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Friday, June 3, 2016


Welcome to Saturday! It's one day late due to some problems, but here are the weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, they come in no particular order!

-- The Riders are getting ready for the 2016 season, and on Tuesday let Rider Nation know what is planned for the final year at Mosaic Stadium. All of the events are great and the four championship teams will be recognized as the year goes along. There is only one game that matters though. That is the last regular season home game of the year. It could be the last one period.  It sparked a debate between co-worker and fellow schmuck Phil Andrews and myself.  I will not be in attendance at the last regular season game of the year as I will be on the road with the U of R Rams. (Damn you Canada West football schedule maker!!!) That October contest against B-C will be full of emotion as Rider Nation enters and then will take a damn long time to leave Mosaic Stadium. Phil says "If there is a playoff game, who cares about that nostalgia because there will be one more game!"

That isn't the point. The last regular season game at Mosaic will be something else from the time fans make that walk to the stadium till the time the last person leaves. Yes, a playoff game would be nice, but those buying tickets for the game are there for a reason and that is to say good-bye to a place that has meant so much to them over the years. It is a place where many memories good and bad have been made. A playoff game would mean one final memory, but would it be the same?  I don't think so.

A playoff game brings its own emotions. Yes, win or lose that game the finality of everything hits, but I am of the belief that October 29th is the night we say goodbye. A playoff game is just icing on the cake.  Where do you sit on this one?

-- While I don't know where you sit on that one, I am guessing I know how you feel about Josiah St. John demanding a trade.  The number one pick overall looks like he is trying to pull one over on the Riders and that just isn't going to happen in this neck of the woods.  Assistant GM John Murphy told "Sportscage" on Wednesday they made two very good offers, but both were rejected. I am not sure what his agent is thinking, but he is stunting the growth of his client and giving him a very bad reputation and he hasn't even put on the hat yet. I get the feeling he isn't going to get his wish for a trade, and I also get the feeling he won't be putting on a helmet for quite a while. Not the start to the pro career he envisioned I am guessing.

-- Two thumbs up to the BC Lions for starting a promotion that sees kids 12 and under get in for 5 bucks. Get them in young, get them interested and keep them invested. That's a solid move for a franchise who needs to get the younger demographic going to games. Are you listening Toronto?

-- The Stanley Cup Final, otherwise known as the series featuring logos of two animals trapped in a triangle, is heading to San Jose with the series in Pittsburgh's favour at 2-0. Obviously, Game 3 is a must win for the Western Conference champs. In all honesty, I am having a tough time watching this series as the calendar hits June. I have always said hockey should be over by or on the May long weekend.

-- Canada is a hockey country and the US isn't. That was evident again on Monday.  Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final drew 1.7 million viewers in Canada while Game 7 of the Oklahoma City-Golden State NBA west final drew a paltry 660-thousand.  Compare that to south of the border where TNT had an all-time record for viewership with 16 million people taking in the basketball game with the hockey game which was on NBC got a 2.8 rating which is down from the 2015 final where Game 1 on NBC had a 4.2 rating.  It's no surprise that with Bay Area teams playing that many in northern California were glued to the Warriors and not the Sharks.

-- What did Matthew Tkachuk's Memorial Cup mean for his draft stock? There is no way he becomes a Leaf or Jet as Auston Matthews and Patrick Laine are going 1-2, but has the London Knights forward moved his way past Jesse Pulijarvi to get the number 3 spot. At the end of the day, that will be up to the Columbus Blue Jackets to decide, but if you are the Oilers, Canucks and Flames who pick 4, 5, 6, it could throw a monkey-wrench into what you are planning on doing.

-- Is Saturday the biggest night in Saskatoon's history when it comes to sports?  The Saskatchewan Rush will look to win the franchise's 2nd National Lacrosse League title and Saskatoon's first pro championship as they take on Buffalo in Game 2 of the championship. While Sask-Tel Centre has been buzzing throughout the season, I am guessing there will be an atmosphere inside the building second to none. The Rush have done a tremendous job in their first year in Saskatoon, and the city as well as the province has responded with tremendous support.

