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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Here's an update from Day 4 of Saskatchewan Roughriders Training Camp 2016 at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon:

1 - Sunshine and 20 degrees Celsius greeted the Roughriders on Wednesday.  It was the most well-attended of the team's midweek workouts.

2 - Among those absent from the workout due to injuries were WR John Chiles, DE Justin Capicciotti and LB Jeff Knox Jr.  Head Coach & GM Chris Jones was asked if any of these injuries are starting to concern him but he said he never gets too worried about injuries.  It's part of the game and it offers a chance for others to step up.

3 - Many fans have been asking how the kicking game is taking shape.  There are three kickers/punters in camp: Josh Bartel, Tyler Crapigna and Quinn Van Gylswyk.  Jones said he's pleased with their performances through four days and doesn't foresee any issues there.

4 - Asked for an assessment of the play of the defensive secondary, Jones gave a grim report despite the fact the the defense won the team period 70-61 on Wednesday.

"The defensive secondary - up until today - has played real well," Jones said.  "I didn't think we played real well defensively today at all, right from the word 'go' from walkthrough.  We just have to keep on plugging and then we'll get in these games and see what we really have."

5 - Although Brett Smith led the second team offense on Wednesday, Jones said absolutely no one is ahead of anyone else in the battle to be the top back-up behind Darian Durant.  Smith said he and competitors B.J. Coleman and Jacob Huesman get along great and share information on the field and in meetings however they know what's at stake.

*We'll have much more on the SportsCage today at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM including a live visit from the Riders' John Murphy at 5:06 pm.  I'll provide a more-detailed camp report here on the blog later tonight.


The following is the Day 4 report from the 2016 Roughrider Training Camp presented by Coors Light, courtesy of Roughriders PR:


National long snapper Jorgen Hus

Did not participate: 
Justin Capicciotti (day-to-day)
John Chiles (day-to-day)
Jeff Knox Jr. (day-to-day)
Eric Norwood (injured)
Xavier Walker (day-to-day)

The Riders returned to the field for Day 4 of training camp and the intensity from the players continued.

The competition was fierce as players spent a large chunk of the first practice engaged in one-on-one blocking and tackling drills.     

Second year receiver Nic Demski hauled in a deep pass from rookie quarterback Jacob Huesman before sprinting over 75 yards for a huge gain during the team period.   

Players and coaches will hit the practice field at Griffiths Stadium for Day 5 of training camp with two practice sessions. The players will be on the field at 9:00AM with practice running until approximately 12:00PM.


Anonymous said...

Crooked Goal posts?

Rod Pedersen said...

Maybe I was crooked.

eman said...

Rod, do you have any updates on Armanti Edwards? Huge fan here in North Csrolina!

Rod Pedersen said...

I believe he went to the "Retired List" and is deliberating his football future. Either way, he's not in camp.

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan budget 2016-17 shows deficit of $434 million - KEEP SASKATCHEWAN STRONG!!!!! lol.

Rod Pedersen said...

That's nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

peanuts pal, peanuts. Alberta is in ruins compared to ole Saskie

Rod Pedersen said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck filling McMahon or commonwealth ....if u do fill them,thank ridernation

Anonymous said...

Great to see Hus activated.

Anonymous said...

Hell $434 million can be made up in the first qtr of 2017.
If you listened to current events instead of jumping on what your feeble mind thinks is a GOTCHA
Wall stated 2Months ago they would run a deficit this year with Potash and oil both being down in price.
Once SK stabilizes the price of a barrel of oil around the $30 price range in their budget. The $434 Million will dissapear.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that finger nail chewed to the cubicle in the weight loss advertisement below.
Couldn't they have used someone with a finger or thumb that dosent look like hell!

Anonymous said...

The true basket case is Newfoundland and Labrador! Pretty bleak out there. Alberta could fix their mess if they would just be like Saskatchewan and have a sales tax.

Go Riders

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when the deadline for cfl rosters is before the season starts?

Anonymous said...

The ads below are a reflection of your google the question arises...what the hell u searching boy.

Anonymous said...


I hear the latest "report card" for you radio guys is out. I am guessing the Sportscage is undoubtedly the number one sports show in Saskatchewan as you promote it to be.

I ask this because I am sure like last year, Rawlco salespeople will come to my shop looking for advertising saying they are the "true" voice of Rider Nation and the numbers show it......numbers they don't ever want to show though.

Please share the results!


Anonymous said...

Eskimos’ 2016 draft pick Doug Corby retires at 22, just two days into full camp

Blah hahahahahaha

No wonder Jones left Edmonton, Jones brought all the guys in, Hervey and Maas draft a guy who doesn’t want to play anymore (might be a sign of things to come....)

Anonymous said...

our budget is to usher in a transformational change - we went from years of balanced budgets and fiscal management to this where now we say well we're not as bad as Alberta is. quite the world and that's fine. Go Roughriders. I'm just thankful I'm not a senior or a person on the fringe or a person with health issues as we won't notice how those people have absolutely been hammered.

Anonymous said...

I own a business I told the Harvard guy who is an incredible person that I am switching to Rawlco. Not because of numbers but because I have a choice. I chose not to put money into a very divisive host who seems just really mean. Combine with this blog it's not something I want to be with. Now whether Perry went back and reported that I don't know but I just said we are moving on.

Rod Pedersen said...

Good! This way somebody on the waiting list to get into the SportsCage will be able to buy time.

And by the way - do you think I don't know who you are? You don't own a business. You're a bitter, very confused person who's obsessed with me and this blog.

But I'll continue to take your business.

Anonymous said...

Good job on outing this fool Roddy