I witnessed tonight was a defence that simply gave up. As well as an offence that looked far worse than any game Brett Smith QB'd last year.
Coach and GM Jones your team is a mess! You stripped it to the bones and this is your dream team. I think I heard the Pastor say God help us. Simply because our coaching staff and management sure can't!

Anonymous said...

So maybe just replacing short recievers with tallers ones wasn't the answer? Wow they weren't on the same level as the Al's from the opening kickoff right until the merciful end.

Lyle Pederson said...

Relax folks. I am surprised we didn't get blown out before this. It's tough enough to play this 'total team' game with all the changes ... but ... when you have to replace an O line QB and RB on top of that you are ready to get blown out. A QB starting only his second pro game of his life behind a makeshift line? The only reason Gale didn't leave on the wagon is the game plan to throw the ball the instant it hit his hands. Forget anything deep. The D had an off night for sure but with no O it made it worse. Maybe after 10 weeks of intensity they did the traditional 'letting off steam' in the city of excitement. (You think it's "hard to win in Montreal" because of the fans?)

Anonymous said...

Dressier, Chick & Tjack are looking good on their new teams! I thi a repeat of the 80's? Let's hope we get the mojo back in Calgary.

Chris said...

I feel compelled to respond as a shareholder and a season ticket holder. Total embarrassment of a game. The game plan was was a total bust on defence and offence. Let Gale air it out longer than 20 yards down field, Stephan Mcadoo is horrible play caller, also explains why we don't have a run game. Should never of let Allen go, look where he is now. Defence isn't good enough to cover man to man, Glenn ate us up. Desperate need of a safety that knows how to play safety. No pass rush, just screwed. Lawrence can't return a ball longer than 10 yards 4 out of 5 times, put Demski back there or something. The team is finished this year already. Durant will come back next week and get re-injured as he has turned to glass. Start planning for next year already cause this year is a complete right off. Jones, quit being such a my way or the highway coach. You are not the be all to end all.

Anonymous said...

Backup qb, looked like a backup qb. Made a lot of bad throws. Patchwork backup oline also looked bad, making our already non existent running fame weaker. For sure our Defence got rolled over on, again, but without some answer from the offence at some point to turn the tide, that kind of blowout score is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

This game is no more of an embarrassment that a lot of the ass kickings we took last year. To all the morons saying this was the worst embarrassment you've ever seen all I can say is you have real short memory or you're real stupid. We had our butts handed to us many times last year. That with a bunch of great veteran talent (tongue in cheek). I remember the same comments after butt kickings we took last year from Edmonton, Calgary and BC. I remember the same idiots calling out everyone after BC dismantled us in BC place last OCtober. Did Chick even have a sack last year. He along with the other guys who did nothing last year seem to be the subject of a lot of bromance with some short memory people. All that talent last year provided us with three wins. We will win more than that this year. Count on it. It wasn't until after like 10 losses that we finally won a game.

Our #1 QB out. All our starting O-line out. One of our top receivers (Chiles) out. Our starting RB out. Not to mention a host of other injuries to key special teams and positional players. You had to know this might happen. Absolutely we've been in every game so far this year with a young team. Better to be building a young team than have old vets give you 3-15. We should be 3-2 right now or at worst 2-3. This team will get there. To hear the worst game ever comments from the turds is old, real old. Get with the program or get off. A lot of teams like Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg etc all have poor defences as witnessed by recent games. This team will catch fire soon and then the A-holes will need to find something else to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

There is a myth out there about the "next man up", blah, blah. The truth in sports is that the back-ups are not at the same level of skill as the higher paid starters. The sooner we can get our offensive line and our starting QB back, the better we will be.

Anonymous said...

Was the rider QB Mitchell Gale or Mitchell Blair?

Anonymous said...

Really Morgan! An ultimatum?

We are 1/3 into the season. All games other than this one we were in it.

We are basically an expansion team this year with all the new faces and the sooner people realize that the better.

We have one of the top Admin and coaching staff in CFL. Let them work the plan.

You cant look back on the past because these guys are not the past. They are the present. Let them work through because we all know they will.