--I hope this kid's dad took him for ice cream after!!!  LOVE IT!!!

-- That's all I got. Sorry for the delay, but that is what happens when your power goes out about midway through typing everything.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I almost hope the RUSH do not win the Pennant at home. Simply because of a few loud mouth fans. Saskatoon inherits a championship team. The city embraces them which is good. Then you get these goofballs saying that the RUSH is going to change the lay of the land and become SK's team over the Riders. That the fans of the Riders are old??? Obviously never drives to a game in Regina or pays attention to what the young wear as their clothing. I see young boys in grade 1 embracing the Roughriders. Even young girls are getting behind the Provincal Football team. Only a person with a low IQ could say something so ridiculous. A 1year team that changed its name is going to replace the Riders as SK Team. I want to laugh but the stupidity of what is being said is more sad than funny. As those people need serious help.

Anonymous said...

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Phil needs a lesson in "Rider Fans 101". If there is one game you want to be at in 2016, it is the last regular season home game when the pomp and circumstance will be off the charts as will the nostalgia. You can't plan for a playoff game, but you can plan a proper farewell. Just my two cents!


Anonymous said...

I can't think of another night that would be bigger for Saskatoon sports than what tonight could be. GO RUSH!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, are you a little insecure??

Anonymous said...

8pm Riders Cabaret in Saskatoon Saturday , can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 has some issues.

Gotta side with Scruffy over Phil as well. I know what Phil is saying and it would be great to have a playoff game, but that will be icing on the Farewell Season cake.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you keep saying that the last game at Taylor Field will be so emotional. Do you expect tears? Really? It's an old dump whose prime was 40 years ago. Yes, there are some good memories, but it's not like we're saying bye to grandma. Time to move on to bigger and better.

Robb E

Anonymous said...

Scruffy complimented BC, "That's a solid move for a franchise who needs to get the younger demographic going to games. Are you listening Toronto?"

Scruffy I am not sure if your comment toward Toronto is warranted or not, especially in light that this year Toronto has completely changed gears with their promotion approach. Just recently they have been advertising like crazy to the younger adult party crowd by promoting the tailgating at new BMO and also the fun outside stadium partying that will go on during game time, Toronto has been doing the right thing... No need to ask if they are listening.


Anonymous said...

Scruffy said, "There is only one game that matters though. That is the last regular season home game of the year".

Really Scruff? So we should all just discard the season and all the fun of 10 home games because the sentimental value of sitting in the stadium in late fall will mean more than the whole season? I don't think so.

I think we can all remember the stadium in whichever way we want to remember it. It does not have to be the last game, or that the last game is the one that 'matters' most.

I waited all winter for football to begin, I am certainly not going to wish the season through just so that I can sit one day and say good-bye.

Anonymous said...

To Robb E...

I agree that it is time to move on. May I also suggest to yourself that it is time to move on with regard the name Taylor Field... That ship has sailed my friend the stadium name has been Mosaic Stadium for some time now, so too will be the new one - Time to move on!

Anonymous said...

Although I can't wait to get into the new stadium, I know that I will have a lot of tears at the last game in old MS. I am a very emotional person and won't be surprised if they don't start at the beginning of O Canada. I have been going to games for over 30 years through the good, the bad and the ugly. So many memories!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo at the bottom your entry Rod.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! I've been going there since the days of Bill Clarke and Ron Atchison and I can't wait to move into a decent facility. I've got a million memories but none of them involve a concrete stadium.

Anonymous said...

The last regular season game at Mosaic Stadium (Taylor Field) will be a celebration of the old and a dawning of the new. The emotions will be many that night.

Brian said...

How is offering St. John the league minimum a 'good offer'?