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Saturday, June 25, 2016


CFL reporter Justin Dunk reported at on Friday that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are talking trade with the Edmonton Eskimos for the services of back-up quarterback James Franklin.

Dunk wrote: "Edmonton put second-year quarterback James Franklin on the one-game injured list Friday, ramping up speculation that the defending Grey Cup champions could trade the young pivot. That possibility has been discussed with Saskatchewan.

CFL sources say the Eskimos asked for 2016 No. 1 overall pick, offensive lineman Josiah St. John, and a first round selection, but the Riders said no. That does not mean that the deal is completely dead."

However on Friday afternoon the Roughriders told 620 CKRM that the report may be premature at best.  The Riders say they have not inquired into the availablility of Franklin specifically and that the rights to St. John have not been offered in any deals.

The latest hot rumour making the rounds in the CFL is that the Riders aren't enamoured with their quarterback depth behind Darian Durant given the performances of B.J. Coleman and Philip Sims in the preseason.  That, reportedly, opened the door for trade discussions with Edmonton and furthermore Eskimos GM Ed Hervey is intent to put the screws to Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones given his departure from the City of Champions this off-season.

However the Riders say that rumour is "100 percent inaccurate".

Stay tuned.



Emily Kroeker said...

This ought to be good!
And kudos for making your commenters accountable. This is the first time I've ever commented here.

Rod Pedersen said...

And ... we're off!

Thank you Emily,

Parkside said...

This would be some great depth. But I agree, Hervey will look to screw Sask/Jones any way possible.

Tyler Singer said...

Would absolutely love to see Franklin in Green and White!! St. John and a third rounder would be ok in my books. Two first rounders on the other hand is too high.

IPSCO Place said...

Congrats on the move to verified ID comments only. Raises the credibility of the entire blog.


Evan Wiome said...
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Evan Wiome said...

The trade makes sense if the Riders can get Franklin for the right price.

Franklin is young,talented and already knows the offence.

Dean said...

Trading an American for sone canadian draft picks. Not really cool with that.

I say role the dice this year. The guy could be a free agent nextra year.

Ryan's Grumblings said...

I just don't like the idea of losing a high round pick and a possible franchise type player for a basically unproven quarterback. But I do think that where there is smoke there is fire.

Reginald of Regina said...

Im having trouble seeing a deal of this magnitude between Ed Hervey and Chris Jones being anything but normal business like. For what ever reason I can see Ed wanting to get the better of the deal. Simply because he's in the drivers seat. SK needs a back up QB worse than Ed Hervey needs a hold out 1st over all draft pick.
From what I heard and seen coming out of Edmonton for the preseason game. If the players are hell bent on showing up Chris Jones. Im sure that's coming from the top down.
Chris Jones better'd himself in his employment and many over in Edmonton are scorned.

Victor Isted said...

I say go for it. It's a high cost to pay to get him. But it will be even a higher cost if we don't and something unfortunate happens.

Brian Shepherd said...

Looks like the Riders were telling the truth when they said they were not interested in that they have signed Moniz and Kinne

Ryan Steffensen said...

Great idea with the comments Roddy!