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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones was heated in his media period following Tuesday's 2016 Training Camp Day 17 at Griffiths Stadium.  Some players got carried away with the padded practice and returner/receiver/tailback Kendial Lawrence got dinged and was unable to finish the workout.

"Yeah too stupid," Jones fumed.  "We're not going to be stupid.  So, that's what it is.  When you knock people to the ground in a pro football scrimmage it's stupid, not physical.  So get it straight."

Tuesday was another day where some players lined up out of their normal positions.  Defensive lineman Jordan Reaves executed a punt (not very well), linebacker Dillon Grondin kicked a field goal and wide receiver John Chiles lined up behind centre.  It was not a Wildcat formation, or trick play, as some message board lurkers surmised.

"This is not 'play time'," Jones advised.  "We're trying to figure out who are back-ups are and if we don't have a back-up kicker and we lose our (regular) guy, we're going to be stuck.  We've got to figure out who can kick the ball up in the air and get us an extra point or a short field goal.  We're trying to find our back-up snapper, and back-up players overall."

Jones said it's not a stretch for John Chiles to line up at quarterback either.

"John Chiles was the #1 quarterback in the country out of high school," Jones reported.  "So for us not to try to take advantage of his athletic skills would be remiss."

Meanwhile Jordan Reaves said punting isn't entirely new to him.

"I used to kick back in the day," the son of Bombers great Willard Reaves stated.  "And then one day over at the Hilltops facility I let one go and it was a nice, perfect spiral.  I grew up with the Bombers kicker as our neighbour and we used to kick back and forth.  It's just naturally there I guess."


Saskatoon Dairy Queen owner/operator Geoff Malin was nice enough to bring an array of DQ treats to the U of S for the team.  In this photo, Geoff and his kids pose with the Riders' Gordon Gilroy and Craig Dickenson ..

It was a treat to get invited to the reception for the Eric Gryba Celebrity Golf Classic benefitting the Royal University Hospital Foundation.  In this photo, Blades and NHL alum Darcy Hordichuk, Rob Pederson, me and Miles Zimbaluk from Canada to Arizona fame ..

The man of the hour, Eric Gryba of the Edmonton Oilers ..

Blades greats Kevin "Killer" Kaminski and Hordichuk ..

Gryba gets auctioned off ..

Blades and Islanders great Bob Bourne ..

Blades and Blues great Bernie Federko ..

Hordichuk is auctioned off to local golfers and supporters ..



Anonymous said...

I just love that this guy doesn't mess around.

I don't think I can see this guy having a hidden agenda like other coaches sometimes do.

Anonymous said...

Off to Vegas?

Anonymous said...

What is this ... peewee hockey? Who wants to try being a goalie today? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

if jones and murphy had done a proper job recruiting and not cutting every player in sight they wouldn't be scambling for players now.

Puck Hog said...

Ah, an Eskimo fan.......

Anonymous said...

As good as gone...

Anonymous said...


They made the guy Emperor so waddaya expect?

He even refers to himself as the Royal "We"

Anonymous said...

Thats ok. We will be laughing at you nay sayers at the end of the year

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of asses.
The Riders have the maximum number of players in camp.
They released 26 of 47 members of a 3-15 team. But you would keep them right?
If you actually read articles in Edmonton last year where some of you reside. As well as articles this year. Then you would know
Jones is creating depth. Far too many years you lose your number 1 guy and then the back up gets hurt.
So having a third option is nothing but brilliant. Why be caught off guard. That's why the EE didn't struggle last year when they went through their injury time. The previous year he took the 4-14 schmos to a 12-6 record with his tactics.
As for Chiles lining up behind Center. Again there are things called trick plays in the game of football. I'm sure you butt heads have heard of that. Oh wait, you probably think they make the trick play up during the game while they are in the huddle.
Your daily rhetoric shows nothing but juvenility.

Anonymous said...

So is Plaster or Ball the new Riders p x p guy at the end of this season? #vegas

Anonymous said...

Rod- here's something to consider.
Instead of that phony Captcha ritual commentators are required to dance to, why not a simple math question such as 'what is 6+7-4?'. Right there you'd eliminate three quarters of the Edmonton trolls!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we have a pretty good player with Chiles... Former Texas Longhorn, former HS QB, plenty of experience at all levels... I never realized this was the same guy who tore it up one year in TO then was let go in order to pursue the NFL. Let's see how he plays out...

Welcome to the Riders Mr Chiles


JPR said...

I have been watching all the post for a long time, and the trolls on here are unreal. All you Esk fans and bomber fans can go back to parents basement and come back when you have at least the basic knowledge of the CFL. You come to Rod's page because its the only place you can rip someone without being banned from the site. Yes we love our football but to be so envious is laughable


Anonymous said...

Try (15+6)-10. The trolls can't solve, Rods readers will be standing barefoot holding their .... but proudly shouting out the answer.

Anonymous said...

Is this what you said to Mrs. Sportscage today?


Anonymous said...

Oh puleeze... a farewell to a old decrepit building way past it's due date. banking on the gullible filling the seats for its one last season of use sounds desperate. I use to live in New York City and never heard anyone whine nor cry when they demolished Yankee Stadium.

mister winnipeg said...

Some tension and friction and training camp... getting toxic already. This oughta be good. Heh heh heh

Anonymous said...

“The biggest thing I found and kept coming back to was that we as an organization have just not had a period of success here. We just haven’t"

Quote from Craig Reynolds in the Edmonton Sun regarding the Riders' record before he assumed the job. Who was the prez at the time that oversaw this dysfunction? Nothing more needs to be said, I'll leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Drew Remenda will be the new colour man for the Las Vegas hockey team

Anonymous said...

I think it awesome how the two worst stadiums in the league next year will be our neighbors to the west, Calgary and Edmonton he he he.

And there stuck with Notley he he he


Anonymous said...

Roy Shivers?

Anonymous said...

Old boys club would love to have you convinced it's Roy's fault.

Anonymous said...

Maybe stuck with Notley and two worst stadiums but we are stuck with the two best in the west teams unlike your basement dwelling greenwhites club...enjoy it down there and get used to it.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a last place Riders than have my children's future completely devastated by Notley over in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Tell me,

What did Shivers win in Sask?

What did Hopson win?

Two answers.


Anonymous said...

Hit a nerve did I he he he