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Sunday, July 3, 2016


If anyone wanted to interview or talk with new Toronto Argonauts defensive end Shawn Lemon about his trade from the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday, it's not that difficult.

Lemon and his new team are practicing all week in Regina as they prepare for their Week 3 game B.C. and he was found Sunday afternoon at Mosaic Stadium under the hot summer sun.

And it's been a wild 72 hours for Lemon since Thursday, when his Roughriders fell 30-17 at home to the Toronto Argonauts.  On Friday, Lemon - reportedly unhappy with his playing time with the Riders - requested a trade.  By mid-afternoon on Saturday, he was dealt to the Toronto Argonauts along with a conditional draft pick for offensive lineman Matt Sewell and quarterback Mitchell Gale.

"It's been emotional," Lemon told reporters after Sunday's practice.  "Take one day at a time, move forward and pray that good things happen.  I'm just fortunate to get another opportunity with the Argos."

I asked Lemon when his relationship with the Roughriders soured, given the fact he signed a new contract well into six figures with the Roughriders on February 18.

"Over time," Lemon said.  "That's a question you'd have to take up with them.  I'm just moving forward and preparing for B.C. now."

Perhaps not surprisingly Lemon has experienced a backlash from Rider fans through Facebook and Twitter but has emerged undaunted.

"I just try to take the positives," Lemon smiled.  "They are very emotional fans about their team.  There are no bad feelings towards any of the fans.  They've been nothing but good to me since I've been here."

As for the Argos, head coach Scott Milanovich said this was an easy trade to make.

"He's an edge pass rusher with a history of getting sacks," Milanovich said on Sunday.  "And he has a familiarity with our defensive coordinator and our D-line coach."


Anonymous said...

In the end this is just a football transaction. If Lemon had really wanted to be here, he would still be here. There may have even been things outside of football in his decision. It has become very obvious in a good way that Jones doesn't want any "Me" players on his team. He wants guys who play for the team and will do anything to help the team win. Once you get enough of those guys there will be great difficulty stopping you.

The Riders got a great return and had more than enough talent to deal with this issue. Good luck Mr Lemon on your next stop!

Anonymous said...

A real head scratcher! Such a good player who is not happy about spending too much time of the bench instead of the field. What the heck is up with this new generation of football players.

Handy Andy said...

Too bad it didn't work out for lemondrops here in Saskatchewan, but Jones got good value for him ... a young Canadian O-Lineman and a young QB with experience in the CFL. It's amazing how well Newsome and Leonard have played at the same position.

willie said...

This guy sounds like a Real Lemon anyway so no loss here in Regina.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the coach could not have squeezed in a few more plays for Lemon...

Anonymous said...

Because he would have signed non-disclosure. Something feels really wrong this year. Already. Again

Anonymous said...

Worried more about the number of plays you get in on as opposed to the team dynamics?? Fine but did he not understand that in another game with different nuances, he would have got 35 plays and someone else much fewer?? Just because you have a head on your shoulders doesn't mean you have anything in it. Guys who are more concerned about themselves and their stats have no place on this team. He's bounced around and will continue to do so and there is a reason. The return was exceptional and the team is better off today than it was the day before.