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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Murphy on the SportsCage Wednesday at Griffiths Stadium
Roughriders Assistant V.P. of Player Personnel John Murphy came on 620 CKRM's SportsCage on Wednesday to update the impasse in contract talks with #1 overall draft pick Josiah St. John.

The two sides are far apart on a CFL deal for the offensive lineman out of Oklahoma whom Saskatchewan took with the top pick in the May Draft.

"I try to look at this from multiple angles," Murphy explained.  "And I don't blame the kid.  He's listening to people that he hired to do his business.  What I can say is that the information that's been generated, we did not start out by offering him the lowest contract by any means.  We did have a feeling that a couple of teams last year offered contracts that were exceedingly high for a rookie.  We decided we are not going to continue that trend.

"The day of the Draft, we went out of our way to tell all three of the guys who were under consideration that what last year's #1 pick got would be the high-end that we would offer.  If not, we were just going to offer the 1-and-1 deal and they were free to accept either one.  Josiah St. John and his agent were well aware of that.  I made that crystal clear when we settled on him that they knew that.  Then we tried to negotiate on that between then and rookie camp.

"Once rookie camp started I said at that point if he wants to accept a 1-and-1, that we're open to it and let's see how things play out.  Once training camp started we took the stance that we don't negotiate with holdouts and we don't negotiate with guys who don't appear when the dates are that are on the calendar.

"We went back and forth and his agent then sent back an offer that was, again, exceedingly high for any rookie player but I can tell you firsthand that both of the offers we've made of the long-term variety - which is what his agent wants - would make him the highest-paid player in this Draft and the second-highest paid player in the history of draft picks.

"So if we are offering a deficient deal, I don't really see where that's the case."

We asked Murphy what St. John's agent, Jonathan Hardaway, has for a history of negotiating CFL deals.

"About like what we're dealing with," Murphy laughed.  "And to his credit, he got Matt O'Donnell and Henoc Muamba into the NFL.  I don't take any personal offense to it.  I've thrown them some zingers.  I told his agent that if he doesn't sign here soon, he might want to create a time machine to make this kid relevant by the time he shows up.

"But I think you just have to take it day-by-day and if we don't have a successful negotiation by Monday or Tuesday, we go right back at it Wednesday or Thursday as his agent approaches us.  But again, for the sanctity of your locker room and for the integrity of how we've done contracts in our league, you have to look at what the bigger picture is.

"If I give a dollar more than what the #1 pick got last year, I'm not only affecting this year's cap, I'm then saying next year that rookie pick will go up $5000, $7000 or $10,000 which means we are contributing to a situation that is not realistic.  In the next two years we'll be dealing with the CBA whether you're a player, agent, team, GM or coach at every level, you're creating a false sense of security for these players to think you can enter the CFL at a near $90,000-$100,000 range and that wouldn't work in the economics of today's CFL.

"It doesn't create a good sense of locker room camaraderie and it doesn't create a good sense of the veteran guys that'll see themselves in a pinch at the end of training camp.  The last thing we're going to do is put a guy that's out here working and sweating and trying to make himself and us better have to take a paycut at the end of training camp because we over-indulged a rookie."

The Roughriders will be back on the Griffiths Stadium turf - without Josiah St. John - Thursday morning at 9:00 for Day 5 of 2016 Training Camp.


Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like negotiating in the media!

Anonymous said...

Gotta like Murphy and our entire management team! Fully behind these guys!

Anonymous said...

Josaih St. John will end up in the nfl
the riders will lose
and all because jones and murphy have no idea on how to operate a cfl team

Dave Brown said...

No idea how to operate a CFL team? LOL. Should have put your name to that one bud, I think you will be eating those words soon. Let me guess Dressler and Chick should still be Riders. It's fans like you that drive call-in shows though. Thanks for having zero clue, makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

We don't need some
one who does not want to be here. Nfl calibur or not his heart will not be in it and he will not play to his potential. Let him go we don't need him. Anyone can be replaced.

Anonymous said...

If he was good enough for the NFL he would be gone.

It's unfortunate this kid is getting bad advice from his agent.

Football will go on for the Riders. It may not for him. Loss a year as a rookie, you may never be able to make a team again.

Anonymous said...

I love these new guys, they know how do get it done with players' agents

Dean said...

does anyone know if a draft pick doesn't sign? Is he free to sign elsewhere or does he have to sit out a year?

truenorthern said...

At the end of the day, it's business, it's not personal. The kid is rolling the dice, trying to get the best deal he can. We have been down this road before with Matt O'Donnell, I suggest that if Hardaway is the agent, we simply don't draft the player.

Anonymous said...

Good for Murphy and the Riders for standing their ground. Just because this kid has a hot shot agent he thinks he can demand more money. Come to camp and prove that you are as good as you say you are. What you did in College doesn't mean anything now. I honestly don't think I would want a guy with a bad attitude like this stinking up the dressing room.

Anonymous said...

How many offers does he have from NFL teams.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rod for all of your updates and info on this years camp.Much appreciated for Rider fans in the 204..and there are a lot of us. With this St John deal, I really like the pattern that is being established by this regime. They are paid employees to run our club and I fully trust we will be light years years ahead compared to last year.The base is already there, a lot of work has been done and I feel we will make the playoffs for sure. Thanks again Rod. Polkabill from the Peg

Anonymous said...

