Realty One

Saturday, May 21, 2016

SASKATOON - Zack Greer had four goals and two assists to lead the Saskatchewan Rush back to the National Lacrosse League final on Saturday with a 12-9 win over the Calgary Roughnecks.

Saskatchewan won the best-of-two series 2-0.

The Rush are the reigning NLL champions, winning the Champion's Cup last season before relocating from Edmonton to Saskatoon over the summer.

Mark Matthews scored twice and added five assists for the Rush, while Ben McIntosh and Robert Church had a pair of goals each. Adrian Sorichetti and John LaFontaine also found the back of the net. Goaltender Aaron Bold made 39 saves for the win.

Tyler Digby led Calgary with four goals and Dane Dobbie struck twice. Wesley Berg and Curtis Dickson both scored and added two assists, while Peter McFetridge chipped in as well. Mike Poulin started in net, stopping 36-of-47 shots in 57:19 of work. Frankie Scigliano turned aside the only shot he faced.

Saskatchewan will play the Buffalo Bandits in a best-of-three series for the NLL title starting on May 28.

(Canadian Press)


Terry In Saskatoon said...

What a night at the Sasktel Centre! Sellout exceeded at 15,172 creating the loudest event possible. Exciting game, and hats off to the organizers for an entertaining game presentation including the Johner Boys, the Rush Dancers and hiphop groups. Lessons to be learned about marketing and presentation for other local teams.

Anonymous said...

Ya so much excitement that it created one friggen comment.
Where's the Saskatoon dude that stated the Rush will rival the Riders.
It's an inherited Saskatoon team that was a league Champion. That rarely happens in any sport. Where as the Blades are at the bottom.
The second the Rush start losing and the Blades start winning. It's all over for the Rush except the crying.
If Saskatoon would have inherited a non playoff team. There is no way this support would have taken place.
Saskatoon is desperate for a winning team and they got one gift wrapped. When the honey moon is over... that Rush the fans are getting will be nothing more than a slight tingle.

Eyes wide open concept
Mr Spock Logic

Anonymous said...

Mr Spock Logic should change his name to Miss Negative Nancy. Or Mr Jealous Joe...take a chill-pill man.

Anonymous said...

Spock reads more of jealousy and less of logic.
Speculate Mr Spock that few comments may imply that Regina fans didn't purchase tickets and missed the event.
Scarier may be the fact that Many Rush fans are not football fans.
The Pats are the only WHL team selling out during losing seasons?
Losing Rush season may only impact the few fans from Regina actually making the trip to Saskatoon.
A losing rider season may impact Regina more as the young may never come back preferring a fast paced Rush over another 3-15 season featuring Mertile like tackles.
Regina depends on 5-8000 fans from around the province, 8-10000 from Saskatoon, 15-20000 from Regina with 5000 being game day walk ups. It won't take too many losing seasons for attendance to drop after the honeymoon of the new stadium is over.
Riders need Saskatoon to survive.
Regina has proved that the Rush can survive without them.

Anonymous said...

So 18,000 fans at Rider games are from out of town? Based on your numbers upwards of 43,000 fans attend Rider Games in a stadium that holds 33,000!!!! It's great that Saskatoon has the Rush, maybe it will help them get over the inferiority complex that city has always had.

Jim said...

Close to 15% of the of the population of Regina would have to go to every single game in order to have the Riders survive in Regina, you need the support of the whole province. We wouldn't have the Riders or the new stadium if it was just a Regina team. Obviously the team knows that or they wouldn't have training camp in Saskatoon for there central and northern fans or there two Rider stores in Saskatoon that rival the stores in sales in Regina. So grow up and support both Saskatchewan's pro teams. Go Rush Go Riders.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon has the RUSH.
Regina has Government Workers, RCMP and thousands of WHINERS. Take away the 10 to 20 thousand out of town fans and what have you got ?
How many Regina Hicks go to Rush games in Saskatoon? Very few, because they hate to admit that Saskatoon has something going good for them.

Red said...

This Regina vs Saskatoon thing is sooooooo Saskatchewan. The province has two pro sports teams for every citizen of this great province. Either your with them or against them. If you hate a team that is for every fan in this province well.... I heard the ndp are looking for a new leader.

Jim said...

Read your original post!! You stated the only way we are supporting the Rush is because they were gift wrapped to us and when they start losing they will have no support. I am saying that it takes the whole support of Saskatchewan to make sure the Riders survive and if you don't believe that your an idiot. I am a Huge Rider fan and I could care less where they are based out of. Come on down to a Rush game and stop being so petty.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon doesn't need the hicks from Regina to attend Rush games. Saskatoon finally has a winning team and are actually supporting it.... for now. Laughable how the toon towners always use the Government put down to make them feel more important. Saskatoon is always looking for a government hand out, remember the tax payers of "Saskatchewan" paid for your arena and a government crown sponsors the building. The inferiority complex thrives in the little village to the north.

Anonymous said...

"Tiga talk"

Mertile play, so reginaish ha ha ha... thanks for the memories for that time immortal on field moment before a national television audience. So funny! Is Mr Mertile still on the riders roster 2016?

Anonymous said...

The Little Village to the North is well populated over the Ghost Town to the South like about 15 to 20 thousand.

Anonymous said...

15-20 thousand more pan handlers