Realty One

Monday, July 4, 2016

TORONTO - The CFL has suspended Montreal Alouettes receiver Duron Carter one game for his part in a wild melee in a game on Thursday against the Ottawa Redblacks.

Carter was hammered as he made a spectacular catch in the end zone in the third quarter. As he walked by the Ottawa bench, he bumped into head coach Rick Campbell, knocking him over.

The Redblacks rushed to Campbell's defence, throwing slaps and shots at Carter, who continued his celebration straight through the Ottawa bench area to his own bench, which is on the same side of the field. Carter and Ottawa defensive back Jerrell Gavins were ejected from the game.

The Alouettes fined Carter for the incident on Thursday.

"To tell the truth, I don't even know what happened,'' Carter said after the game. "I ran into the coach, apparently.

"I didn't even know I knocked him over. It's an emotional game. I'm excited. I got hit. I got a cut on my face from that hit. You tell me.''

The Alouettes have a bye this week, so Carter will miss Montreal's home game against Hamilton on July 15.

The CFL also fined Gavins for punching an opponent and for an inappropriate gesture towards fans following his ejection.

Campbell was also fined after the league determined he didn't do enough to avoid contact with Carter.

Redblacks safety Jermaine Robinson was fined for the high hit to Carter that started the incident.

(Canadian Press)


3RD and 1 said...

I agree with all of this. Except when watching the after math of the play from different angles. You can see Campbell's body motion turn his shoulder and lean forward to purpousley collide with Carter. Then embellished that the collision was all Carter with his fake roll backwards. I do not condone what Carter did but I feel that Canobell is more than 50% at fault.
I've never heard of a HC bring suspended for a game. However if there ever was a time for that to happen. This would have been it. Carter's actions brought on a fine and suspension which is warranted. Campbell only gets a fine. I don't feel the league reprimanded Campbell enough.

Edward said...

Carter deserves more punishment than Campbell because he started the incident but I think the league sent the wrong message by being lenient on these guys.

Carter is a young guy who obviously made a bad move.

As for Campbell, his "lean-in and flop" was unsportsmanlike and not the kind of thing one would want to see from a mature man in a leadership position. I hope Campbell's employer is sending him a message because the league obviously isn't.