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Saturday, May 21, 2016


CFL Commissioner Jeffery Orridge appeared on Hamilton's TSN 1150 radio and discussed some of the latest advancements with the league including the development of a CFL video game.

"We understand that the consumers who we need to connect with - especially that next generation of fans - that's where they are," Orridge told hosts Drew Edwards and Steve Milton.  "We're working on that pretty hard, in terms of getting a game together and making sure it's the right play at the right time with the right opportunity.  That's an ongoing conversation that we have and we're working towards it."

Orridge was also asked about connecting with millenials, many of whom have "cut the cord" and gone away from cable television in favour of streaming video over the internet.

"That's something that's top-of-mind for us," Orridge explained.  "We understand that people are consuming content in all different ways these days and not all on linnear television.  We're augmented our capabilities in terms of what's online, we've updated the website and social media is a big part of that.  We're augmenting all of those things to better connect with our fans.
Courtesy Nelson Hackewich

"But it's not just with the next generation of fans.  We're plugged into our avid fans and the folks who've been following the CFL for decades.  In terms of our website, we're doing things like increased stats, more info, more news, more accessiblity for folks in the league.  So we're excited about that."

Perhaps the most interesting point of the interview was when host Steve Milton mentioned to Orridge that reaction to the league's new logo has been mixed at best, with the majority weighted to the negative side.

"I've experienced something quite different," Orridge countered.  'The people who've responded to me have said they really like the logo.  And you're always going to get varying reactions whenever you make change, especially something subjective and aesthetic as a logo.  You may have different opinions depending on who you talk to.  I think the important thing is that we're a 104-year old league and we still focus on our tradition and heritage and the logo represents that.  It's a much more cleaner, modern look.  This isn't the first time the logo has changed.  We continue to modernize and progress.  This is a progressive league."

That includes expanding the league's fantasy game options.  The popularity of fantasy sports has exploded on the continent, particularly with the rival NFL.

"We have the Pick Em game, that we started last year and we're going to continue to develop and improve that," Orridge said.  "But we're also working towards a bigger platform in fantasy because we know there's an appetite for it.  We know that's what consumers want and we are responsive to our fans.

"Everything that we are doing is fan-focused right now."


Anonymous said...

Orridge told me at the Cup in wpg last year that they were talking to Draft Kings about fantasy football. Wouldn't be surprised if they announce something in the next while here. In terms of streaming games online, they should do like what the NFL is doing on Twitter and have one game a week streamed for free. They already did it with YouTube and the Grey Cup so that relationship is already in place. TSN would be selling the advertising anyways.

Rod I know you don't like Orridge but you have to admit he's got a lot done over these last few months. Maybe there's some kind of method to his madness after all. He's certainly done more already than Cohon who was all about photo ops and fan parties. I'd rather see a commish that works than one that is visible.


Anonymous said...

Time to get "The Ghost" in the Cage to duke it out with RP.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to have the Commish appear on the Sportscage at some point so Luc and Rod can grill the heck out of him and hold his feet to the fire for all his past transgressions! After which all parties can finally move on.

Anonymous said...

It appears Orridge has been doing a lot of work away from the spotlight. With the season quickly approaching I expect we'll see more information coming out. Now if he can do something with the licensing group and start giving other companies an opportunity rather then the preferred vendors.

Anonymous said...

Lame logo Mr. Orridge. Who did the graphics on it? Someone from TO or the States? Why wouldn't you have a competition for 16 and under that would easily out class 'your' new logo?

Where in the world would you see the country flag / maple leaf cut in half on a logo. It's like there is something missing on the logo. Part of the football is missing so that then equates to the maple leaf I guess.

I love the CANADIAN game but simply don't understand an organization called the CANADIAN Football League that was calling their home grown players non-import versus Canadian. The same organization that now calls them nationals.

Can't call a football a pig-skin anymore now can we, but that's another topic?


Anonymous said...

I still say he will accomplish more then Cohon ever did. Cohon was just a "mimbo" shaking hands and kissing babies

Anonymous said...

