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Sunday, June 19, 2016



The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:



·       National offensive lineman Kadeem Adams

·       National defensive back Troy Adams

·       National defensive lineman Tim Agbaje

·       International offensive lineman Tre'Von Armstead

·       International wide receiver Damarr Aultman

·       International running back Terrance Cobb

·       International defensive back Victor Dean Jr.

·       International wide receiver Clarence Denmark

·       International defensive back Marquis Drayton

·       International running back Michael Dyer

·       International wide receiver Qudarius Ford

·       National linebacker Dillon Grondin

·       International defensive back Tyree Hollins

·       National wide receiver Kyle Kawamoto

·       National offensive lineman Aaron Picton

·       National wide receiver Randy Roseway

·       International linebacker Marte Sears

·       International quarterback Brett Smith

·       International defensive back Xavier Walker

·       International defensive lineman Markus White



·       National defensive lineman Dylan Ainsworth

·       International quarter back Phillip Sims

·       International offensive lineman Jarriel King

·       International defensive lineman Eric Norwood

·       National offensive lineman Matt Vonk



·       National defensive back Joel Brtka

·       International defensive lineman Tony Criswell

·       International defensive back Johnnie Dixon

·       National offensive lineman Kennedy Estelle

·       International offensive lineman Marcus Hall

·       National offensive lineman Hasan Hazime

·       International wide receiver Ryan Lankford

·       National offensive lineman Alex McKay

·       National linebacker Alex Ogbongbemiga

·       National wide receiver Josh Stanford



The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired international defensive back Brandon McDonald from the Calgary Stampeders in exchange for a negotiation list player. 


McDonald (5’11 – 185) will be entering his third CFL season after splitting the previous two years with the Ottawa Redblacks and the Calgary Stampeders. The 30-year-old Mississippi native has started 16 of 17 regular season games played while picking up 65 defensive tackles, four interceptions and one quarterback sack.


Before coming to the CFL, the University of Memphis product spent six seasons in the NFL playing 80 regular season games while registering 178 defensive tackles and one quarterback sack. 


Anonymous said...

Clarence Denmark - released???? he was hailed by jones and jones lovers as dresslers replacement

Anonymous said...

Brett Smith, Markus White, Tim Agbaje and Clarence Denmark the ones that stood out for me. Not added to practice roster for any of them either.

Anonymous said...

Brett Smith needed to go - so much for Carm "Let's see what the backups and young guys can do" from last year.

My guess is the rest of the guys cut are guys O'Day brought in.

Anonymous said...

Since QBs Smith is released and Sims is on 6-game injured, who's the 3rd QB on Riders active roster of 46 which, according to, must include 3 QBs (besides Durant and Coleman)??

Anonymous said...

Calling Rakeem Cato....Mr. Cato it is time for you to visit Rider Nation

Anonymous said...

Huh ??? What you trading or even think this is a possibility???

Anonymous said...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NOOOOOO, its the return of Tino Sunseri!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cato plays for Montreal

Anonymous said...

Released: International running back Michael Dyer.

Brought him in just this week, had just a couple days practice, through him in the 4th quarter, yet somehow that was enough to cut him. His bio and background would say otherwise, at least give the guy a shot on the practice roster.

Anonymous said...

No huge surprises here. Too bad Brett only got to play the final 6 minutes, but I think the move to release him was the right one. Wish him all the best, the kid has heart but needs some seasoning.

The Good:
S Kevin Francis. Had a pick and made some good defensive plays.
WR Ricky Collins sounds like he made some great plays, several catches and a good return.
WR Roosevelt - he'll be DD's #1 target this year. Liking the receiving corps w/Roosevelt, Collins, Chiles, Bagg, Chambers, Demski, & Kendall Lawrence.

The Bad:
The run defence was awful, allowing Joe McKnight to run all over us.

The Ugly:
Our backup QB situation...yikes. Hopefully Sims will show well after some time to learn the playbook.


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy with the return of Tino.

Anonymous said...

Sunseri or Smith, both not the answer... But also, both painful to watch. Sporadic, had their moments, but no great consistency.

Life is too short (especially as a fan of a game), to wait year after year for someone to get it together. Either they have it or they don't...


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Riders have a string QB in the wings somewhere. Im thinking Tino or one of the guys that dont make the Eskimo Roster

Anonymous said...

Bombers will pick up Brett Smith

Anonymous said...

We need a experienced backup QB. Cato is the backup to Glenn in Montreal so count him out. Is there anyone on another team that has been cut? Right now, we are in big trouble if DD gets hurt (hopefully that won't happen but what if?). We are in huge trouble at running back. Steele showed absolutely nothing in the pre-season and yet they kept him. That is a head-scratcher for sure. This is going to be an interesting season for sure.

