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Friday, May 20, 2016


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, they come in no particular order!

-- If Major League Baseball wanted to send a message with fines and suspensions after the Rangers-Jays brawl, they sent the wrong one. Rougned Odor deserved, at minimum, double digits for punching Jose Bautista and Bautista deserved more than one game. Say what you will about what happened, but the whole event started after Bautista's late and hard slide.

Yes, the pitch in the ribs started the chain of events, but the matter would have been done had Bautista not wanted to continue on with what had taken place. In my opinion, he needed two. Someone with MLB also needs to explain why Texas manager Jeff Banister and pitcher Matt Bush weren't suspended. Kevin Pillar had to be suspended for at least a game as well.As for Jesse Chavez, he didn't deserve a three game suspension and I'm not 100 percent sure John Gibbons shouldn't have gotten more for coming back on the field after he was ejected -  especially when he is a repeat offender.

-- This story isn't done either. The villain isn't Bautista anymore, it's Odor. Where as Texas wanted justice on Bautista for the batflip, the Blue Jays now want justice on Odor and if the teams don't meet one another in the playoffs, this situation will flare up again in 2017.

Major League Baseball had a chance to end this, but their actions - or lack of them - mean we can expect another chapter to be written.  For what it's worth, if the two teams do meet in the playoffs, don't be surprised to see Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan on the call.  One last thing on this before I let it go, ESPN's Dan Shulman brought up a great point when he said the Rangers had Matt Bush do the dirty deed and not Sam Dyson who was the pitcher when Bautista hit the Game 5 homer.  I am guessing Dyson was salivating to go to the mound to face Bautista. Rangers manager Jeff Banister knowing the temperature in the room was not going to allow Dyson to face Jose.

-- Still with the Blue Jays, I wonder if they now realize how valuable Ben Revere was. Out of all the additions Toronto made at the deadline last year, getting Revere gave them a bonafide leadoff man who could set the table for Donaldson, Encarnacion and Bautista. They don't have that now and as a result, the team's bats are cold.

-- We are now just over a week away from Rider training camp getting started in Saskatoon. In 2014, no one wanted to see camp because it meant the joy of winning everything in 2013 and starting over was gone.  I think it is safe to say as 2016 camp begins, it is one Rider fans wish would have started December 1 after the way 2015 went.  With all the new faces on both sides of the ball, who is the guy you are most eager to see?  The list is a long one.

-- One guy you won't see at Rider camp is David Onmeyata.  He inked a 4 year deal with the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday, and it had some who live and breathe green and white upset saying the Riders wasted a draft pick on the guy.  Onmeyata was the top ranked player going into the CFL draft and he lasted until Round 4. He didn't go number one. The Riders rolled the dice and short-term it didn't pay off. New Orleans is obviously impressed with what they have seen from the University of Manitoba defensive lineman by signing him to a 4 year deal. We all know though contracts aren''t that iron-clad so if he gets a couple of years of NFL seasoning and comes back here in two years, it is a win for the Riders. If he doesn't, it was a chance worth taking.

-- The NFL's Chicago Bears are coming to Regina next month for the NFL Flag Football program being put on here as part of the NFL Play 60 campaign. Is Jay Cutler coming? Will young Regina football players learn the Jay Cutler pouty-face? One player who is coming is former Rider Jerrell Freeman and another who may show up is former Regina Ram Akiem Hicks.

-- Why doesn't Regina have a mini-golf course? If there is one, where is it?

-- From the "Where are they now??" file comes Joey Perricone. The goalie who helped the Moose Jaw Warriors get to the WHL final before being beaten by the Vancouver Giants in 2006. 10 years after being one step away from going to the Memorial Cup, Perricone is at the Memorial Cup as the goaltenders coach for the Quebec champs from Rouyn-Noranda.

-- I wasn't able to attend the "We Love Lou" fundraiser on Wednesday night, but I knew it would be a success. When I heard 10 thousand dollars had been raised to help Peter Loubardias as he battles his unknown health problems, I was floored. I probably shouldn't have been because I know this city and its sports people, but it was still amazing to see the tremendous turnout. Many people have to be saluted including 4 Seasons Sports Palace owner George Yannitsos and Rod for setting this up in a short amount of time. Well done gents!

