Realty One


Sunday, June 5, 2016


Roughly 3,000 fans turned out to Saskatoon's SMF Field - home of the PFC's Hilltops - for the Saskatchewan Roughriders' annual Green & White scrimmage on Saturday.  It was sunny with temperatures in the mid-20's with a 40 km/h wind.  Although the defense won the day 44-39, Riders Head Coach and GM Chris Jones wasn't pleased with the showing.

"It was not very good execution," Jones simmered.  "Too many penalties, sloppy play, ball on the ground, throwing to the other team, defense can't stay onside, that was a poor display.  We're gonna have to look at the film real closely and find out guys who want to do things the right way.  We will pick the right players.  It's just a matter of getting the film evaluated but unfortunately there's gonna be some guys who won't be with us."

Veteran receiver Naaman Roosevelt scored the only touchdown on the day (a deep pass from Darian Durant) while kicker Tyler Crapigna was 3/3 on field goals.  That was about it for positives.

"There wasn't many bright spots," Jones continued.  "I didn't see a whole lot.  It was one of those deals where, for whatever reason, on a day when you have the most people at your practice, you decide that you're going to take the day off."

Jones was particularly discouraged that after six days of training camp, they'd have a showing such as Saturday's in simulated live-game action.

"It makes me want to throw up," Jones concluded.  "When you play like this, you're not going to win many football games.  It's not what we're going to be about and it's not how we're going to do things.  But we'll bounce back.  Unfortunately we have to live with this for a week."

The Rider boss was asked if he often feels nauseous.

"Every time we lose a game".

As far as quarterbacks went on Saturday, Darian Durant was 9/17, Brett Smith was 8/16, B.J. Coleman was 9/14 and Jacob Huesman was 2/5.  Durant and Smith both threw interceptions while Huesman fumbled a snap which was recovered by the defense.  That was part of four turnovers on the day.

"It wasn't good enough," Durant concurred, speaking after Sunday's afternoon practice at Griffiths Stadium.  "If we wanna hold ourselves to high expectations and be a championship team, it just wasn't good enough.  We need to get in the meeting room and make sure we don't keep making those same mistakes over and over.

"It's not that we fell apart.  It's just that there were too many pre-snap penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, you name it, we did it.  I wouldn't call it a 'fall apart' act, but we just need to clean some things up.  If you're a fan of defense, they had a great day."

Defensively, DB Rollins Stallworth (Stanford) had a game-high five tackles with a tackle for loss and a forced fumble.  Four players had one sack each: Shawn Lemon, Corey Irvin, Markus White and Kalonji Kashama.

The most-targeted receivers (5) were Ryan Lankford, Qudarius Ford and Nic Demski.

The Riders host the B.C. Lions in preseason play Saturday at 7:00 pm on TSN and the 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network.



The following is the Day 7 report Saturday) from the 2016 Roughrider Training Camp presented by Coors Light.


Did not participate:
Dylan Ainsworth (day-to-day)
Justin Capicciotti (day-to-day)
Marcus Davis (day-to-day)
Johnny Dixon (day-to-day)
Jeff Knox Jr. (day-to-day)
Brendon LaBatte (day-to-day)
Eric Norwood (injured)
Jordan Reaves (day-to-day)
Matt Vonk (6 game injured list)

-          Markus White was laid out on a great block by running back Terrance Cobb early in the scrimmage
-          Levi Steinhauer now playing at fullback picked up his first catch playing on that side of the ball
-          The first score of the game was a 26-yard pitch and catch from Darian Durant to Naaman Roosevelt. That drive set up by a Tre’ Von Armstead fumble recovery.
-          Former Stanford Cardinal receiver now turned defensive back, Rollins Stallworth had an interception that ended up on a Tyler Crapigna field goal, his third of the game.
-          The defensive backfield continued to shine when Samuel Eguavoen made a leaping grab for an interception.
-          Brett Smith had a great drive snuffed out by a halfback option pass that was intercepted at the two-yard line.
-          Smith’s first drive of the second half of the mock game saw him connect with Alec Lemon on a deep pass to the one-yard line.


Anonymous said...