Ok 1st of all the new CFL Commissioner Jeffery Orridge dosent even know how old the league is that he runs. That my friends is embarrassing!
Commissioner Orridge stated... "" I think the important thing is that we're a 104-year old league ""
The CFL was founded January 19, 1958. When doing proper Math. That adds up to the CFL being 58 years old!
I cant stand when the league states the Riders have won 4 Grey cups in 103 years. Hell some of those SK teams in 1910-1914-1915 were not even football teams. The Regina Rugby Club ran from 1910-1923. So 13 years it was a Rugby team, not a football team. Then it was Regina Roughriders football team from 1924-1947. In 1936, The Red and Black uniformed Regina Roughriders joined the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Calgary Bronks as the founding franchises of the Western Interprovincial Football Union. So in reality the Green and White Saskatchewan Roughriders did not come to be until 1948. Then it was still another 10 years before the CFL was founded and The Riders joined the CFL at that time.
So tell me why on God's Green Earth and the Riders Green uniforms does the CFL call it self over a hundred years old. It makes no sense. All it does is make our league look bad

Anonymous said...

Luc and Rod can grill the heck out of him and hold his feet to the fire for all his past transgressions!

Like that will happen,it would be just an ass kissing festival.

GWil26 said...

I think the logo is fine. Half the maple leaf is missing? Do you remember our old logo...? But if they want to develop a video game I'd be contacting EA and going that route... Don't put out a game unless the gameplay and graphics are on par with current console football games.

Getting fantasy up and running is huge however, Fantaseh has done it recently but it lacks some of the professionalism that I would hope the league could put together.

Anonymous said...

That is a good comment which in turn brings the question forward.
Why is the CFL calling itself over a hundred years old when its 58 years old.
If Rod knows the answer it would be great if he gave it to us. If Rod dosen't know the answer, maybe he can find out for us.
Or grill the commissioner on why the CFL continues to take credit of the years 2 other leagues existed before the CFL was even thought of

Reginald of Regina

@mrt_man said...

Let's invite him to the cage... but first send him a copy of Friday's sportscage from grey cup week.

truenorthern said...

Whats the confusion, it's about the cup.
Or are y'all just being trolls.
Grey cup first awarded 1909 for the national championship of Canadian football. Teams from across the country have competed for the cup 103 times so far. Do you really not know this?

Anonymous said...

If Hopson were around, Saskatchewan takes Ottawa to court over the name REDBLACKS because they would assume to have the rights based on colors to their club history.

Ottawa REDBLACKS - Saskatchewan Redblacks.

Ottawa ROUGH RIDERS - Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Ottawa club would win hands down in a court of law based the fact they had both names first.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one should read all the History instead of Half of it Bub!

Look into the History of the cup!
Lord Grey's cup then try again.

Anonymous said...

The Grey Cup has been around. The CFL has not!
The league is boasting 104 years. Not the cup.
So how can you call a league 104 years old.
The Regina Rugby team was not competing for the Grey Cup in 1909
The Regina Roughriders never competed for the Grey Cup.
So once again I put to you why are they calling the CFL a league that is 104 years old
The league is 58 years old. With a championship trophy that has been around in other leagues another 56 years
Do you not know this!

Anonymous said...

The Grey Cup was presented to amature football teams in the University league for many years. The cup joined the CFL in its inaugural year which was 1958. So the 1st comment or is 100% correct. The League is not 104 years old. The Cup is that old. The league continues to twist the words to make itself look better. When in fact it just makes it look cheesy.

I have a friend who was born and raised in his Grandfathers house. His Father was the owner of the house at that time. Now my friend not only lives in that house he owns it. His name is exactly the same as his Fathers and Grandfathers name. So, since that house was built in 1916 and he was born and raised there and is raising his family there. Plus his name is the same as the original proprietor. Does that mean he has owned that house for 100 years. Of course not. But hey if your the CFL you would have owned that house 100 years!

By the way I think this is a great discussion and I do not see any so called trolls starting anything here. This is a very interesting and educational topic of discussion. If the league is improperly promoting itself. It should be corrected.


Anonymous said...

On Dec. 4, 1909, at Toronto’s Rosedale Field, a crowd of 3,807 mostly exuberant fans — the average ticket price was 70 cents — watched the University of Toronto Varsity Blues defeat the Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club by a score of 26-6. Unfortunately, Earl Grey and his staff had been tardy ordering the cup from Birks Jewelers (at a cost of $48), and it took another three months for the inaugural awarding of the Grey Cup to the victorious Blues. This league was not referred to as the CFL.