-- The Cleveland Cavaliers are absolutely destroying the Toronto Raptors through two games of the NBA East final.  I didn't think Toronto had much of a chance without Jonas Valaciaunas in the lineup, but I didn't think it would be this easy for Lebron and company.

-- There is no way it would happen, but what could the Raptors give up in an attempt to draft Toronto's Jamal Murray who is slated to go in the top 5 of the NBA draft. Toronto does have two first round picks to dangle. Could they give those and a Terrence Ross to Boston to get Murray who would be the poster-boy for Canadian basketball in his hometown if it were to shake down. One can dream.

-- I can't be the only one wanting to slap out the Boston Pizza guy in those ads.

-- Any commercial featuring Cookie Monster is a great commercial.  Well done Apple!

-- Stevie Baggs is looking for love. The former Rider is apparently going to be on one of those "Bachelor" type reality shows. I think we know Baggs is nothing if he doesn't have a "Chick" with him.

-- Elbowgate is just simply the biggest non-story of the year. Did Justin Trudeau get a call from the NHL disciplinary committee for that "vicious" elbow. Was the MP he hit get fined for embellishment. So embarrassing on so many levels.

-- The latest hockey "video" done by TSN's James Duthie and crew is simply amazing. "Don't Take My Goal Away" should really be performed at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

This just reinforces that Pedersen, Mullinder, Abou and Carm should do something up that could run in the lead-up to a Rider game. Speaking of which, Rod and Carm need to be one of the final few to get on the Maxtron in 2016 and yell "Bring Em Out". That is needed!

-- Oilers goalie Cam Talbot has three shutouts at the World Hockey Championship. This just reinforces how badly Peter Chiarelli needs to find not one, but two solid defencemen to go with Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse and Brandon Davidson.

That's all I got. The long weekend is here and many are getting out of Dodge so if you are one of them, drive safe.


Anonymous said...

Love it Scruffy

Anonymous said...

Brandon Davidson is the Oilers best defenseman. Prior to big Bugflien falling on his leg (Nothing dirty)he'd played 51 games and was +7.
Yeh, PLUS SEVEN on the Oilers.

Klefbom and Nurse are nowhere near that, yet.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think parliament could become more of a circus until today.

Anonymous said...

Great point about "Elbowgate" Scruffy. I wonder how many MP's get jostled or elbowed when walking through an airplane while people are storing or unstoring their carry-on stuff. I know I have. But maybe these MP's miss that experience being in 1st class. Anyways, the big chuckle watching the ordeal was when Tom Mulcair blew a gasket. Great to see Angry Tom back in fine form!

Anonymous said...

Hey bone head elbow gate isn't about sports but about the mindset, character of the leader of our country. Muddled mind you say? Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Good post Scruffy. On the blue Jays, rangers series, Dyson faced Bautista in TO and he did nothing. He seems to be all talk, anyways I agree it's not over between these 2 teams, something will happen next year.


mister winnipeg said...

Blue Jays = who cares

Face it, the team is a shadow of what it was last year. They're also rans this season. The only thing that anyone will remember about the 2016 BJs is Odor planting his fist in Bautista's face.

Anonymous said...

The only embarrassment is that we as a country voted in Trudeau.

He is the Canadian version of George W Bush: Just out to try and finish what his daddy started

Anonymous said...

People can spin all their exuberant promotional bs on the new stadium venue build as being one of finest to what's comparable out there, guess what? It's not! It's already outdated but a vast improvement for that province. Give it 4 -7 years and people will be questioning it's long term sustainable viability as costly repairs ensue. Keep T.F. on standby, do not demolish.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scruff could you tell Rod that all the Lynch-isms on the show are getting annoying? It was funny for awhile but now its way too overkill. Of course if you tell Rod not to jump off a cliff, off he goes. Not trying to be a deuche, just a concerned loyal listener.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Riiiiggghhhhtttt....and we can find the evidence to support this where?

Anonymous said...

Don't Take My Goal Away had me laughing so hard. McKenzie is the best!

Cloud Strife said...

Come on, Scruffy, no comments on the NHL playoffs?

San Jose doing an excellent job against STL, and looking like they're going to advance to the SCF for the first time in their history. Hitchcock is totally lost, this series is not going the way I expected it to at all.

