Realty One



Sunday, June 12, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have RELEASED the following players: 


·       International receiver Marquez Clark

·       International offensive lineman Will Corbin

·       National receiver S.J. Haidara

·       International running back Johnta Hebert

·       International defensive back Caesar Rayford

·       International linebacker Rollins Stallworth

·       International defensive lineman Ino Vitale

·       National defensive back Dan West

·       International receiver Devrin Young


Dick Rubnutz said...

No surprises really. Looking forward to the game in Edmonton to see how Darian looks

Great things ahead my friends

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought that Hebert did not have that bad of a game yesterday. With Cobb performing well and Steele and Matt Walter in the stable, probably didnt have a chance. Looks like Young was a waste of time

Adrian DeCorby said...

I also thought Hebert had a pretty good game last night. Same with Rayford. Seems like others stepping up were more of a story on those cuts than the players playing themselves out of it. Stalllworth got burnt on the first TD, and looked in over his head in the position change. Others barely played.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, have you thought about calling this feature "The Rodcast"?

Rod Pedersen said...

Yes - but thought it would be a disservice to Luc and Dan.


Anonymous said...

Brett 'Happy feet' Smith still has a job?

Anonymous said...

Just read Luc's assessment of our Canadian talent and he is smack on!! Better already than we were last year at any time and most of these guys have tremendous upside. Patience needed here Rider Nation, but we are moving in the right direction. Finally some size and grit too!!! Not small and soft!!

Aaron Anderson

Anonymous said...

Why is Coleman still here ?

Anonymous said...

Why are you still here?

Anonymous said...

Microphone drop