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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


(Regina, May 16, 2016)  – The 2016 CFL season hasn’t started yet, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders have already caught their first touchdown of the year with assistance from the Canadian Red Cross and SaskTel.

The Imagine No Bullying School Presentations, presented by SaskTel, won the Canadian Football League’s Rouge Award in the category of Best Community Initiative.

“The Canadian Football League and its member clubs each do outstanding work in their communities,” said Craig Reynolds, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. “To be recognized as the best community initiative in the league is truly a testament to an outstanding partnership between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Red Cross and the amazing support and desire to give back by our players. What we do in the community is as important as anything we do as an organization. Through our partnership with the Red Cross we are making a positive impact in young people’s lives and this positive impact was recognized and rewarded by our peers at the CFL.”

Teams submit entries in seven different categories and a panel of distinguished CFL staff select the top three in each category. The rest of the league votes on the winner.

“This award is proof of the strength of the partnership between the Canadian Red Cross, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and SaskTel, as well as their shared commitment to reaching every student in the province with bullying prevention education,” said Cindy Fuchs, vice-president of the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan.

Since the program’s inception in 2010, several Roughrider players have been trained by the Red Cross to deliver Imagine No Bullying presentations to schools across the province. The players educate students on how to create safe environments for themselves and others through information based on Red Cross bullying prevention education.

"We are extremely pleased to partner with the Red Cross and the Riders to make a difference by encouraging youth to take a stand against bullying and cyberbullying in our communities," said Ron Styles, SaskTel President and CEO. “SaskTel understands that the products and services we sell, when utilized inappropriately, can perpetuate the act of bullying and in particular cyber bullying. The Imagine No Bullying program along with SaskTel's I am Stronger program aim to provide youth with the education and resources required to put an end to bullying."

Roughrider players have spoken to more than 75,000 students through these presentations.

Current players Jorgen Hus, Dan Clark, Levi Steinhauer, Nic Demski and Spencer Moore have been trained by the Red Cross and are delivering presentations at schools. Past player presenters include Neal Hughes, Luc Mullinder, Keith Shologan, Chris Getzlaf, Scott McHenry and Weston Dressler.

(Red Cross PR)


Anonymous said...

Excellent work... Bringing attention to a crippling ordeal for thousands of young people is very commendable. When a giant O-lineman speaks out against bullying. It has an impact on those who have chosen to be bully's or didn't even know they were bullying. I think this speaks volumes to the Riders Orginization and players for bringing this to the fore front.

Reg of Reg

Anonymous said...

100 jobs gone as Sears in Regina - welcome to the boom in Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know it's crippling. I knew a kid that showed up for baseball in his ballet shoes, the other kids laughed at him and he wet his pants. How dare the kids cripple him like that. - hey in our day you handled your problems, you either grew a thick skin or you were bitched out. Life isn't easy. Learn it fast and learn it young.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Rod, you finally got the right Rider logo!

Anonymous said...

And some of those who have been bullied end up on the streets...

But then it's there fault and we should just throw them on a bus!

Anonymous said...

All comes down to parenting and the break down of the family - the kids become bullies because the parents are clueless, and the kids on the receiving end have parents most likely divorced homes who get brutalized. A few things happen then. They become bullies, they run away and avoid conflict which limits them in adulthood or they become funny little comedians with a lot of emotional problems. It's a screwed up society but it starts and it ends in the home and the values being taught and the images they see in early childhood.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard it all now.

One of your readers is actually blaming the demise of Sears Canada, who has been struggling financially all across Caanada, on Brad Wall.

That's entertaining right there.

Dean said...

I'm glad you made the sear's comment.

Somebody who does not know what's going on with Sear Canada or Sears US for that matter should not be posting political comments. Go to school or read something.

Thanks to these riders that donate their time to the community.

I speak to my kids about being a bully and being bullied all the time. I hope it helps them on their journey through childhood to adulthood. It's a tuff world out there. Always has been and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Evraz laid off 100 people, Potash Corp let go an entire operation. - KEEP SASKATCHEWAN STRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3
In your day there was no social media that bullied you in ways you can't even imagine.
Don't play the tough guy here. Many parents have lost children to suicide because their child was bullied on line. Where information travels to everyone in the child's life at school and then some.
When are some of you going to understand. The bullying today is a million times worse than it was 2 p years ago. Either educate yourself on this matter or if possible. Keep the ridiculous uninformed comments to yourself.
I'd love you to have to see the eyes and feel the hearts of those parents who have lost their children due to cyber bullying. Then rock out one of your mamma boys story's.
Man, just grow up!

Reg of Reg

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Sears poster is also posting about pulling up your pants and wiping your nose and quit crying about bullying.
I don't understand why those who are not educated on a subject chose to comment and make a spectacle of themself.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again... Mr Sears wants to comment further on his uneducated current events. First of all Everaz layoff come out of Chicago. Not Brad Walls office. It is a 3 week lay off bird brain! Read the paper... Here is the statement. >> “I can confirm that we have announced layoffs at our 24-inch pipe mill, effective May 7, impacting approximately 90 employees and expected to last three weeks,” said Christian Messmacher<<
Falling prices world wide on Potash is a global issue. Not a Saskatchewan issue. Are you going to blame the Saskatchewan Party for the fallen price of Oul too? Of course you won't. Simply because SK dosent look near as bad as Alberta does where your All Mighty NDP Party rules.
Your attempt at weakening the Sask Party's position is flawed and seriously messed up. The only weak thing here is someone trying to blame a Provicial Party for a world wide issue.
Even my 12 year old Daughter comes home with more correct and up to date information on current events.

Anonymous said...

Bullying - you got a Blog that is the cesspool of online bullying. The host gets his jollies on it.

Anonymous said...


I have seen comments on here that attack Rods wide and kids. Talk about gutless.

If anything, I would say Rod is the one that gets bullied. I admire his fortitude to let the comments to be seen that personally attack him and his family. That takes a big person.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Why do you continue to post with ridiculous comment while making a specticle of yourself? Your absoloutly RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You walk downtown Regina, it's like Skid row