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Thursday, June 16, 2016


WINNIPEG - Ryan Smith can't wait to get back to running routes with Weston Dressler.

The new Blue Bomber receivers haven't been on the field together since June 4, when Dressler suffered a lower-body injury during practice. But the former Saskatchewan teammates are expected to be a dynamic duo again when Winnipeg kicks off the CFL regular season June 24 at home against Montreal.

"Any time Weston isn't out there I'm going to miss him,'' Smith said after Thursday's practice, which Dressler also missed.

"He helps me just as much as I help him. He's a great friend of mine, a great teammate. He's a great leader of this football team and just to have that veteran presence out there is going to be a major key to our success.''

Head coach Mike O'Shea said he's "very sure'' Dressler will be ready for the season-opener and his downtime shouldn't hurt his performance.

"I don't foresee any issue with that. I really don't,'' he said. "He's a pro, he knows his stuff. We had an offensive mini camp. And (quarterback) Drew (Willy) knows him so I don't think it's really going to be an issue.

"He's a fantastic football player and a great professional. I imagine the best thing is that he's going to be rested.''

Smith, who caught two touchdown passes from Willy in practice, including a long bomb in double coverage, said Dressler's absence has also been beneficial in some ways.

"Me and Weston, when we're together there's a level of comfort because we played with each other last year,'' he said. "But it's nice to get someone new in there for a little just to kind of try something new. Once Weston gets back, we're going to be flying around again, making plays.''

Winnipeg's receiving corps was overhauled in the after a 5-13 season, with Canadian wideout Rory Kohlert and import Darvin Adams the returning starters.

Dressler was signed in late January after being cut by the Roughriders. The eight-year veteran had a team-high 70 catches for 941 yards and six touchdowns in 16 games with last year's 3-15 squad.

He helped convince Smith, Saskatchewan's leading receiver from last year, to join Winnipeg on the first day of free agency. Smith put up a career-high 991 yards and seven TDs from 59 receptions in 16 games during his second season.

"He's extremely fast and can stop very quickly so he's great at getting leverage on guys,'' Willy said of Smith. "We just want to get the ball in his hands because he's going to make some great plays for us this year.''

The Bombers have been auditioning for the other vacant starting receiver spot, with Quincy McDuffie, Thomas Mayo and Fred Williams some of those battling for a role. Second-year receiver Addison Richards is on the six-game injured list with a broken hand.

"It's definitely going to be tough to see how it all shakes out,'' Willy said. "We've got a lot of guys fighting for spots and it's a good competition.''


Anonymous said...

Gonna miss the duo of "Smith and Weston" Top guns now for the Peg. I will cheer for them except when they play the Riders of course.
Noted that Addison 'glass " Richards is injured again. Wonder if we will ever see him in the CFL?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a Rider Fan but I will cheering Winnipeg heartily this year! Sask creating an an Emperor gives me a knot in my stomach. It looks like he'll be cutting Brett soon to favour his choices so the team can be all his making. Go Weston and Ryan!

Anonymous said...

If you are cheering for Winnipeg, you are NOT a Rider fan

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems that new rider boss Chris Jones is really impressed with new QB BJ Coleman as he has remarked about his hard work on and off the field (even the dedication to get up early in the morning), it really is too bad Jones did not give either Dressler or Smith a chance as he would likely have been blown away at just how hard those two work when on the field.

Dressler and Smith are full out on each and every play whether it be camp, exhibition, or regular season. Although likely he will never admit it, me thinks Jones might be second guessing himself, especially if both hard work and outstanding results are what he looks for in a player.

Coleman may or may not pan out for the Riders (all hard work ethic aside), but with Dressler and Smith, there was a guarantee of hard work including excellent results. Too bad Jones ego will deny either one of these players any future opportunity to return to the Riders and to once again get the Rider faithful out of their seats for those two prairie boys.


Anonymous said...

On a side note!
serious topic, "drive while impaired SGI" current television commercial".

Does anyone else immediately think Roughriders when they hear the attached music to this plug. Wrong music to a serious isssue.

Anonymous said...

