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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


International defensive lineman Tearrius George is retiring from the Canadian Football League, the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today.
"I am stepping away from the game to focus on a personal issue," stated Tearrius George. "I would ask for people to respect my family's privacy during this time."
Chris Jones, Vice-President of Football Operations, General Manager and Head Coach, said: "Through speaking with Tearrius, we were made aware that he was involved in an incident that has become a police matter. He subsequently informed us he has decided to retire."  
As the police matter involving Tearrius is before the courts, the Riders will have no further comment on it.


From Regina Police Service:

A 33 year-old Regina male has been charged with assault after investigation into a domestic-related incident on April 28, 2016.
At approximately 2:16 p.m., on Thursday, April 28, 2016, police were dispatched to a residence on the 5600 block of Gordon Road for a report of an assault. The complainant, a 33 year-old female indicated that there had been an argument between herself and her partner, a 33 year-old male. It is alleged the argument escalated to the point that the male physically assaulted the female.  Upon further investigation, the male was arrested and charged with assault.  The female victim did not sustain any apparent physical injuries as the result of this incident.
Thirty-three year-old Tearrius Antwane GEORGE, DOB: 1982-12-03, of Regina, is charged with Assault [266 CC]. GEORGE was released on an Officers Undertaking with a court appearance scheduled for 2:00 p.m., May 12, 2016.


Keith Pottruff said...

Hate to see a very good players career end like this. Not knowing the story it's hard to make a judgment. Hopefully they can work out whatever problems they have and fix their relationship, which is more important than a short career as a football player.

Anonymous said...

Watch all the Nut Jobs come out of the woodwork now. They will find away to blame Jones for this to.

Your right Keith. Sad to see him go this way. Hope he can work out his issues.

Anonymous said...

Such a bad situation. Unfortunately we've heard it all too often with athletes.

Clay said...

No big loss there. T.George played terribly last season in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Name 1 player that did play well in the 3-15 season?

Anonymous said...

That red headed kid. He had long hair at one time. His name escapes to the tip of the tongue. He's a good player, not spectacular, but good.

Anonymous said...

Seems to happen too often with everyone in society today (athletes or not)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Riders dont fool around with the code of conduct stuff. Probably was asked to retire.

Anonymous said...

Kory Sheets did the same thing, but Rider fans still love him so come back Tearrius!

Anonymous said...

To the last Anon... Why be such an Azz Pole!
Korey Sheets was aquitted by the courts.
If Terrius is guilty we will dump him in a second.
You remind me of the lynch mob. Where a person was tarred and feathered before he even got a trial
So go back to Edmonton or Winnipeg or were ever you crawled out from under.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

He did nothing wrong and there was no need to post this on a sports blog. It was done for blog hits and attention. The real story will come out in court.