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Sunday, May 29, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have made the following transactions:


Add to the Roster
National offensive lineman Kadeem Adams (6.04 – 290 – Western)
National defensive back Troy Adams (5.10 – 175 – Northeastern)
National defensive back Joel Brtka (5.11 – 175 – Burlington Jr.)
International wide receiver Marquez Clark (5.11 – 190 – Central Oklahoma)
International wide receiver Ricky Collins (6.00 – 198 – Texas A&M-Commerce)
International offensive lineman Will Corbin (6.06 – 305 – Appalachian State)
International defensive back Justin Cox (6.00 – 187 – Mississippi State)
International defensive back Johnnie Dixon (5.11 – 194 – Pearl River)
International offensive lineman Kennedy Estelle (6.06 – 290 – West Alabama)
International defensive back Kentrell Everett (6.02 – 190 – Western New Mexico)
International defensive back Qudarius Ford (5.08 – 170 – South Alabama)
National fullback Marvin Golding (6.01 – 235 – Saint Mary's)
National linebacker Dillon Grondin (6.00 – 230 – Windsor Jr.)
International quarterback Jacob Huesman (6'2 – 228 – Tennessee-Chattanooga)
National wide receiver Kyle Kawamoto (6.00 – 180 – Okanagan Jr.)
National defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama (6.04 – 259 – Eastern Michigan)
International defensive lineman A.C. Leonard (6.02 – 250 – Tennessee State)
National wide receiver Randy Roseway (6.00 – 180 – St. Francis Xavier)
International defensive back Rollins Stallworth (6.04 – 210 – Stanford)
International defensive lineman Ino Vitale (6.05 – 305 – Southwest Baptist)
International defensive back Xavier Walker (6.03 – 208 – Middle Tennessee)


Delete from the Roster
International wide receiver Etauj Allen
International linebacker Curtis Brown
International defensive back Victor Dean Jr. 
International offensive lineman Kamalie Matthews
International wide receiver Devrin Young


Move to Retired List
International defensive back David Barks
National defensive lineman Rory Connop
International wide receiver Armanti Edwards
International offensive lineman Darryl Johnson


Anonymous said...

Jacob Huesman is 25th ranked QB in 2016 NFL Draft.Impressive credentials good size and speed but not likely to be drafted. A good pick up for Riders to see what he has.
Watched the Video a while ago showing #88 Marquez Clark. He looked very good but hopefully not another Terrance Nunn.
I was looking forward to seeing Armanti Edwards but now he is retired.Does "retired" mean contract problems, didn't report yet or done with football?

keyrecpl said...

Connor retired WOW

geestewie said...

Connop "retired"? Was he not camp ready Roddy?

@mrt_man said...


Christopher Evans said...

"Retired" can also be a way for the admin to manage the roster and bring in a few extra players to look at. Hopefully, that's all it is, especially for Connop and Edwards! I guess we'll see as camp progresses!

Anonymous said...

interesting how so many good players are not interested in playing for jones and murphy !!!!!!

says alot about jones.

Anonymous said...

Lots of speculation upon the retired players. I'll bet either didnt show up or not in shape for camp or a combination thereof....

Anonymous said...

Sorry pal from Edmonton, but multiple Grey Cup rings says all you need to know about our new head coach.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to play for Jones or know they can't play for Jones. Significant difference.

Anonymous said...

Jones was speaking on the Rider website, said that Connop had some business/career stuff that he was going to take on, and is a legit retiree. Edwards had an injury and may be back.

Anonymous said...

This Jacob Huesman is an intriguing signing. Ranked 25th in college QB's in the NFL draft. Hopefully he can stick around.....

Anonymous said...

Interesting 21 new signees on the morning of Training Camp. A number of these 21 reveal a checkered past. Some with domestic abuse, some with burglary, some with suspensions from Division 1 schools. I am all for giving people a second chance, so I will not hold this against anyone, but this is Saskatchewan, where all players go under a microscope you will find nowhere in the CFL. I am sure this gets Revealed in an NFL world. My suggestion to the team is don't try to hide anything. We overlooked Dwight Andersen so why would we not for these guys.

Anonymous said...

Trolls suck!!

Anonymous said...

Jones only has 1 GC win
and that only because of a pi call otherwise it was Ottawas game.
The rest of the time jones was only sliding in on other peoples coattails - the league is filled with ass. having rings

if you're going to try and brag at least be realistic

Anonymous said...

To the last anon talking about half assed. Which by the way is a perfect description of your post.
As the defensive Coordinator of the winning Grey Cup team. You are not sliding on anyone's coat tails you fricken ding a ling.
You are in control and running more than 33% of the team. If we count offence defence and special teams. The defence is usually on the field close to 40% of the time. Defence wins Championships, it's that simple. Or are you going to be stuck on the what if, shoulda been bull crap. Ya sure the Riders coulda shoulda woulda won Grey Cups in. 2009 and 2010. By only losing both games by a total of 4 points. It dosent matter. They didn't win and their name is not on the Grey Cup.
Jones and Murphy are doing an excellent job in turning around a team that was old and over paid.
The Green and White will be supported as good or better than most teams in this league. Only the trolls from other teams come on here to post their crap. That is the biggest fault of this whole blog! Anonymous posting period. It allows the low life's to lift their leg and leave their mark and then bail without ever telling anyone who they are. Usually someone still living in Moms basement and has about as much testosterone as a preteen girl.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Reginald in Regina
As long as anonymous trolls put money in Pedersen's blog they are here to stay.