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Monday, May 16, 2016


The final steel brace went into the New Mosaic Stadium frame on Friday marking a huge milestone for the PCL crew

1 - The Toronto Raptors mollywhopped the Miami Heat 116-89 in Game 7 of their second round NBA series Sunday at Air Canada Centre to earn a date in the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history.  However all the talk amongst North American sports fans Sunday afternoon was of the Texas Rangers exacting revenge on Blue Jays star Jose Bautista in an MLB matinee in Arlington, TX.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram captured the best sports photo of 2016 when Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor clocked Bautista after a hard slide into second base in the top of the 8th inning.  The crowd of 42,000 erupted as the Rangers finally got Bautista back for his infamous "batflip" in the 7th inning of Game 5 of last year's American League Division Series.

The Rangers made no issue of Bautista during their trip to Toronto earlier this spring, preferring to wait instead for retribution on their own turf this weekend.

This is why we love sports so much.  Karma.  And when you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  (Although I don't think Bautista was trying to show up Texas last October. It was just like Alomar Tomahawk Chopping Braves fans in 1992. Emotion took over).

Fan 590 Toronto radio's Andrew Walker will be with us on the SportsCage on Monday to discuss this latest chapter in the Batflip Saga.

2 - On Sunday afternoon when I was leaving Regina's Doubletree By Hilton after the Ken Goff Boxing Classic's Brandt Cup featuring the German and Canadian national boxing teams, a cab driver in the hotel parking lot was leaning out of his taxi with a cigarette dangling from his lips.  The guy was the spitting image of the character "Relic" from the famed television series The Beachcombers.

"How are the Riders going to be this year?" the old guy stammered.

I replied with my stock answer that they can't be worse, and that I'll be satisfied with a playoff berth.  Normally I also mention that new Riders Coach & GM Chris Jones has stated that a Grey Cup appearance isn't out of the question, but I didn't quote that on Sunday.

For a fresh take on the Roughriders from outside the 306, I asked Sportsnet's Arash Madani on Friday's SportsCage for his prediction on Saskatchewan's chances this year.

"It's hard to really know because you don't know if the #1 overall pick, Josaih St. John, can come in and start right away," Madani began.  "You don't know exactly what you have from your offensive line.  And so often, with rookies, there will be three or four players on that Rider roster who will be household names by August.

"So it's still a long road back.  This isn't a team that's going to contend for a championship but I would think that the plan here is to get back to the playoffs, make a dent, make some inroads this season, and then when you move into the new barn, that's when you start thinking about that silver trophy.

"But based on what you saw last year - and everything hinges on the health of the quarterback - I don't care how good the complimentary parts are, if the quarterback isn't going to stay healthy for you, noboby's going to stand a chance.  And we've seen that league-wide.  I don't think the Riders are going to be in the top-tier of teams but they certainly won't be in the bottom either."

3 - The new stadium is between 85%-to-90% completed and everyone's getting excited about the possibilities which lay ahead.  Last week I got an inside look at how sensitive the whole issue is with regards to secrecy about New Mosaic Stadium's opening.  Invitations for stadium tours are scarce and officials are on red alert when it comes to unapproved photos of the facility's interior.

The biggest reason for that?  Because PCL and its hundreds of workers have worked tirelessly 'round-the-clock since first breaking ground in June of 2014 and when they're ready, they'd love to have an out-of-this-world grand opening for all the world to see.  They certainly have earned the right to do that, and have their day.

At first I didn't understand their position so I asked a lot of questions and now I respect it greatly.

Safety is a big reason as well.

Hobbyists with drones flying overhead of the new stadium taking sneak pics have created headaches for civic and Roughrider officials and anyone caught doing so will be dealt with harshly moving forward.

This morning in the MMG we plead with you to allow PCL, the City of Regina, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders to have their appropriate grand opening at a date of their choosing.

The fact is the facility is beyond jaw-dropping.  And, as I pointed out to some of these officials during the tour, Rider fans are simply salivating to get a look at the team's new digs and the workers are lucky to have gotten an inside look throughout this whole process from the ground up.  Some admitted that perhaps they've taken for granted the special opportunity they have.

I've toured many NFL stadiums over the past few years and none have many of the amenities New Mosaic Stadium will boast.  That includes AT&T Stadium in Dallas, the home of the Cowboys, and the finest stadium on the planet.

But all we ask that you do now is wait patiently.  It will be worth it, and the end of construction is in sight.