The reason this year’s Grey Cup (not the league) is the 104th is due to the fact that the game was cancelled because of the First World War from 1916 to 1918, and then in 1919 over a bitter dispute about the rules and playoff process. Officials got their act together the following year and the game, which pitted UofT’s Varsity Blues against the Toronto Argonauts, was played at Varsity Stadium to a much larger crowd. So popular was the game that scalpers reportedly even made some money.

Amateur teams continued to compete for the Grey Cup until 1954. A few years later, the birth of the Canadian Football League established Earl Grey’s gift from 1909 as the ultimate prize for the championship professional team and transformed the game itself into a uniquely Canadian nationalistic celebration.

So I would suggest the CFL start marketing itself correctly.
I love the CFL game but far too many times the league has embarrassing things that take away from its professionalism.
The last doozy was the 9 team league with the Rough Riders and the Roughriders. We were the laughing stock of all American football fans that ever heard on the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ottawa would lose on the name Rough Rider or Roughrider. Simply because they went into chapter 11. Once a business enters chapter 11 the only protection they have is the division and payback of outstanding funds. Everything else is lost. Especially the name. I for one am glad the 9 team league no longer has 2 Roughriders or rough riders. It was an embarrassment to the league and Canadian Football. Hell the NFL wouldn't even allow the name Colts to be used in 2 different professional football leagues. Their smart enough to know how ridiculous it looks.
As for the name Red Blacks. I would bet that there isn't 1 Rider fan that gives 2 shitz about that name. More than 80 percent of CFL fans think it's a dumb name anyway. That is Ottawa's name and they can keep it. Hopefully their fickle fans don't abandon them a third time.

Rafal said...

CFL needs to televise games on CTV or even CBC, not everyone has TSN and there are more cordcutters. You can't watch games online on TSN as it asks for your cable account credentials. Maybe they should offer CFL package online subscription for non-cable fans.

Anonymous said...

Time to throw the old Grey Cup in the garbage. Get a new stylized CFL Championship trophy and name. Grey Cup? What kind of name is that? Dowdey Old English? Come on Orridge, commission a new trophy more appropriate to the day.

Anonymous said...

The A$$ Holes are out in full force on this subject. Being Canadian we can't celebrate our history unless it's tied to Americans to make it world class. Ottawa has folded twice using the Rough Rider name. A history of failure while the Roughriders have built a brand.

Christopher Evans said...

The CFL is more of a re-organization of the Canadian Rugby Union. The game itself has morphed over the last 100+ years to where it is today. It started out as a rugby game... it revised it's rules... permitted forward passing... changed the terminology/rules... etc., etc. and you have our CFL game today. It started out as University competition and has evolved from the handful of rugby unions to incorporated entities that compete each year. There is a lineage there. A tradition. It's not so cut & dried as it was a rugby league and now it's a football league... it's a storied evolution. It's not much different than Taylor Field being called Mosaic Stadium... it's still been around forever (despite the fans preference for one over the other)! It's all about legal entities, contracts, corporations, etc., etc.

Roughriders/Rough Riders were apart of two separate rugby unions originally. The Western rugby union wasn't even allowed to compete for many years. Once attrition, etc. occurred through the years, the league was left them with the teams they were and it ended up with the two Roughriders/Rough Riders teams. It's not like they ran out of ideas when they started it all out!

TSN should be a part of any basic cable packages. So, most everyone on a cable subscription should have access to CFL games.

@mrt_man said...



Rod Pedersen said...

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Ottawa Rough Riders established 1876 with the now Ottawa REDBLACKS owning the intellectual properties to the name Rough Riders. (Side note; Ottawa Rough Riders 9 CFL Championship easily trumps Sk measily 4 titles to a embarrassing 100+ year team history). 2013 title a product of unknown collusion due to club ineptness to produce.

Anonymous said...

If I'm the Calgary Stampeders or Hamilton Tiger-Cats ownership group absolutely no way I'd allow that. The man can't stay objective. There won't be any video game for this as the market is to small.