Thanks for listening and I respect your view.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

Willie, what do you expect Cgris Jones to say then?

Do you want him to dwell on the past game and not move forward?

Do you want him to tell his players lets just talk about this past game and how we sucked. Dont worry about the next game because I want you to remember we sucked this game!

How is it possibly time to do something? You want to blow this up already and bring in a new coaching staff?

C'mon man! You know the staff is working on it and bringing in players all the time. We are basically and expansion team this year with all the changes.

These guys know their stuff and will work it out. Lets be reasonable here.

There weren't part of the problem for the past but they are a part of the solution

I respect your views but lets not get so high and low so easily.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

"Time to cut the crap and get serious."

Because up to now they dont care!

Anonymous said...

Reginald, I highly doubt this is his dream team. Its a work in progress. I think that may have been stated before. They are trying to find the players to build a championship calibre team.

That doesnt happen in a rebuilding year.

You dont put the roof on the house before you lay the foundation.

Patience my friend! Cant blame this staff for the past. They blew up the house and are rebuilding. I bet it will be a beautiful thing when its finished.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Most people arent giving enough credit to Jones for leaving Durant in street clothes behind that O-Line.

Thats the best protection I seen during this game. Too risky to put Durant in behind the rookies.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

With all your knowledge how did you get overlooked as a Coach and GM.

Seems like you are wasting your talent sir!

Blow it up 6 games in. That'll work for sure...not

Mike D.

Chad Cronk said...

We can't expect much this year. The Riders are basically an expansion team. I believe that Jones and Co. have a long term plan and (unfortunately) we're just going to have to deal with it.
If Reynolds keeps the management team on for the duration of their contracts we will simply remember these days as the growing pains borne of championship team.

Morgan said...

Roddy, did you hear about McKrimmon going to the Las Vegas NHL expansion team? I'll be happy to see that fool out of our league.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to blame this on a backup QB. Gale didn't give up 40 on defense and I guess we will ignore the fact the other team had a backup QB too (one that could have been our backup for a pretty reasonable price) This isn't a terrible team but it is pretty deserving of being called the worst team in the league. Every team has injuries, don't blindly lap up the excuses.

Anonymous said...

Did John Chick even have a sack last year…did you really say that in above comments, hahaha. John Chick was 6th overall in the Cfl with 11…before ranting garbage at least make sure it is informed garbage.

tskware said...

They are LIKE an expansion team, but they ARE NOT an expansion team. Would you call the 2014 Eskimos that Jones took over from a 4-14 season the year before an easier rebuild? They were 8-1 by Labour Day! What is different this time? Why is he struggling so much more with this rebuild?

tskware said...

We are NOT an expansion team. We were a bad team last year just like every other bad team in the history of the league that hired new coaches and brought in new players after a bad year. We are not unique. Ottawa was an expansion team which brings its unique challenges. We should not be judging our success or failure against year 1 Ottawa. I mean come on! How low are your expectations?

tskware said...

Definitely no need to blow up the team 6 games in. Stick with the plan for now. But losing by 38 points to the last place team in the east coming off a 3 day turn-around should give them pause to re-examine what they are doing no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous said...

18 Anonymous comments included this post. Anonymous good for the conversation. Question! When Jeremy O'Day jumped the gun as interm gm last fall during Grey Cup week thinking he was the next gm, who did he interview (how many) for the head coaching position? Bob Dyce? Who?

Anonymous said...

Let's be real. No Darian, 4 out of 5 OL were injured and replaced with backups and PR players and, in some cases, players who didn't even make the PR originally. The Defence was on the field far too much and was worn to a frazzle. A loss was not unexpected, but that looked like the Riders were having a Bring Your Kids to Work day.

Even Edmonton, the defending champs, had a similarly bad drubbing already this year.. so let's hold our noses and move on to better things. These games can happen to any team, when the excrement hits the ventilator shaft.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of new stadiums ... if you have not done so, be sure to check out the short video tour of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis! It can be seen on the MMQB site. An incredible accomplishment.