Anonymous said...

Steele looked really crappy last nite. Cobb looked really good and so did that #1 that they cut after the BC game. This team is in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Year after year a new backup, another year of wasted time, other then DD have the Riders ever developed a backup or kept one for more than two years ?

Anonymous said...

oops I meant to say #41 Hebert, looked not too bad against BC

Anonymous said...

What I saw with Brett Smith was a quarterback that didn't progress. His play at the end of the season was very similar to when he got his first start, same with camp. Not enough progression to warrant a spot I guess.

I bet a couple of these guys, especially the ones they brought in late, will stick around the province and acclimatize to the team/cfl game.

Bring on the regular season (first month or two will be tough)!

Rob in Stoon

Anonymous said...

I see the Esks have 4 QB's on their roster.I smell a trade here.

Anonymous said...

REDBLACKS have two #1 qbs on the roster. Henry come back, you'll do for the time being. Unless the REDBLACKS want to part with Harris, he'll do just fine in Regina as the #1 starter long term.

Anonymous said...

Not even you Rod can make this roster look like sunshine and lollipops.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the coaches know more than us fans That is why the fans don't coach the team.
Jones & company know what they are doing. Wait & see what develops in the next 10 days.
You will all be surprised !!!!!!!!!
Roam wasn't built in a day.

Anonymous said...

Cut the bull s__t trolls. This is a 3-15 team that had the poorest defence on the CFL and in the end one of the most anemic offences in the League. They were an old slow team that were being overpaid well past the "best before" date. Sadly there are still a few idiots who were willing to continue along that path. They were happy with being warm and fuzzy, while wearing their Dressler jersey. Winning wasn't important. Some thought Smith was the QB in waiting when in fact; there was much evidence to show he wasn't what was being shown by other rookies. His poor reads and happy feet caused nothing but trouble for him and the offence. The defence was calamity at best.

The players here are better athletes, faster and bigger. The will form a strong unit before too long, and I fully expect our defence to be one of the best in the league before too long. Had DD not been rusty, he very well may have won the game for the Riders but he hasn't played in a while. DD needs some time to get back himself in particular since he has some new receivers to get in sync with.

Watch the games and enjoy the ride instead of criticizing every single move management makes. They will make more and whatever they need to in order to turn the dismal 3-15 mess around. The biggest concern we have in my mind is DD and his ability to return to DD form. Even at his highest points DD was capable of soiling the sheets every now and then. Any success we have will centre around DD. Lets hope he still has something in the tank. He didn't show it Saturday but I think he will come around.

Lewis Grant said...

Montreal has five QBs - one or two have to shake loose if we are willing to wait.

-Kevin Glenn - they won't be trading him anytime soon
-Vernon Adams - they traded a first-rounder for his rights, so he has to be in their plans.
-Rakeem Cato - showed some promise in several games last year
-Jonathan Crompton (6-game IR) - mediocre numbers, but 8-2 record in 2014
-Brandon Bridge - Canadian, MTL is high on him, looked OK in 1-2 games last year

Surely any of these would be better than any of our backups.

Apparently they tried to trade Cato in May.

They also cut Tajh Boyd (2014 NFL 6th-round pick).

Lewis Grant

Anonymous said...

Jones's ego will cost Rider Nation a great deal. He cut Brett Smith..... treated him like crap from day one and replaced him with two of his own. .... Brett Smith was hailed last season as the Future Face of Rider Nation....lauded by John Murphy as good enough to replace Durant!

It was a mistake to hire Jones and give him complete control of the club titles and all. Sask is a personal game to this egotistical. He's gambling that he'll be able to create a winner all by hisself....even referring to himself as "We"

Coleman and Sims will not make #1's and Durant is fragile and old! God help us!

I think it was Hervey who built the Eskimos and Jones just happened to land there at the right time. If the Riders don't win any games till half way in the schedule well see the Real Jones! He was an arrogant sultry interview in Edmonton when they were losing ....let's see how his Sunny Disposition fares in Riderville.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! We have a talent evaluator in out midst!

So Jones is completing the destruction including what J.O. did as well.

My guess is that you D K Y A F A H I T G!

Anonymous said...


Roam wasn't built in a day!

Anonymous said...

Look if CJ ( aka the Emperor) picks someone they are good! End of or lose....
Don't you get it? It's his decision and that's it!

Keith Pottruff said...

Interested to see who will be the number 3 qb. Maybe bring in Monitz cut from Calgary, maybe trade for one of Montreals guys? Or is Sims just on the 6 game for now to play games with the roster? Looks like Jones has two weeks to decide.

Sounds like Smith just wasn't adapting to Macadoo's system. Hopefully he gets another shot elsewhere and can get past the happy feet that he has.

