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Friday, June 3, 2016


Day 5 of Saskatchewan Roughriders Training Camp was held on another warm, sunny day at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon on Thursday.

Many SportsCage listeners have been asking about how the kicking game is progressing with the three kickers in camp: Tyler Crapigna, Josh Bartel and Quinn Van Gylswyk.  We got a good, long look at special teams on Thursday and we asked ST Coordinator Craig Dickenson for an assessment:

"I thought it was decent," Dickenson stated.  "We gave Josh the day off punting so he didn't punt.  That was Quinn out there and he hit some bombs.  But as the wind picked up, he started pressing a little bit and didn't do as well at the end so he's got a lot to learn.  He's still pretty raw but we saw some real nice returns.  That #1 (Qudarius Ford) is pretty good and Crapigna's had an excellent camp.  All in all, I thought it was pretty decent."

The Riders' John Murphy hinted on the SportsCage on Wednesday that the team may find a way to keep all three kickers with the club this season and Dickenson concurred.

"I think we should," Dickenson agreed.  "Certainly that's not my decision but I'll have input.  I just think we got too much talent there and somebody'll pick 'em up if we let a guy go.  I think all three of them can contribute and you'd like to keep all your best players if you can."

I noted to Dickenson that I haven't seen any shanked punts by this group so far which is saying something through five days of training camp.

"They're pretty good.  I've seen a couple," Dickenson laughed.  "Of course I got a little more of a critical eye probably than you but they're doing a good job.  We're working a lot on mechanics with all of them and we're really putting a lot on Quinn's plate.  We'll probably have to pull back a little bit but for the most part the young guy's done well.  And Josh and Tyler have had outstanding camps."


Meanwhile Sportsnet's Justin Dunk is reporting the #1 overall pick in the 2016 CFL Draft - offensive lineman Josiah St. John - has requested a trade from Saskatchewan.

As was reported here extensively last night, contract talks between the Roughriders and the Oklahoma Sooners product have reached a nasty impasse and no further negotiation is scheduled.

However Dunk reports that although St. John's camp has requested a trade, they have not received permission from the Roughriders to speak with other teams.

Stay tuned ...


Roughriders great Wayne Shaw has been a keen observer at training camp for several days this week.  The member of the 1966 Grey Cup-winning Roughriders has been a long-time Saskatoon resident and always offers a sober assessment of the club.

"Well the only reality I can give, and I admire and respect the fans who are all positive and think the Riders are going to get to the Grey Cup this year but that's really fantasy thinking," Shaw cautioned.  "If they can win half their games, it would be a minor miracle.  And I'm not criticizing Jones.  If he had Hughie Campbell as his Dad and could phone Hughie every once and awhile, he might, like Hughie's son Rick, have a contender right away.

"But it's going to take two or three years.  Like there's only one guy on defense from last year isn't there?  There's a lot of great players but you gotta get them playing together.  So I think if they win five, six games this year, that would be quite good."


The following is the Day 5 report from the 2016 Roughrider Training Camp presented by Coors Light courtesy of the Riders PR staff:


International defensive back Victor Dean Jr. (6’4 – 210 – Portland State)

Did not participate: 
Dylan Ainsworth (day-to-day)
Justin Capicciotti (day-to-day)
Marcus Davis (day-to-day)
Johnny Dixon (day-to-day)
Jeff Knox Jr. (day-to-day)
Eric Norwood (injured)
Jordan Reaves (day-to-day)
Matt Vonk (6 game injured list)
Xavier Walker (day-to-day)

The players hit the Griffiths Stadium turf for Day 5 of training camp for one two-hour session.

The practice was fast paced with a definite focus on game like situations. Time was spent red zone situations, last minute drives, and some intricacies within the CFL game.    

Rookie returner Qudarius Ford brought the morning crowd alive with a long punt return touchdown that included impressive breakaway speed.

The defence rallied on the next series as defensive lineman Ino Vitale jumped to deflect a pass as fellow lineman Jonathan Newsome made a diving interception.     

Players and coaches will hit the practice field at Griffiths Stadium for Day 6 for one practice session. The players will be on the field at 9:00AM with practice running until approximately 11:00AM. 

Green is the colour and football is the game! Watch the team scrimmage and practice as a full squad on Saturday, June 4th at SMF Field.