4 - A Rider fan at Sunday's Brandt Cup boxing event asked my why the Roughriders are holding training camp in Saskatoon because he's so anxious to get a look at the squad assembled by Chris Jones and company.  I replied, "Why not Saskatoon?"

Reginans have the luxury of watching the Roughriders for almost the entire season on a daily basis so it's not too much to ask that the club spread the love up to Saskatoon for just a few weeks of training camp.

Through our radio and TV shows and this blog, we'll do our best to make you feel like you're there beginning Sunday, May 29.

5 - Speaking of Saskatoon, rarely have I been as excited for a speaking appearance as I am for this Saturday's Canadian Football Officials Association gala featuring keynote speaker Mike Pereira of the NFL on Fox (pictured right), and me as the warm-up act.  If you're a football fan in Saskatoon and area, this event is a MUST.  Get your tickets here:

- TSN 1150 Hamilton's Marshall Ferguson - a former football player at McMaster University and current afternoon sportstalk show host - has been named the new Voice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  The Ticats made the decision late last week along with radio station officials.  They hit it out-of-the-park with the hiring of Marshall, who clearly was the ideal candidate.  He'll be paired with legendary Ticats offensive line coach and longtime colour commentator John "Coach Sal" Salivantis.

- Vancouver soccer broadcaster Simon Fudge - a Luther College graduate from Regina - dropped a bomb on the SportsCage on Friday that Regina could be awarded a professional soccer team in the fledgling Canadian Premier League.  A business plan for a Canadian-only pro soccer league is being drafted and its financial backers include many Canadian NHL and CFL owners.  Fudge called this rumour "educated speculation" and that the Regina team's investors come from outside the province.

This story has been on my radar for quite some time, ever since former Mayor Pat Fiacco informed me he'd like to land a NASL franchise for the Queen City to play in the new stadium.

This is a story which will be worth watching in the months ahead.

8 - I've certainly got nothing against soccer but it pains me the amount of time Canadian TV sports networks devote to European soccer coverage.  Can't we at least keep the coverage to teams and leagues in North America?  ESPN is the granddaddy of 'em all when it comes to sports coverage and I watch it round-the-clock in my house.  However ESPN spends the majority of their 90-minute SportsCenters covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and UFC.  They go in-depth with all of the teams on our own soil.

9 - Without exception, whenever I see somebody toss garbage out their car or truck window while speeding down Regina's streets, it's teenaged or 20-something young men doing the littering.  Who raised these guys?  Have some pride in your town fellas.

Saturday at Pilsner Place
10 - The inaugural Pedersen Media Summit held on Saturday at Mosaic Stadium's Pilsner Place was a big success.  Thanks to all the organizations who attended and they include: CJ Evans Home Design, MBC, Days Inn Estevan, Conexus Art Centre, the Red Cross, Conexus Credit Union, Moose Jaw Warriors, Government of Saskatchewan, Four Seasons Sports Palace, EMJ Marketing, Callie Curling Club, JDRF, the Conservative Party of Canada, Regina Red Sox, Regina Pats, Harvard Developments, SaskTel and Wanda Harron Photography.   Sorry if I missed anyone.  Thanks also to the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Dan Plaster and Matt Lowry who participated and answered any questions I could not.

We discussed best-practices in the world of Social Media, Media Relations, Branding, Photography, Public Speaking and special areas which I entitled "Don't Fear The Media" and "To The Teams".  It was fast-paced (maybe too much so at times), but it really gave these organizations a leg-up when it comes to keeping themselves in the public eye on a year-round basis.

Since it was my first such event, the timing of some of the presentations was a little off so I appreciate the delegates for their patience.  With a little tweaking, this will be a must-attend event in the future and we'll be able to take it on the road.

For more information or to view photos from Saturday's symposium, visit our page at: It would be great too for those in attendance to leave some comments in the form of an online guestbook on the page.

To quote Donald Trump, "You have to think anyway so you might as well think BIG."

11 - I spent a good deal of time on Sunday motoring around to different events which have supported me in the past including the Ken Goff Boxing Classic's Brandt Cup and the opening weekend of the NFL-sponsored Regina Youth Flag Football League.

The University of Regina's fields were teeming with hundreds, if not thousands, of local kids who were playing flag football.  For many of them, it was their first introduction to the great sport of football.  The photo to the right is of the FieldTurf surface at the U of R but the grassfields to south were covered by youngsters.

