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Monday, June 6, 2016


After much deliberation, we settled on the patio of the Canadian Brewhouse in Saskatoon for episode two of THE PODCAST (think REDBLACKS ;).  Luc Mullinder and Dan Plaster joined me to dissect the latest on Canada's Team and there were even a pair of surprise guests:  Alli from the Brewhouse, and Rider radio analyst Carm Carteri.  Give it a listen here:


Anonymous said...

This team needs the week one bye. There were no surprises during the inter squad game as that is how they practiced all week. DD inconsistent, a few long passes to Nathan, inconspicuous running backs, oline having problems blocking the ends, interceptions which may be a positive, no interior dilne push, blown coverages and overall lack of energy. If this continues during the second week of tc expect the same during the preseason game. It's not certain that Chris Jones is not Greg Marshall.

Anonymous said...

all we are hearing is excuses to prepare the fans for a bad year

Anonymous said...

why are the media finding it so necessary to defend jones and murphy or are they really not that good

Anonymous said...

Because the zealots out there will crucify those guys if they don't win simply because they cut Dressler, Chick, etc. That's why.

Dave said...

So we should have kept last years team? Not worried with the real professionals running this team now!! Go Riders

Anonymous said...

on offense - yes we should have kept last years team in most part and upgraded the backup qb

thet would be a million times better than what is on offense right now

Anonymous said...

To Luc Mullinder,

You need to have a microphone when doing your side interviews of players with Dan Plaster... you will be more comfortable.

Keep up the good work on SportsCage.


Anonymous said...

I don't really buy this whole idea to be patient with the new team. In the CFL, there is massive turnover for almost every team every year. Players leave for the NFL and return at an unpredictable pace. This new trend of players retiring unexpectedly only adds more fuel to the fire. I think its fair to be reasonably patient with the new team and coaching staff as they are starting from scratch. But I do think that anything short of a playoff birth will be considered a disappointment. However, the last thing we need is another coaching and management change. I like what Murphy and Jones are doing and I believe that this year will be a massive improvement and the start of a dynasty.

Anonymous said...

nothing like creating competition for you own radio show. Why listen to 2 hours of sports cage when i can get what i need in a 30 minute podcast.

ckrm must love the concept.

Rod Pedersen said...

We only do it Sundays in the absence of a SportsCage episode. And we are all branded with 620 CKRM. Thanks for listening,


Anonymous said...

What is the offense now?
They haven't played a game yet?
Can you see into the future?
Down Boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not Rod's fault he's miles ahead of the rest of the Saskie media.

It's not his fault at all.

Tanner in YYC

Anonymous said...

Roughriders - a team in red ink via 2013 all out colusion effort to GC title. That regime pathetic.