Phil Kessel proving all his doubters wrong through his consistently awesome performance. Hard to believe there's nobody playing in the NHL on any team other than his own who has a higher career playoff points per game than he does. Not Toews, Kane, Kopitar, Ovechkin, Jagr, Brown, nobody. It's very impressive.

Finally, how about Justin Schultz? Gets traded off the lowly Oilers to a contender, manages to get into a game after Olli Maatta struggles, looks completely comfortable on a four man power play with three of the best players on the planet in Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, and gets his first career playoff point in an assist on the game winning goal in the ECF. It doesn't get much better than that, put Schultzy in the right position to succeed and he's a beauty!

And how about Regina's own Chris Kunitz scoring the fourth goal on Wednesday to pretty much put the game away? He's still got it!

You (and Rod, after listening to yesterday's Sportscage) are really missing out. The hockey, particularly the PIT-TBL series, is great. I've never seen the game played so fast and hard as it was in Tampa on Wednesday. Again, you guys are really missing out.

Anonymous said...

The Bautista thing is dead and won't carry over into 2017 because Joey Bat Flipper will be playing somewhere else, probably within the next month.

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

I can see it now.....RP in hammer pants with Mullinder, Abou and the old96er right beside him bustin a move! It would be gold Jerry, gold I am tellin ya!

Remple would be sad though if he didn't have a cameo.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Jamal Murray in a Raptors uni would be awesome, but I don't see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone realizes the importance of Ben Revere. Nice trade Atkins---Revere for Drew Storen. HOW DID THAT WORK OUT!


Morgan said...

Scruffy knows his baseball that's for sure. I couldn't agree with him more on the Jays and rangers fiasco. Also, he's dead on about Revere too. Shapiro has already made his mark on this franchise... and it's not a nice one. May as well be a giant s#$% streak.

Anonymous said...

You guys have to get Freeman and Hicks back on the SportsCage

Anonymous said...

Not a part of your column RP or Scruffy but...

Clarence Denmark in Weston Dressler out

Both Americans yet one huge difference, Dressler was a fan favourite!!!

Dressler was dependable

Dressler played many different roles on the team

Dressler sold much merchandise

Dressler was absolutely exciting on each and every play

Dressler meant something to the Rider faithful...

Nothing against Denmark; I guess the Riders saved a few dollars by cutting Dressler lose to instead look to bring in a guy like Denmark.

Sorry Rider management, you f'd up big time!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dressler had the Riders in a salary cap bind. And we were 3 and 15.

Not saying it's Dresslers fault but change had to be made.

Mark my words we will be better this year. Thinking 9-9.

You can't do nothing when you only have 3 wins. I wish Dress all the luck in YWG, just not against us

In Jones/Murphy/O'Day we trust.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Regina have a mini-golf course? If there is one, where is it?

Joanne Goulet Golf Course of course.

Kidding aside, if entrepreneurs thought they could make a buck building one, we would have one.

Final thought. I remember playing basketball and was called for "travelling" Is that not enforced in the NBA or did they get ride of the rule?

Anonymous said...

“Travelling” in the NBA is now meeting your mistress in the next city you’re playing in, not an infraction of any rule

Anonymous said...

To the guy wondering about 'travelling'. I wonder the same thing. I only see it on highlight reels but it looks to me like 9 out of 10 dunks in an NBA game involve travelling.

Anonymous said...

Regina does need a mini-golf course. I used to take my kid to the one in the northwest end all the time.

Anonymous said...

just beautiful !

Anonymous said...

2016 Season begins May 24th
Hi Mike,

The Farewell Season at Mosaic Stadium is almost here and your Rider Team Card(s) will be delivered soon! Your season package will arrive through Canada Post starting May 24th. Please note if you live in Regina your tickets will be sent by our courier PrimeTime Delivery.

Your tickets were sent to the following address:

xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

Tips, if you don't receive your tickets within 12 days, starting May 26th.

1) Contact your local Canada Post Office
2) If you have moved and did not update your address, please check the address listed above
3) If you have followed steps one and two and have not received your tickets by June 6th, please contact The Rider Ticket Office at 1-888-474-3377 option 3

The Rider Ticket Office is open Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00PM

Anonymous said...

To the guys wondering about travelling in NBA -it is legal to take 2 steps without dribbling now as opposed to the single step. Rule was changed a few years ago.