Of course it was a punch-in-the-gut to see them so happily wearing NFL jerseys from all 32 teams because this is the kind of branding money can't even buy.  These kids are having the NFL emblazoned into their conscience and will carry it with them for the rest of their lives.  Some of the Regina teams and their families even make annual excursions to such places as Jacksonville and Minnesota to watch their "parent" clubs.  They're now NFL fans for life.

We don't need to get into the story of how the CFL had a chance to sponsor this league and passed, however it's great to know the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a major sponsor at the local level.

What an absolutely marvelous league this is for the kids.  I studied it very closely and some kids were dragging themselves off the field in some cases scraped up and bloodied from the odd accidental collision.  But they were playing sports!  They were living!

It was truly heart-warming to witness.  Hats-off to Mike Thomas and the crew who've seamlessly organized this effort over the past few years.  They have an annual budget of over $300,000.

Good job, to everyone.

12 - The "We Love Lou" fundraiser for Peter Loubardias goes this Wednesday, May 18 at the Four Seasons Sports Palace.  200 tickets have been printed for the event and there are a few left.  We'd prefer to have them sold ahead of time so please email over the next few days and I'll meet you to hand them over.  Lou returned to work last week, but still has a long road ahead of him both physically and financially.  Thanks for any support you can provide.




Anonymous said...

Hilarious Relic sighting and I give props to Bautista for standing up after getting clocked! He took that punch better than most keyboard warriors on this blog could.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Texas Rangers have zero class. The fact is they lost in the playoffs last year and a guy named Bautista celebrated a little excessively. Unbelievable how these childish idiots can't move on. If celebrating "isn't part of the game" then when what about throwing a sucker punch? Odor should be suspended at least 50 games for that cowardly act.

Anonymous said...

Great write up this morning Rod. It's interesting when it's all over the map of the sports world. I'm not sure that a right hook to the chin is what I would consider a fair shot at retribution when trying to get even for the bat flip. On one side you have a guy hitting a 3 run shot to eventually win the game. Where as on the other side you have an illegal dirty shot to the face. There is no Karma there at all. If anything Karma will play a roll in what happens to the second baseman for his illegal pussy punch of someone that wasn't ready for it.

Reg of Reg

Rod Pedersen said...

Anonymous #1 - I was impressed with how Jose took that punch as well.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Would have had more respect for Texas had they not waited until Bautista's last appearance against them this season to bean him.

If you're going to retaliate for the bat flip (which I don't agree with - don't want a bat flip, don't throw a meatball to home plate), do it the first time you see him, then it's over.

Now it becomes a thing.

Jordan P said...

I don't blame Bautista for anything that happened on Sunday.

The Rangers responded to a non-violent act (a flipping bat flip), by throwing a 95 mile per hour fastball straight for his head. Like seriously? Did they honestly just expect Bautista to take his lumps and move on?

No way!

Besides, the slide at second was hard, but a completely legitimate baseball play. I mean, sure, he overslid it, and it was unquestionably intentional. But like I said, you can't expect Bautista to just let it go.

Anyways, I anticipate some discipline for Odor. If Bautista gets anything pertaining to a suspension, it'd be disappointing.

Anonymous said...

The bat flip retribution came when Bush nailed Bautista with a pitch and that's all it would have been if the play at second didn't happen, Odor reacted to a hard now illegal slide.

Anonymous said...

Kids wear NFL jerseys because that is real football, the CFL is a joke, end of story.

Anonymous said...

Okay Rod ill bite, what many amenities does the new mosaic have that AT & T stadium in Dalaas doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Jordan P:

Guys get hit in the majors all the time whether it be on purpose or not. Some are mad, but most just carry on with the game. Not Jose though. He had to take a situation which he knew was coming and pour more gas on it with the slide. He was trying to injure Odor and Odor reacted like a hockey player would after a cheap shot, he retaliated, and boy did he retaliate. Had Jose just played the game the way it is supposed to, nothing would have happened. Thus blame it ALL on Bautista. Take your Blue Jays glasses off and look at the overall picture and you will see how off-base you are with your comments.


Anonymous said...

Down a run with a .500 team. A better man would have legally slid maybe the double play doesn't happen and the Jays may have had a chance to score.
Team first.
Save the retribution till next year. A better man still would have let it go, and move on. A better ream would not need this type of aggression to motivate them.
Nope, the punch was not taken well. Clearly he was stunned. Props tp Beltre for holding Bautista up or he would have been staggering around and probably would have got punched again.
Odor is the bully in this case. A better man would have walked away and allowed the umps to deal with the aggressive slide.
Sports needs better man to play the game

Parkside said...