Shivers is back with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, yeaaa!!!!
Dressler/Smith left the Roughriders on their own accord. They signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, ain't nothing anyone can do or say about that, end of subject.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dressler,Smith and Chick did not leave on their own
nor where they responsible for last years bad season
The Dressler, Chick, Smith debacle will go down in the history of the riders and cfl as the worse move ever.
So far all that jones has shown is that he is not a GM and does not have what it takes to be a good GM. No management or negotiation or people skills what so ever and his judgement is just terrible.

this should give you rider haters lots to spout off on but its the truth.

Anonymous said...


Smith chose Winnipeg! He was offered a contract by the Riders and chose the Bombers.

Remember that when you cheer for him.

Anonymous said...

Cheering for Winnipeg ( Of course not against the Riders) makes me not a Rider fan? Get a grip !

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg's problem has always been on defense and that will continue this season.

Anonymous said...

I m getting sick of the dressler smith talk already. They are gone so be it. Look at the bright spots moving forward people. If you know anything about CFL you would stop complaining. These guys are replacable. Our defense is gonna be amazing, keeping all these guys we would be still lobsided like last year. Our D is going to be solid, darians back, our kicker isn't 50, we got some good receivers, better returners.
Be happy with it a rebuild was needed. And you got the best staff in the CFL. Enjoy it!

And if ur cheering for Winnipeg why don't you give up your season tickets so the people who appreciate it can go.

Anonymous said...

The biggest baby in the whole world is a new born elephant at 250 pounds........unless you're a Blue Bomber fan 😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

Dressler/Smith midget recievers "who willing" put their name in ink to legal player service contract with Winnipeg CFLeague. What don't you nimrods from sk not understand? They now play for the Blue Bombers and couldn't care less about the roughriders or regina.

Randolph said...

Why wouldn't he choose Winnipeg with fellow ND alum Weston there as well as Drew? No, I will sign up with 'Cut 'em unless they are from Tennessee Jones'! Not!

Anonymous said...

Dressler was going to have to take a pay cut to stay here, rejected the idea, signed in Winnipeg for less money. Smith, offered a contract, rejected it and Dressler helped Winnipeg woo him. As per article. So yes, cheer for Winnipeg. 😗 Just like Edmonton will cheer for the Riders. Not likely.

This is the type of thinking which leads to mediocrity. People always wanting the same old, never change attitude.

gman80 said...

Lol. Mr Anonymous!! .. too bad you don't know nothing about nothing! Chris Jones will make this Roughriders team a winner despite his "ego" and the choices he made this offseason.. Dressler and Smith were tough to let go, but Chick will be easily replaced! Jones as a Coach and GM..Well, time will definitely tell the tale but Many Rider fans (myself included) is very confident that this Rider franchise will be verrry successful under the Jones Murphy regime!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people that think Dressler and Chick should have consumed 10% of the total Rider payroll. I guess you enjoyed being 3-15.


Anonymous said...

They're gone. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Everybody on here knows so much of how things happened...must have been right beside dressler and chick when they rejected what was put on the table hahaha. Funny how these guys were the best thing in sask...they leave and now all of a sudden they suck, hypocrites is all I have to say...Go Eskies Go, Trolling away lol.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, they are gone, it's done, move on.

Anonymous said...

Anon stating that everybody knows so much of how things happened.... YES some of them do. How? They read every article available at the time. Both in SK and Manitoba. That's how they get their knowledge. They don't just sit back and bitch and complain like 2/3rds of you on here. Either stay up on current events or keep your stupid opinions to yourself. Who gives two hoots about Dressler and Smith. When they are covered man to man they don't do so well. When they play zone they hope to get in between the gaps. Winnipeg will not do so well relying mainly on 2 X 5'6" receivers.
We can all sit back and wait for the season to unfold. As some of you think you have a crystal ball. If you did then you'd know how bad our season would be if we stayed with over 30 and way over paid players.

Anonymous said...

Wpg last this year. Book it.

Anonymous said...

Riders won two grey cups with the 5'6 reciever being your star in Dressler and he is 30...that still leaves him in his prime for a couple years so smarten up.

Anonymous said...

He'll be cutting Brett soon because Brett sucks.

Anonymous said...

Dressler is 31 years old and he won 1 cup with the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Funny how a guy like Darian who single handedly beat the BC Lions in the Semi final 4th Qtr. Otherwise there would have been no Grey Cup. Yet all the Boo hoo Dressler people are the same people that think every back up QB is better than our starter.

Anonymous said...

Riders used to be the team that hired has beens , now it's Winnipeg