Anonymous said...

Sims will stay on the 6 game for 6 games. Can only take a limited number of 6 games of the list early and why would you do that for a 3rd string QB unles forced to.

Anonymous said...

My biggest surprise was Tyree Hollins,Cobb and Denmark cut and keeping all punter/kickers on active roster.Going to be an interesting year. Sims can relax and learn the system until he is activated off the 6 game list.

Anonymous said...

Get real…..Cost Rider Nation a great deal when he cut Brett Smith.!!…Are you for freakin real? Smith took over for Glenn when the Riders were a top producing offence and lead them to a pile of losses, pics, poor reads and happy feet trying to run on nearly every play. Fans were clamouring for something better. The offence regressed to pathetic under him. All the while Cato and Jennings were actually doing something with their respective teams (Both previously our property) We on the other hand had a couple of marginals. They kept Smith over Price, and Smith got beat out by better skilled QB's over the course of the camp and exhibition games…. The football acumen of some of the trolls is unbelievable. It's too difficult to make an intelligent comment when your head is so firmly intrenched up your donkey!

Anonymous said...

One thing that is for certain is that Jones never labelled Denmark (or any other signing) as a "Dressler replacement." That's made up garbage you pulled straight out of your arse.

Secondly, it doesn't matter how many fans think of it in those terms. This "well we lost Dressler so what one player is going to replace him" thinking is shallow and simplistic. Sometimes the answer is that there's no plug and play replacement of a certain star player; instead the identity of the offense shifts a little bit and the production of that receiver is replaced by the receiving corps as a collective rather than one guy coming in and being the new version of the old guy.

You lose a Kory Sheets and you balance the offense out and don't think about the new RB being the type of back that is going to carry the offense.

But if you must think of someone as being "Dressler's replacement" because nuance just isn't for you then it isn't Denmark you should be thinking of but John Chiles.

Chiles is receiver who in his career has played a role most similar to Dressler, and he made the team.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who lauded Brett Smith as the future face of Rider Nation was a fool. Firstly, at 33 Durant is in the prime age range for a QB and has said numerous times he plans on playing for years. If Smith were truly that good he wouldn't sit around for 5 or more years waiting for Durant to retire. So he would not ever be the face of the franchise.

Secondly the praise he receives from his fanboys is over the top hilarious. He has clear, serious flaws in his game and showed no progression this preseason from last year. John Murphy was nowhere nearly as complimentary of Smith as you think, and reading between the lines of his comment this release doesn't surprise me in the least. Murphy's actual comments was more focused on what a tough situation he was in IE putting the best possible face on his wildly up and down performance last year because he's not going to go on the radio as the new assistant GM and throw Smith under the bus. It's like a team owner or president giving the GM of a struggling team the public vote of confidence: it's like the kiss of death.

Anonymous said...

Your prattle is as senseless as the manner in which you address those who have and express valid comments. You can't even spell but you can certainly can bleat insults. Saying it's impossible to make an intelligent comment when your head is firmly intrenched ? Up your donkey would pretty much sum up your complete post. sound like you know from experience.

Make your observations after you pull your head out!

Anonymous said...

You can take any and all players off the 6 game any time you want. But if you do their salary counts against the salary cap except for I believe two players per year that you can choose to be exempt.

Anonymous said...

You sound alot like a bully on the school playground. Big bold bravado but nothing even close to you truth. Your characterization of Murphy's remarks are what's laughable.
Ask RP for a clip of his comments before you wax ineloquently!

Randolph said...

There seems to be a lot of holes to fill on this team, even after the massive overhaul. I can't help but think the offense has taken a hit, even with a healthy Durant. If DD gets nicked up again, the season is toast, the Rider backup QB's could not make any other team in the league.

Gut GM is shopping DD around the league. Multi-player swap, you heard it here first.

Then his house-cleaning will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Brett Smith is still green, look at his progress last year... we cut him too earlier...

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say about the old guy from Edmonton bashing you. That just shows they have no class or manners.


Anonymous said...

I listened to Murphy's appearances on Sportscage. Murphy was being diplomatic and you're just not savvy enough to see that.

Which is no surprise since you also think he was on a track to be the "face of this franchise", which is a laughable thought.

Anonymous said...

You listened and misinterpreted...I saw him making those comments and quoted what he'd said!

Keep looking if you're at all interested in finding out what Murphy said and....... try to be a big boy and exercise some civility eh!

Name calling and lying about what I'd said shows you DNYAFAHITG but still think that your opinion is meaningful.

Anonymous said...

The old hillbilly in Edmonton beaking you is just a sign of the times in Alberta these days. They are losing their economy, their jobs , their Province because of the NDP effers. Simple as that.