The slide is a baseball play. The bat flip is celebrating. Throwing a fastball at someone is cowardly.

Congrats to the Raptors though. They'll need to bring everything they have vs Lebron & co.

As much as I want to see pics of the new stadium, I agree. Let them have their grand unveiling.

The youth flag league is awesome to see. As long as the Riders stay visible it doesn't matter that the NFL sponsored it.

Anonymous said...


U are telling people not to take pics of the stadium, but what have you been doing for the last few weeks. We can't do what you think you have had a right to do for the last little while. Sorry bud!

Rod Pedersen said...

Anyone can take a photo from outside the walls or across the street. I'm talking about taking pics from inside the facility.

Rod Pedersen said...

And more anonymous drive-by keyboard warriors writing in this morning whose comments don't have a hope of being printed.

Grow a set boys.

Anonymous said...

If I am in a plane flying over the city and I want to take shots of the new stadium, that is my right as a citizen. It isn't the Riders, it isn't the city's, it isn't PCL Construction telling me what and what not to do. I know you're just the messenger on this one Rod, but forget it. That shows a lot of people maybe have too big a set and think they are too important.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I hear what you are saying about the football leagues overseas. However, the best leagues with the best players are all in Europe. The teams/players that are in Canada and the United States do not have the same level of talent (yet). Football fans want to see what is happening in EPL and Champions League etc. They don't care about MLS. Also, the Leicester City story (which is one of the greatest underdog stories in sports of all time) captured additional media attention.


Anonymous said...

We don't need to get into the story of how the CFL had a chance to sponsor this league and passed, however it's great to know the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a major sponsor at the local level.

Rod please tell me about this. I think it's absolutely brutal there's an NFL youth league in this province and no CFL Youth league. A short sighted decision like this and it could be DAGGERS for the CFL. A whole generation of NFL fans who believe at the age of 6 that the CFL is second rate. This is devastating!!

Rod Pedersen said...

Jeff - thanks for writing back in. You proved why you're not someone whose opinion I'm interested in.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows anything about baseball loved how it played out with Bautista.

Bautista had to wear one and Bush didn't go too high. Right in the shoulder where it should be.

Bautista had to go hard into second after wearing one. He did and kept his spikes down like he should.

Odor had to respond after being taken out. He did.

Baseball at its finest.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a wonderful thing if the St. Louis Blues can bring home the Stanley Cup in 2016, the year in which the lost their NFL franchise. This would endear the Blues to the sports fans of St. Louis for generations.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Rod, how do you get ESPN in your house?

Anonymous said...

Jordan P:

You don't think Bautista should be suspended? Please explain!

His hard slide started the fight, not the pitch where he got hit. Odor is going to get a lot of games, Texas' manager will get some games as well. Gibbons can have time to "drink some wine" after coming back on the field after he had been ejected and Pillar and Donaldson are likely going to get a couple as well.


Anonymous said...

Celebrations happen in every sport, but when they happen in baseball you can retaliate. That makes no sense. Take a similar scenario in hockey when Flury did his double knee slide down the ice or Tiger did his riding the pony. The goalie would have had the right to take a swing with his stick at his head the next time he skated by the net. Not likely.

Bush should be suspended a month, the Texas manager 2 months and Odor and Bautista should main event UFC 202.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked the only private money being into this thing is the 20 million by the Riders to cover the cost of their, the remaining $170 million is being payed for by the taxpayers....therefore the can take all the pictures they want!

Ps. heard Saturday went pretty good for you Roddy, some bumps to work-out by for the first time sounds like you did okay.

Anonymous said...

I am sure no one else noticed, but there is a women with a low-cut St. Louise Blues t-shirt showing her fabulous cleavage sitting right behind the glass of the San Jose Sharks players bench in St.Louis. Is this a blatant strategy by the Blues organization to distract the San Jose coaches and players? Or was her seat paid for by Rogers? In any event, I think it highlights what will be a tactic used by the future NHL team in Vegas - perhaps with more than one beautiful blonde strategically situated to assist the home team.

Dirty Old Hank

Anonymous said...

you can see bums and derelicts that look like Relic every day at the Cornwall Centre

Anonymous said...

