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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Recapping Saturday's 28-16 preseason loss to the BC Lions for Canada's Team. Join Luc, Dan and me at Starbucks on Sunday for Episode 3 of THE PODCAST:



Anonymous said...

after watching last nights game, the question is not how many wins the riders will have this year - but will they have any wins this year !!!!!!!

there is not any team in the west that they can compete against let alone beat.

Anonymous said...

Great blog guys. In my mind I was a little harder on QB BJ for his over throws and under throws. You are correct in that many of us fans see the negative and dwell on it. I think the reason why is we expect a player at this level to have all the nuances down. Execution, getting your reads, body position on the throw and so on. If you don't have those down then you shouldn't have made it this far. An over throw or under throw a couple times in a game is one thing. I believe the negative for me was when BJ was in the game he was doing it all game long. I guess that's why I'm a fan and the coaches coach. I'd probably be cutting BJ and bringing in someone else. Smith as the back up but they should be looking for someone better there as well. our back up situation is not looking good. That's just one fans opinion and dosent mean crap. Jones and Murphy will figure it out.
I do agree with Luc in that as long as Darian is behind Center we have nothing to worry about. When Darian plays he has proved that the Riders win most of their games. If we do lose with Darian behind Center we were batteling right to the very end.
I'm hoping neither back up QB's have to play. However if they do find themself having to go into a game. Then I think we are in a bit of trouble. Neither one of them look like they can get the job done and pull out a "W".
I think our defence will be just fine. Special teams will be solid. I hope that Darian is given plenty of time to gel with all the new receivers.
I guess we all know that only time will tell.

SK fan

Anonymous said...

Anon 1... You do realize that only back up QB's were used the whole game ... Right?
While BC played their #1 A and B to make some pretty nice drives.
Our back up QB BJ threw a pick 6 otherwise the team with back up QB's did ok.
Or did you miss that because your football IQ is negative 3
Better yet did you even listen to this pod cast. It sure dosent read that way.
You must be an EE fan dropping by.
Anyone that judges anything about the up coming season from a preseason game is a complete dork!
Hell I remember the Detroit Lions winning all 4 preseason games only to go onto losing every regular season game.
Grow up man.

Anonymous said...

I blame the ill fitting jerseys. Look like they just came out of the box and thrown on.

Anonymous said...

Touché. Who designed those ridiculous things?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pittsburgh Penguins and Chris Kunitz. Bring that Stanley Cup back to your Riffel Highschool this summer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please ask Scruffy if he left a stool in the lockers of Coleman and Smith,. If he didn't, he should have!

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a lot of apathy in RiderNation this year.
Some in our group who have been going to home games plus most games in Alberta for the last 20 years have booked weddings and holidays during games this year, haven't bought their yearly new jerseys either.
Even social media isn't buzzing like in the past.I'm not seeing the normal level of excitement hopefully it picks up


Anonymous said...

Give it up Patty

Anonymous said...

Still bitter abt the complete gutting of the team?

Maybe Rider Pride has been injured too judging by the unusually low turnout at the game. Now that would be a swift kick in the knackers!

I'm a diehard fan of the Green and White but I'm feeling like Jones might be going for the fence for his own stock.


New GM, VP Player Personnel, Coach completely rebuilds Riders andwins Grey Cup!

Anonymous said...

I guess that the 5 different concerts happening in Saskatoon and MooseJaw had nothing to do with turn out.
Saturday evening was the Biggest night for the Garth Brooks concert. That's the evening Regina fans headed to Stoon instead of Mosaic.
Plus the weather sucked.
Do you guys just pop out of your turd holes every once in a while to make a statement from the tiny little bubble you live in.
Every Rider fan knows that 50% of the new guys playing in this game will not be playing in the next game.
If the Riders have over 22000 season tickets sold. As well as thousands of multi games pkgs. the attendance will be fully supported
during the regular season.

Anonymous said...

As its said by people who want to have discussions in a rational respectful manner....
When respectful discussion leaves those who have nothing to say....

Foul words follow... tsk tsk

One would have th bought with all the hoopla surrounding the coronation fans would have wanted to see what to expect. I certainly hope the Riders will be competitive. They're my team!

Anonymous said...

Roddy, why are you the only one wearing Rider gear in the last picture?? Don't Luc and Dan work for the Riders like you do?