2pm – 4pm – Family tailgate party with special guests like Gainer the Gopher, the 620 CKRM Cheer Team and the Rider Drum Line.

4pm – Riders warmup/practice. 

5pm – Mock Game – the 2016 Rider team takes the field for an approximately one-hour scrimmage.


Anonymous said...

So nice having him back. When he was let go, I thought it was a bad decision.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Shaw maybe knew a lot about football back in the 60's. He figures only Hugh Campbell can assemble a team in a year or his son in 2 years. Im sorry but Shaw is out of touch. Jones has been coaching longer and more successful than Rick Campbell has. So saying winning 5 games would be good is a poor statement. If the Riders only won 5 games this year that would be a disaster. The fans, Rider coaching staff and front office would be severely dissapointed.
Was Shaw not listening to the Sports Cage. Jones has been through this in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton. 3 as a DC and 1 as a HC.
Its hard to say this about a past Rider great, However his senior citizen outlook is too old school.

Anonymous said...

While at camp today the back up qbs looked poor. None of them looked like they could start. Any chance a backup with some CFL experience will be cut from one of the eight other and deeper teams?

Anonymous said...

Love the Argo plan for tailgating before their games. Beer at $4 a can. Gosh, it would be wonderful if the Riders could do the same for the new stadium. Cheaper beer would go well with the more accessible and larger washrooms, and the better way in and out of our seats.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Shaw has it right on.

finally someone making some sense and being realistic.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, the satisfaction of being proven right :-)

I knew St. John would be a failure/the wrong choice for the Riders because I'm smarter than 99% of you mouth breathing idiots.

I just thought I'd drop by one last time to gloat.

I do love everything else that is going on in Rider Nation though.


A guy in Lower Canada

Anonymous said...

Rod you know better than to let the rider in-breds know about people not wanting to play here. that is blasphemy and they have no idea what that means. they still think every "football" player in the world would die to play in hmm hmm regina. I love it when the nation realizes there is a whole world outside of their one branch family tree

Anonymous said...

I think St. John is getting some bad business advice from his agent. They don't have any leverage in this situation. The Riders hold all of the cards.

Anonymous said...

I say let the bum sit. If he thinks he is worth $400k over 3 years and has not shown up for even a snap, he is crazy. If he goes to the NFL I will wish him the best. The offers at the same level as last year's no.1 and no.2 picks should be more than fair. If he thinks he is worth the $400k then in a trade he should be worth at least 2 first round picks and I doubt if anyone will give us that.

Anonymous said...

Another first round disaster pick. At least Shomari played some games and tried.

Anonymous said...

Josiah St. John - has requested a trade from Saskatchewan.

this is what happens when you have 2 rookies like jones and murphy trying to run a team when they have no idea what they are doing. it started with chick and dressler and keeps getting worse.

heres an idea keep st.john and get rid of jones and murphy.

Anonymous said...

RE: "heres an idea keep st.john and get rid of jones and murphy."

I have a much better suggestion for you but I doubt it would make it past the moderator... Suffice to say you're a fool.

T. Brown

Anonymous said...

Don't trade him. Let him get a reality check. I doubt now he will ever be a what? Sit for a while, fire your agent and plan to flip burgers.

Shaw was a good player in the day. Has his expertise in evaluation been tested? Did he predict a 3/15 season last year? It's his opinion. Good for him.

Betting .. likley to win GC (in order)
Ott-SK Tie

Shaw is wrong according to the oddsmakers.

Anonymous said...

Make him sit the full 3 years then. The CFL is unique where they hold the players rights for life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne Shaw... Do you mean the same Hugh Campbell that never had to run his team on a salary cap. The same coach that had better back up players on pay roll then all the other teams. Sorry old timer times have changed and you are way out of touch.
Jones took over a 4-14 EE Team and had them at 12-6 and in the Western final. They only had 5 returning defensive players that year. Then he won the Grey Cup in year two.
Hugh Campbell with Eskimo money had 10 times the advantage than any other team. Not the case anymore. Everyone is on an equal system

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Some clown said, "it started with chick and dressler and keeps getting worse."

