Realty One

Sunday, July 10, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired international defensive lineman Cedric McKinley and a negotiation list player from the Edmonton Eskimos. In exchange the Riders have sent a negotiation list player as well as a conditional future to the Eskimos. 

McKinley (6'6 – 300) is currently in his third CFL season after originally signing with Edmonton in August, 2014. The 29-year-old Alabama native has played 15 career CFL games to date, totalling 12 defensive tackles.

This season, the University of Minnesota product has started two regular season games, registering two defensive tackles.  

He won his first Grey Cup in 2015 as a member of the Eskimos. 


tskware said...

When does he retire?

Gainer is my Hero said...

Seems unusual that we didn't get DeMarco in the deal as well. We seem to be stock piling under achieving QB's....

gman80 said...

Ugh.. enough with the "when's he going to retire" crap! It's getting old! McKinley will definitely stick around and is a just what the Riders need! Way to go Jones & Murphy! GO RIDERS!!

Enigma said...

It's uncanny how there seems to be no shortage of stupidity on here. The acquisition of Waters and McKinley is part of an ongoing process. Lets wonder back a bit to where after Willy left our GM did nothing to have a capable backup ready. Likely because DD was never going to get injured right? It was only after this huge blunder did he bring in Kevin Glenn, but again after him there was nothing. We tried a couple of guys with a little potential and fed them to the wolves.

This management are trying guys out at the position until someone emerges as a winner. Being pro-active to me makes far more sense than waiting until the shoe drops and have a province go into panic mode. CJ has said on numerous occasions that he will continue to upgrade on a weekly basis until he gets what he wants. Collins, Reaves, and Francis seem to suggest he knows what he's doing. I think he has a right to expect his short yardage team can gain less than a yard!!!

3RD and 1 said...

Facts are facts. If a trade is made between 2 teams. The players and the team they are being traded to are not allowed to talk until after the deal is done. So our last trade with Toronto for a QB and a bench warmer O-Lineman that retired simply because he did not want to move West. WHY? Very simple... The amount of money he was making as third on the depth chart or possibly not even dressing for a game. Did not make it worth while to leave his future in Toronto. So I agree with gman80 enough already.
I watched a team make an incredible come back in the 4th Qtr and take the lead. That in itself was incredible to watch. It's just to bad that the Defence was not aggressive and were 15 to 20 yards off the ball. Chris Jones has already stated that he made a mistake with those calls and will never do it again. I saw a Rider team that took the EE Grey Cup Champions right down to the wire and should have won the game if maybe a challenge could have been made. So what I'm saying is we are going to surprise a few other teams this year with Solid Rider team. I can see it and feel it. For the one guy that called into the sports cage after the game and stated that there is no difference from last year to this year's team. What game was he watching? Throwing for 4 TDs and coming back in Edmonton. That is a completely different team this year. There is confidence as well as leadership and the never surrender attitude. I say by the second half of the season the Riders will be a serious contender. As long as we protect our QB

Aaron Anderson said...

This is a tremendous trade. He was good enough to dress/start on a very good Edmonton DLine. Jones knows him well. He doesn't need weeks to adapt to his system and knows the CFL game well. McKinley will replace Jonathan Williams who will be out for weeks. Forces Corvey Irvin to play better as well.

I really hope Rider Nation sees what is going on here. We have something special brewing. If you don't perform, you don't play the next week. It's as simple as that. We have asked for years why guys continually had jobs when they didn't play well for extended periods. It was because Chamblin got rid of several quality Canadians and we lacked depth. Not this time around. Good management team in place with a vision for sustained success.

Sure there were mistakes in the Edmonton game, but honestly, who in their right mind saw us taking the Grey Cup champs to OT in Commonwealth in game two of the season under a complete tear down/rebuild?!! We really need to beat BC and it should be a great crowd to welcome Wally back into Mosaic. Need the east side crowd to get on the Lions like years past. Some great memories playing the Lions over the years!!

Aaron Anderson