Sk buffoon speak_ "deficits are like poato chips_ not good for your long yerm health and bet you can't stop at one."

Anonymous said...

You're SMOKING CRACK buddy! He'll be with us before the of camp!

Ryan said...

Until he signs he is property of the Riders, as far as CFL teams go, forever. Once he signs and either finishes the contract or is released, then he can sign with a different team. So he can hold out as long as he wants but won't play in the CFL until he signs with the Riders

Anonymous said...

JSJ and his agent need to remember he needs football more than football needs him.Dean

Anonymous said...

I love these new guys, they know how do get it done with players' agents... Yeah, they certainly are getting it done watching the #1 pick sit at home. Good job guys!!

Anonymous said...

Surprised that some of these posters are saying go ahead and overpay players.

I like how this new regime is putting a cap on spending and trying to manage the team by finding talent to replace the overpaid players instead of letting the players dictate how much the team should spend.

Long term health for the organization. The previous regime overpaid players because they couldn't go out and find talent. We got old and were overpaid. I sense the current way of doing things will not allow us to become that way again.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Murphy said, "We did have a feeling that a couple of teams last year offered contracts that were exceedingly high for a rookie. We decided we are not going to continue that trend".

Okay, that is fine to believe or adopt that line of thinking as your strategy (to discontinue the trend of actually paying for a number one draft), but if you really believe that, then why didn't you simply trade away the number one draft spot??? Instead, you decided to keep it, then proceed to impose your failing strategy that has got you no where. You could have had a pretty good trade for one or two players if you really didn't want to pay for a number one.

That is poor reasoning and poor negotiating, resulting in a loss for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Kel in Victoira

Anonymous said...

agree with kel and others

very poor management by jones and murphy which we have seen from day 1 - yes refer to chick dressler fiascoe and others

jones and murphy need to go and the sooner the better

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Jones and Murphy, I'm on your side.

Anonymous said...

Roddy, WOW are the people who write in negative dumb nitwits.

So we want our new regime to go and overpay for rookies? How did that JUST workout?

One idiot even said that their plan isn't working and that they need to go? Are you on crack sir or mam??? So you are gonna sit here and say we have had a long enough look at their plan and it's time to fire them? Honestly Roddy, the stoopid is thicker than ever in here.

This is what you get when you get a bunch of small town banjo pickers giving their opinions. I wish Jones and regime the best and can't wait to see all the naysayers get this one shoved right up their you know whats.............

Dumbfounded by stupidity in the 306

Anonymous said...

Josiah St. John and Brett Smith for Duron carter and Brandon bridge!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't mess with the Jones/Murph/O'Day trio.


Anonymous said...

To Kel in Victoria... I know your out of the area so I will excuse this time. The Rider looked at all offers to trade the #1 pick. The unfortuntate part is there was no drop off from #1 to #7. So No one wanted to give very much for the #1 draft pick.
The rest of you prunes. StJohn's agent wants $400K over 3 years. That is a man on CRACK! StJohn only started in 18 games during his College years. He's a bench warmer this year in the CFL and probably next year too. They have matched the $80K offer of last years #1. Thats still not good enough for StJohns agent. So its very simple and it was said earlier here in these comments. StJohn needs football. Football dosent need StJohn. For those who said he's going to the NFL???? Wake up man! He's not even a starter in the CFL

Reginald in Regina

Anonymous said...

BOOM. Someone gets it!

Anonymous said...

you make that piece of garbage sit for 10 years if that's what it takes.

Anonymous said...

Trade his rights and get someone in that wants to play football. His agent has not done him any favours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Reginald,

Thanks for the break 'this time'... You must really be in the know to speak on behalf of the team and to know exactly what went down in choosing the pick.

Just so you know, in this day and age it does not matter where you live as you can listen to the radio online, read the LP online, do whatever else online as a fan of the team. Even more-so, you can actually by shares and become an owner and vote on the issues if you really want to. That is what I do, I care greatly as I know other do as well.

I will suppose that you care also, I respect that you replied to what I wrote. But please don't assume you are in the know over anyone else... Or that you can dismiss others because they don't live in the same area you do (and if you must know I grew up in Regina, played HS football there and then attended the University in Regina)...

My friend, as fans we all have opinions, hopefully they are backed by realistic info and common sense (not merely an ill-conceived opinion due too ones geographical location as if somehow superior).


Anonymous said...

Mel... Your comment of ... but if you really believe that, then why didn't you simply trade away the number one draft spot??? You could have had a pretty good trade for one or two players if you really didn't want to pay for a number one. By no means was I knocking you.
The only reason I mentioned something. Jones and Murphy tried to trade away the pick. But honestly when the #7 guy and some say even the #8 guy was as good as the number one guy. No team was willing to give anything worth trading for.
I know your from here and love the Riders. I was just surprised when you used the wording that Jones and Murphy continued and used their failing strategy. Fortunately they are still in the drivers seat. These new rookies coming up think they are worth so much more than they really are. I guess we could be like the GC Champs who had their #1 pick just up and retire. That must have been a shocker.
I lived in the GV area from 98 to 05 and like you I stayed in touch by listening and reading every thing I could. However I have to admit that living here again the Rider news comes from more media sources than I ever imagined. So we do hear stuff that might not get out there. Or at least a. Few days before it is out there.
I enjoy reading your comments as they are usually well informed ... I hope it's mutual.


Reginald of Regina