Dressler and Chick were the kingpins on a 3-15 team and were the highest priced players on the field. They wouldn't re-negotiate with the Riders but signed elsewhere for less.

If you are a Roughrider fan, give your head a shake. If you're not please quit posting your garbage.


Anonymous said...

If this Agent is the same agent that represented Mat O'Donnell, then the message should show that players represented by him are to be avoided. The league is run with a Salary Cap. Yes I would love to see all players making more money but reality is this is not possible. With the numbers being thrown around I wonder what will happen with Dan Clarke and Aaron Picton, Mat Vonk etc. I remember the Mat O'Donnell debacle. We eventually traded the No.1 Pick to Edmonton and received Squaut. For the numbers being thrown around our compensation should be 2 First round draft picks or one first round pick and a starting Canadian who preforms at Cory Watman's level.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Wayne in the fact that the fans have to be patient due to all of the changes. Maybe 9-9. But I predicted that in 2007 and look what happened. Insofar as ST John, I like Murphy's attitude. Hasnt played a down and wants the big bucks... Great for team morale. Trade him and get a player or draft pick or two. His agent needs a good kick in the butt....

Anonymous said...

That’s laughable that he (St. John) has requested a trade.

It’s highly unlikely that another team would sign him for what he is asking for either. The Riders should let him talk to other teams so they can all take turns laughing at his his agent and the requested salary.

Anonymous said...

Dressler and Chick were the kingpins on a 3-15 team and were the highest priced players on the field. They wouldn't re-negotiate with the Riders but signed elsewhere for less.

get you facts straight;
the offence was excellent last year and would have done great with a qb
it was jones and murphy that did not negitiate - read the history

no wonder rider fans have such a bad rep - get youe facts right.

Dick Rubnutz said...

We're so lucky to have Jones and Murphy running the Riders. This St. John thing is nothing but a blip on the radar. Great things ahead my friends.

Wayne, shut it down old timer.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Wayne Shaw to some degree. I think some fans are going over the top on thinking that this team will be a Grey Cup winner in their 1st year together. If they go 9 and 9, I would be delighted. Anything more than that would be a bonus. I just think that bringing in a bunch of individuals with a very short training camp and expecting them to start winning right away is expecting a lot. I am expecting a few bumpy games for the first few until they start gelling together. I think (hope) that the talent is there. They are just going to need some time.

Anonymous said...

Why does not list individual tackle leaders from last season or any previous season? Is that going to be the case this season? I know they did last year. Seems to be very cflish

Anonymous said...

No fans and I repeat no bloody fans are expecting to be in the Grey Cup this year. That has never been written and not one fan I have spoken to has thoughts of that happening. That is a Wayne Shaw embellishment. Unless his super senior friends are expecting that to happen. All Rider fans are expecting is a competitive team and a team to hopefully get into the playoffs. Even if it's through the back door. I'm repeating myself but if Jones can take a 4-14 EE team to 12-6 in his 1st year. Why can't he do something similar in SK with a healthy Darrian Durrant. It's possible. To say we will only Win 5 or 6 games is bloody horrible. Shaw thinks that only The Mighty Hugh Campbell that had the deck stacked can get a winner together in 2 years. Did he miss the fact that Jones has done it already working within a cap. Nothing that Hugh had even heard of. Plus the EE had 5 times the money any other team had.
As for the fan saying our offence was awesome last year. No it wasn't.... We had a lot of yards between the 20's but our inability to score in the red zone was terrible. Also the reason our defence was so bad was we had 2 players eating up 12 percent of the salary cap of 46 men. Chamblin and Taman were so screwed in cap space they had to give away Glen at QB and they had to give away the best Canadian in the league in Messam. Just think if we still had him and the new back up Canadian RB. What a great place the Riders would have been.
Dressler and Chick's agents felt they did not have to budge from their contracts. They thought the had Murphy and Jones by the jingle balls. Obviously that wasn't the case. No one player or in this case 2 players is bigger than the game. They need the game. The game dosent need them. I can promise you that Weston given a chance all over again would instruct his agent to listen too all offers from SK. None of us know exactly what was offered. It mY have been right in that area. However once your released by a new regime it's over.
The team is bigger, taller, faster and far more talented this year. It will take half a season to hell but when they do good things are going to happen.
As for St John wanting a trade. I agree, let other teams tell him what they will pay him. See if he's going to get more than the last offer of $80K to ride the bench. Not even Winnipeg that is still the weakest at Canadians can afford to pay more. They are tapped out. St John should go somewhere else as half the fan base has already judged and found him guilty of Agent stupidity. If he thinks he's worth $400K over 3 years. Meaning $133K a year for a bench warmer. Or $27K a year less than what Dressler is getting in Winnipeg. He's had the worst advice I've ever seen from an agent. In fact that agent should be fined for missleading a rookie and damaging his career. Truthfully I feel sorry for STJohn because of his ignorant agent. Fire the guy and start over. I'm sure everyone would forgive STJohn.

