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Thursday, June 9, 2016


Thursday was probably the hottest day in Saskatoon so far for Saskatchewan Roughriders Training Camp 2016 presented by Coors Light.   It was sunny and 29 degrees Celsius.  In the above photo, it was cloudy to begin the day but it didn't last ..

The Rider Store is on hand each day selling boatloads of merchandise.  The new Adidas apparel is very popular ...

A local school poses for a photo at practice.  But it won't turn out too well!  Attendants at the Pedersen Media Summit know you can't have the sun at your back when taking photos!!

Rider strength coach Clinton Spencer works out some players behind the Griffiths Stadium stands ..

Chris Jones with his daily media update.  More details on that below ...

The Riders' #92 Tim Agbaje (U of S Huskies grad) poses with my man Colby, who turns five tomorrow ..

DB Graig Newman missed the practice and is listed as "day-to-day" by Coach Jones ...

New running back Matt Walter chats with a fan ...

Brendon "Blue" Labatte poses beside his medichair which is getting him back and forth from the cafeteria .. 

98 bags of ice are delivered daily for the cold tub. That's 72,000 lbs for all of training camp ..

How close are punter Josh Bartel and his long-snapper Jorgen Hus?  Thisclose ..

And all set up for another SportsCage at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM ..



1 - With a home preseason game just over 48 hours away (Saturday versus B.C. at 7:00 pm at Mosaic Stadium), Thursday's workouts were scaled back to one-a-day.  Chris Jones said he doesn't want a "leg-weary" team on the field Saturday night.

2 - Jones made an interesting point on Wednesday that I forgot to bring up.  He said "We're ahead of where we want to be, but still not close to being a championship team".  That was in response to a question from CJWW's John Fraser who asked if Jones had anything positive to report through 12 days of training camp.  At the very least, the club is not behind and will be ready for game action Saturday night under the lights.

3 - Saturday's forecast continues to call for rain and a low of 12 degrees over night.  The day-time high is 21 degrees.

4 - Thursday was the third-straight day the offense beat the defense in the team period.  I'm not sure what that's a sign of other than that the offense is tightening up and really coming along.  Darian Durant threw a touchdown pass to Naaman Roosevelt on the first series followed by a B.J. Coleman-to-Clarence Denmark TD strike on the second drive.  The offense was up 3-0 early on just three plays.

Brett Smith and the offense was 2-and-out on the third series, but using the first string offensive line.

Philip Sims quarterbacked the fourth series and habitually found John Chiles for positive gains.  Hew threw a 40-yard TD pass to - I believe - Chiles to cap the drive.  I wrote in my notes that the TD pass was to Sims.  (How dumb can you be?)

Jones wouldn't disclose who will start at quarterback Saturday night against the Lions, nor what the rotation will be.

5 - Offensive linemen Xavier Fulton and Brendon Labatte were absent for a second straight day.  Their spots were filled by Marcus Hall and Andrew Jones.

6 - Judging by Thursday, your starting defense on Saturday will likely look like this:


7 - Regarding the lingering and undisclosed injury to defensive end Justin Capicciotti, Jones told reporters, "He's gotta get well".  He also says he has no idea when he'll be healthy enough to play.

8 - Linebacker Dillon Grondin switched his jersey number from 76 to 48.  I asked him about it and he said, "I earned it".  My guess he feels it's more of a true linebacker number.  Then we spotted a fan in the crowd with a new Rider jersey with #76 on it and Grondin momentarily wondered if it was for him.  We had a laugh over that.

9 - Three defensive linemen names to keep a close eye on Saturday night:  78 Tony Criswell, 0 Jonathan Newsome and 91 Ino Vitale.

10 - My arms are aching from these push-ups they force us to do each morning.  They say if this team goes all the way, we'll be expected to do 105 during Grey Cup Week.  I stopped objecting to it after Week 1 of training camp.




Anonymous said...

Great pics Rod. I am kinda taken back with how close the kickers are. Maybe things are different down under where Josh Bartel and Jorgan Hus grew up. I think we all shared a small paddling pool with our buddy back in pre Kindergarten to about Grade 2. That tub is a little small for 2 men for most dudes. There is no doubt these two have no phobias. Either that or they were both over heating and had no choice. Dosent look that way. haha
Thanks for all the great pictures, information, updates and everything out of Saskatoon. It's almost like I'm there so I really feel well informed. Other than the negative crap that come from some in the comments section. This is a great Day to Day informative site.
I enjoy Luc's take on things as he gives us more of a feeling that many of the players are feeling or what they are thinking.
I know nothing about running a great website like this. Too me it $90% great. It could be 100% if we were to somehow change outsiders comments. I enjoy reading a lot of Rider fans comments. Some are great some not so much. Then there are those ones that just ruin everything that came before it.
Rod have you ever thought about making us register with a screen name. So at least that way we know if it's the same dorks attacking time after time. I'm repeating myself but I was warned on the Bombers site with an email. So I have to remain neutral or open minded. There are zero trolls on their sites. EE, Winnipeg, Hamilton.
Thanks again

SK fan

Anonymous said...

Man I for one love all the pics. Sitting here in Regina, it's nice to visualize the place along with listening to Rod on THE Sportscage.

Anonymous said...

The trolls made this blog. It was the wild west on her back in the day. Bring it back.

Cliff Hanselmann said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out. Yourself, and the team en masse, have been so good to Colby. I promise we will never let him forget how lucky he has been to be accepted like this. This is what Rider pride is all about and why we are the envy of the sporting world. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Saw pic of Garth with a U of S Huskies jersey don't know where you saw a different jersey.

Rod Pedersen said...

A rip-off!

Anonymous said...

Great photos day in day out, thanx Mr Pedersen. City of Saskatoon impressive facilities for the Roughriders training camp.