You dummies do realize Odor wasn't responding to the bat flip right?? Maybe the fact Bautista tried ending Odor's career with a blatantly late and dirty slide.

Bautista = action. Odor = reaction.

Both are in the wrong and both should be suspended.

Anonymous said...

You guys realize it's just a stadium, right?!

S.A.D. said...

Bush is a rookie in his second game who wasn't even playing for the Rangers in the playoff game last year. He had no iron in that fire, but threw a beaner at an All Star.

So if Bautista would have charged the mound, benches and bullpens empty, swings and scuffles and so on, then it would have been completely wrapped up and finished.

It will resume next season, because the old time baseball code is stupid.

Anonymous said...

RP said all the talk was about the punch to Bautista and not about the Raptors advancing to the East final??? Are you sure Roddy, or is that just in your sheltered world?

We know a lot of folks in Sask might not be big basketball fans, but let's get real... The Raptors and basketball playoffs in general are a lot of fun to watch, always have been, even moreso that a Canadian team is in it.

As for the punch, yes an interesting story line in itself, however maybe just fodder for those that miss the violence of hockey and the fighting that only that sport embraces. Maybe a new sports network should focus just on violence for all those that miss it so much. Hockey would be the number one feature with the odd punch in the face from some other sports.

As for NBA basketball, the playoffs are a whole new beast, grown men pushing it to the limit - very exciting - it was the talk of the country on this past Sunday!


Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of having media tours if they can't report to the public what they are seeing at the new stadium? Or is the media jealous about all the great photos coming out of there. I agree with an earlier post that says the Riders should have no say in it as it is a publicly funded build.

Anonymous said...

A bat flip the most important event in the history of Canadian sports.

Anonymous said...


Donald Trump thinks 'big', but that's all he thinks. I would caution you regarding adapting that as your way ahead; being so narrowly focused often overshadows the realities.

Children too often think 'big', as parents we have to make them aware of realities.


ps., I guess one could conclude that Donald Trump is also like a child...

Anonymous said...

Create a Blog, get a bunch of trolls on it and tell people it's the most viewed Blog in Canada. Little detail - Harvard ever restructures then all the juicy inside information goes out the window. Harvard should have clamped down on this a long time ago as the vitriol harms their brand. Trump had a good quote so did Dr Dre, "We have to find a way to make money off these fools."

Rod Pedersen said...

To the guy wondering about the new stadium amenities, I'll discuss that on the radio today at 5:30 pm.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to announce you're the key note speaker for the Recovery Luncheon?

Anonymous said...

Regina getting a soccer team will be the worst thing for amateur sports in the city. Look no further than in Edmonton where the “pro” soccer team bullied their way into taking over Clarke field, taking away field time from amateur football (minor and highschool). Soccer comes in and like a virus infects city fields and bullies the city council to overtake prime fields.

As for the Bautista incident: If they plunked him on Friday during the first game in Texas it wouldn’t have been a big deal. It was a very chicken-sh!t move to plunk him in his last at-bat, in the last game of the series and the last game they will play against each other this year.

Rod Pedersen said...

I'll announce it at some point. I'm following the lead of others on that.

Anonymous said...

The pitch that hit Bautista was intentional and even Stevie Wonder could see that. Not a brush back or chin music. At that point the Umpire should have understood the situation and ejected Bush. The whole situation would have been over. Very poor work by the umpiring crew. Odor should have understood the slide because he caused a brawl in Vancouver doing the exact same thing when he was in the minors. He waits and then commits an assault on Bautista. Trying doing that in a movie theatre.

The Rangers waited until that last game between them this season and Bautista's last at bat. Like Gibbons said, it was a gutless move. They had a chance to exact their revenge earlier when they were at Toronto but were pussy quiet. Bautista didn't have to take a 96mph fastball to the ribs for a non-violent action. He also didn't deserve to be sucker punched for a hard slide. This all after the Commissioner of Baseball said he didn't have a problem with the bat flip, and in fact thought it was appropriate in the situation. Excuse the pun but it was a Bush situation by an obviously Busch team.

Anonymous said...

Don Cherry would've told Bautista to get his shots in first. Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Jays continued to pour gas on the fire in the bottom half by plunking Prince Fielder with the first pitch...who showed complete class/restraint by not reacting, going to first base and playing out the game.

I can't stop watching that punch in slo-mo. Thing of beauty. It was like a continuation of UFC 198 the night before.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Blown opportunity by the CFL for sure. Can we have more info on this story Roddy?