Reginald of Regina.

Anonymous said...

By the way Edmontons 1st pick over all has retired. So stop this crap about Jones and Murphy messing things up. The fricken GC Champs drafted a guy that dosent even want to play. So use what little brain cells you have left to try and figure out who's going to play where. That will be better time spent.

R of R

Just saying..... said...

I agree with earlier comment, Hugh Was a part of what was considered a wealthy team in a no salary cap era! If this was the case now the riders could purchase the patriots. Does that seem fair?

Anonymous said...

Can't blame St. John for requesting a trade.

Anonymous said...

Let the kid sit.

Anonymous said...

No Canadian draft pick is worth more then 20k per year until they start to earn their way up the ladder of hard knocks. PS, Any Canadian having dreams of playing the NFL, dream on, as your too stupid to grasp that game.

A Real He-Man in Lower Canada.

Tim from Kansas said...

I suspect that Josiah St. John's agent is trying to get his guy a free agent invite to an NFL camp. If so, the contract negotiations are just noise cause he's just buying time. If this is the case, the agent is just doing his job. If he finds he can't get into an NFL camp you might see him adjust his attitude real quick.

To the Rider fans following QB Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma, they changed a rule yesterday giving him an extra year of eligibility so he can stay in school through the end of the 2017 season. In case you care.

Of course, if he has another big year, we should expect him to declare for the NFL draft after this year anyways.

Alex said...

If Jones could just phone Eagle Keys or Glenn Dobbs once in a while, that would be as relevant as phoning Hugh Campbell.

Rafal said...

Noticed CJME microphone logo has been blurred in above photo, LMAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

No Canadian draft pick is worth more then 20k per year until they start to earn their way up the ladder of hard knocks. PS, Any Canadian having dreams of playing the NFL, dream on, as your too stupid to grasp that game.
A Real He-Man in Lower Canada

Wonder if he is too stupid to know the difference between "your" and "you're".

Anonymous said...

Is there a maximum rookie salary in the CFL?

Anonymous said...

St. John was benched after 4 games in his senior season for tipping off whether the play was a run or pass and was replaced by a freshman! You can find that by searching his name on

He had a workout with the Oakland Raiders, they chose not to give any additional opportunity, doesn’t sound like anyone else is calling to look at him either!

He might be big, he might be athletic, but he hasn’t shown anyone that he is worth the money he is requesting.

This isn’t the first time this agent has been difficult to deal with. At what point do teams just stop drafting players that are represented by this agent?

Anonymous said...

Edmonton's first round pick didn't retire, it was there 8th round pick Doug Corby who retired. Tevaun Smith was there first pick in the draft.

Anonymous said...

Let St John sit forever. If he is taking dumb advice from his agent and apologize to the Riders and say he wants to play here!

Anonymous said...

We traded Baker Mayfield's rights to the Argos.

Anonymous said...

Tim from Kansas,

Just an FYI. Rumor is Riders no longer hold neg rights to Baker Mayfield.

Anonymous said...

If this agent has a track record of being difficult to deal with, I hope Jones did his due diligence. I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt but this issue coupled with the Ottawa guy who cashed his bonus cheque, praised God and then retired. I am becoming concerned this group is not doing their homework before making these moves...

Tim from Kansas said...

Thanks for the update on Mayfield, I didn't know that. I don't know why you guys know his neg list status when the list is "top secret"?

Anonymous said...

Not sure where I read it. If I seem to recall he was the neg list player given up in the Bruce Campbell trade with Toronto. Maybe it was Justin Dunk that said it.

I enjoy your posts Tim.