Rod in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Stephen Curry is the only true star in the NBA. He doesn't need to play fullback before a dunk, he just shoots from wherever he is and it goes in.

Anonymous said...

Dressier comments a cussing Rider Management messing up. Sorry but you are way off the mark. The 1st thing in running a proffesional football team is the business aspect. Weston Dresslers agent was not willing to listen to any kind of change in Weston's $250K salary. Between John Chick and Weston Dressler they were consuming 12% of a 46 man roster. Both were fan favourites. However you can not build a compete effectively team with two players over 30 getting a quarter million dollars each.
Dresslers agent felt he had the Riders by the gonads and there was nothing they could do. As good as Weston is. His numbers has slipped since his return from the NFL... Exciting, sure! Did many plays try and force the ball to Weston. Yes, which in turn led to turn overs. As a 5'6" receiver has to have the ball in a certain place. They can not go up and fight for it!
You may say Weston's numbers have slipped due to the QB situation in SK.... True! However Denmark has never had a QB throwing to him that trusted him or had a friendship and rapport as did Darian and Weston. If Darian does the same with Denmark you will see a great receiver for less than half the cost.
If Weston and his agent would have accepted a reasonable salary Dressler would still be here. Keep in mind the Riders did everything they could for Weston. The dismissed his contract early so he could sign in the NFL. They gave him a 1year contract upon his return as he requested. Then they gave him far too much money for three years to stay here.
It was Dresslers turn to repay everything that the Riders had done for him. Instead Weston's agent gave a big flat NO!
So now Dressler is wearing Blue and Gold. Plus he is playing for a Hundred thousand dollars less if he makes all of his targets. After season 2016 the Bombers will be restructuring their contracts as well. It will be interesting to see what Weston does the next time he's asked to take a pay cut.
We all have our favourite players. As a fan of over 30 years all the favourites come and go and in less than a sea son a new favourite or two appear out of no where.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why everyone wants Ben Revere back. Saunders hits for better average and has a ton more power. Revere was faster, but who's stealing with those boppers come up after him? (he stole 5 bases during his time in TO and was thrown out 2x) Plus Ben is hitting .167 this year in Washington. But lets not let facts get in the way...

Anonymous said...

Besides hockey rinks, the Lawson and ball diamonds and of course the Science Centre. What is there to do for 'youngin's ( 4 to 14) in Regina? A water slide at a hotel, maybe?

Why did the Sask. Prov. Govt just spend 21 million on their dome? Cuz it's of value and what would the Legislature look like without a dome? Crappy!

It's obvious that it's too late to whine about the roofed or roof ready stadium that never was :(. But will the new open to the elements stadium give our kids a new place to have fun? Only if Daddy has $ for season tickets I guess.

I am very excited about our chances of improving in 2016.

Absolutely detested the Dressler / Chick moves but loved most of the other new signings.

So it's hurry up n wait!

Brag about the new football stadium Rod. Wait till it's finished, please. It's about the same as you hyping the Riders at the beginning of the 2015 season.

Thanks Scruffy for a good addition.


Anonymous said...

What's with the comment about the e-mail from the Rider ticket office?

Bad filtering Rod?

Anonymous said...

To the guy saying Saunders is better than Revere

Don't let showing your complete lack of knowledge in baseball get in the way. Revere did so much more for that team than what Saunders has done. I guess you are more interested in individual stats because that is what pokes out at you, but look at how the boppers performed and what the win-loss record was after Revere showed up.

How are those boppers doing and what is Toronto's W-L record right now?

That's OK though, you've proven you don't know baseball and that is a fact!

Roddy/Scruffy, aren't you glad you are inundated with such stupidity!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Mark you think the other blue jays hit better because Ben Revere was on the team? He was just so damn likable that others hit better. How did his play improve the play of others around him if he was on base less than Saunders is? As you say I'm dumb so spell out how a guy that had a lower batting average, On base percentage and less walks or RBI than Saunders made his team better. It sure as hell wasn't his defense...

Anonymous said...

Blue Jays with Ben Revere----team wins, Donaldson gets MVP and team gets all the way to ALCS

Blue Jays with Saunders---team under 500, bats are terrible and team shows no sign of even being a contender.

Hope Regina gets a clue store so you can buy a couple, but hey, don't let facts get in the way.