Anonymous said...

Actually Rod it isn't about the great unveil you keep alluding to. Anybody in the know, know's it is a safety liability.

Pictures aren't allowed so as to close off the area as a construction site. The people of Saskatchewan think because it is 'publicly funded' they have a right to it. Well, right now PCL owns it so it is their's to protect the City and Riders just are along for the ride right now.

Construction Joe

Rod Pedersen said...

That's certainly part of it too. Lots of reasons.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you'd be a key not speaker for that. What balls.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous posters are not so bad since they make up the vast majority of the hits on the site. More hits means more dollars. Yet it seems some people like to take shots at the people who carry the freight. It would be interesting to see how many hits would happen if this method didn't exist. I think that's been tried. Those posting with pseudonyms, false names, and tag names are no more open than the anonymous folks. Time after time there seems to be someone trying to act like they have the market cornered on integrity. Total BS...

Ryan Swizer said...

To the people comparing hockey celebrations to baseball, sorry it's two different games. Different mentality, different code.

Pimp a home-run, expect to get hit. Dot a guy, expect a hard slide at 2nd. Slide hard into 2nd, expect the infielder to be pissed. Infielder drills a guy with a right cross, expect retribution. An inning later Prince Fielder wears a fastball from Chavez. The tab is square. Old school baseball at it's finest.

Tim from Kansas said...

Does it really matter if they plunked Bautista with the first pitch Friday or last pitch Sunday? Not to me.

It doesn't even matter if it should have been over last year, or if it should have been over after Bautista got plunked, or after he slid hard into second, or after Odor threw the punch. I guess it's over when they all decide it's over. But it was entertaining.

I think Bautista was actually pretty cool, he mostly just let it go and didn't get crazy, which surprised me. And if you watch closely, it looked like Beltre kind of looked after Bautista by keeping him out of the fray after he got hit, which was a good thing.

So now it's official over. Unless it's not.

Anonymous said...

Check out Odor's slide on Youtube. rougned odor spikes second

Ryan said...

Bush didn't head hunt. Put it in the shoulder, where it should go.

Bautista kept his spikes down, which he should do.

Odor isn't going to take a hard slide like a chump, so he decks Bautista, which is to be expected.

After Bautista gets decked Chavez hits Prince Fielder in his massive thigh. Fielder probably just happy to be on base. It's a beautiful game. I hope there are zero suspensions and this game is forever used as a textbook example of how to play the game of baseball.

Anonymous said...

"so he decks Bautista, which is expected." Lol it was so unexpected that someone threw a punch in an MLB game that no one knows how long to suspend him for...

Anonymous said...

Why the Rangers wouldn't have just thrown one in tight in the first games they played this year or this series is beyond me??

Anyone who says it wasn't intentional is absolute delusional.

Pretty chicken **** of the rangers if you ask me. I think most baseball fans would agree with me who has the Jays colour glasses on.

and Parkside, that's probably your best post, ever.

Anonymous said...

Go Riders!!! Go Raptors!!! Go Whitecaps!!!

Can't wait until the Riders start camp...


Anonymous said...

No suspension is necessary. It's wishful thinking that the suits will stay out of it, but the players governed themselves just fine in this case.

Anonymous said...

You can take all the pictures you want of the stadium from outside the construction zone. We have been documenting the progress since it was a parking lot. I look forward to seeing it from the inside. I am hoping/expecting that the everyone will be able to tour the complete facility once it is ready. And that specifically includes the Rider locker room and other Rider facilities. After all, they are getting what they are getting because of the season ticket holders/fans. Would not be happy if the Riders said we couldn't see what we paid for.

Anonymous said...

And they want to take fighting out of hockey...

I vote they put it into baseball...most exciting talked about game since....well, the bat flip game last year!

Anonymous said...

So where's this list of amenities that the new stadium has that no NFL stadiums do. Really, do you think everyone in Saskatchewan is a gullible idiot.

Anonymous said...

I only wish he would have tagged that hotdog Baustista with the left/right combo instead of just a right.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Rod would post that this new stadium has amenities that NFL stadiums don't. Just to try and suck people in? It is one of the newest stadiums. So hy wouldn't it have new amenities others may not. I'm sure if they are good. Any and all top notch stadiums will have them within a year.
I don't think anyone is trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes here. It's just talk.

Reg of Reg

Anonymous said...

He posts it because most of you gullible idiots believe anything that he writes.