Good, I was there and it was far from good
Glad the coach thought so too! Whew

More surprised Durant even did that well, looked very off all day! Really only threw maybe 3-4 nice passes one being the Td.
The Arm strength and Crispness of passes was on display by BJ though, good show rook!!! We certainly do have some size out there compared to last year, but can they play!

Defensive off side penalty's way to many!
Procedure, time count and holding on a big play oh my, clean it up boys!

Anonymous said...

New Coaches, new systems, so many new players... Thank goodness the Riders have a bye during the first week of Regular Season... They will need that extra time.

Anonymous said...

New Coaches, new systems and so many new players….excuses already, all up to this point the riders were grey cup champs this year because of the coaches and so on but reality is showing you what your looking at soon enough in game time. Let's cut the two stars with leadership and also good in the locker room for a band aid Durant for 450,000 grand which covered both of the two stars that are gone…couldn't have happened to a better team and fan base…now to stomp on the green whites again.

Anonymous said...

It's going to take a bit of time for these players to gel together as a team. I won't be surprised if we don't lose the first few games just because of the newness of the team. Can't wait to get the season going. GO RIDERS GO!

Anonymous said...

I think the expectations are unrealistic to think the Riders are going to win the Grey Cup this year.Yes it will take them a while to gel new players, new coaches, etc, etc. Patience is the word for the 2016 Riders

Anonymous said...

Anon 3 is the perfect example of a troll.
No one in this Province has stated the Riders are going to win the Grey Cup this year. Not anyone that has a clue about football. It's all the outside distractions that this Blog allows time after time. Anon posts should not be allowed. However Rod continues to take one and all as he feels it boosts his ratings.
With everything new this year it will take a little longer to gel. I can assure you the same thing is happening in all of the other Western camps. New Head coaches and players. Maybe a little more new in SK.
The Riders have a buy the 1st week which is great for that little extra time.
Darian Durrant is worth every penny. Both starting QBs in Calgary and Edmonton get that much and more. Reilly hasn't played more than 10 games in a season since becoming an EE.
Calgary removed several long time veterans this year as every team has to every few years.
When this team gels it will be an incredibly competitive team. That is all any Rider fan is asking for.
So all you embellishers take a fricken hike

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones doesn't sugar-coat like the last HC did. What's wrong with him?

Anonymous said...

Call me a troll all you want Reginald of Regina but I call you say Mike Reilly hasn't played more then ten games a season since landing in Edmonton, are you serious...he has played 17 games and 18 games prior to the 10 game season when he won the Grey Cup but thanks for coming.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones accountable.

Anonymous said...

Started 18 then 15 then 9 games in last three years

Anonymous said...

Reginald some times you make good points, other times not so much... You come across as if you are someone who is inside the locker room or has insider information with regard management decisions; honestly man, you are just a fan like the rest of us.

Relax... We all have access to the same info you do, we all are aloud to form and give an opinion.


Anonymous said...

Started 18 then 15 then 9...get a clue bud, the Eskimos won 10 straight with the 10th being the grey cup win with Reilly at helm so before speaking know what your talking about

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to prove how many EE trolls are on here. As only they take offence to a remark about their QB. As you can see there are many Edmonton trolls on here! it's all right for them to disrespect everything about the Riders.
At least I put my name to my comments.
Unlike the trolls that slam and run. Web cowards.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

I agree that the trolls on here are far too many and can say what ever they want. Which really makes these comment sections tough to take. I challenge anyone of you to go to the EE site or the Bombers site and post some of the crap that's allowed on here. You would be kicked off in a second. I said something on Bombers Morning Blue site that's not even a tenth of what's said on here. I received an email warning me that if I said anything negative towards the team again I would be kicked off.
By the way... The other Blogs and forums are by registration only.
having an opinion is one thing. Calling Darian Durant a baindaid is just ridiculous. Since being a starter Darian has started 18, 18, 16, 16, 15, 10 and last year's freakish injury. Man I would call that a Warrior. Plus he's back and looking in the best shape I've seen him. The Guy has taken his team to the Grey Cup. Lost the first 2 by 4 points and a 13th man. But destroyed Hamilton in the 3rd. When Darian starts the Riders win. When he dosent start they lose. Pretty simple math.

SK Fan