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Saturday, May 21, 2016


CFL Commissioner Jeffery Orridge appeared on Hamilton's TSN 1150 radio and discussed some of the latest advancements with the league including the development of a CFL video game.

"We understand that the consumers who we need to connect with - especially that next generation of fans - that's where they are," Orridge told hosts Drew Edwards and Steve Milton.  "We're working on that pretty hard, in terms of getting a game together and making sure it's the right play at the right time with the right opportunity.  That's an ongoing conversation that we have and we're working towards it."

Orridge was also asked about connecting with millenials, many of whom have "cut the cord" and gone away from cable television in favour of streaming video over the internet.

"That's something that's top-of-mind for us," Orridge explained.  "We understand that people are consuming content in all different ways these days and not all on linnear television.  We're augmented our capabilities in terms of what's online, we've updated the website and social media is a big part of that.  We're augmenting all of those things to better connect with our fans.
Courtesy Nelson Hackewich

"But it's not just with the next generation of fans.  We're plugged into our avid fans and the folks who've been following the CFL for decades.  In terms of our website, we're doing things like increased stats, more info, more news, more accessiblity for folks in the league.  So we're excited about that."

Perhaps the most interesting point of the interview was when host Steve Milton mentioned to Orridge that reaction to the league's new logo has been mixed at best, with the majority weighted to the negative side.

"I've experienced something quite different," Orridge countered.  'The people who've responded to me have said they really like the logo.  And you're always going to get varying reactions whenever you make change, especially something subjective and aesthetic as a logo.  You may have different opinions depending on who you talk to.  I think the important thing is that we're a 104-year old league and we still focus on our tradition and heritage and the logo represents that.  It's a much more cleaner, modern look.  This isn't the first time the logo has changed.  We continue to modernize and progress.  This is a progressive league."

That includes expanding the league's fantasy game options.  The popularity of fantasy sports has exploded on the continent, particularly with the rival NFL.

"We have the Pick Em game, that we started last year and we're going to continue to develop and improve that," Orridge said.  "But we're also working towards a bigger platform in fantasy because we know there's an appetite for it.  We know that's what consumers want and we are responsive to our fans.

"Everything that we are doing is fan-focused right now."