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Monday, May 23, 2016


Over the weekend the City of Regina kicked off the Farewell Season at Mosaic Stadium with day-long events around the facility on Saturday.

Cindy Kobayashi was the MC for Saturday's official kickoff and we heard from Elder Norma Jean Byrd, His Worship Mayor Michael Fougere and City Councillor John Findora.  They all told their favourite memories from the iconic stadium, which heads into its final season in 2016.

Taylor Field - renamed Mosaic Stadium in 2005 - will be torn down following the Saskatchewan Roughriders' move into New Mosaic Stadium across the street in 2017.

The next seven months promise to be extremely emotional for all of us whose best memories come from the Grand Ol' Lady (nicknamed by legendary sportswriter Bob Hughes).

Mayor Michael Fougere
"It's wonderful to see the sea of green here today and you have all come down to think of the memories you have from here, and those that will be made here this season," Mayor Fougere told the crowd.  "Because after this year, we'll be in the brand new stadium across the way.

"There are very few structures in our city that give the iconic view as the stadium here.  It's in our skyline and it's who we are.  For over 100 years we've had athletes from around the city, province and country play here whether it be football, soccer, field hockey or what have you.  It's also hosted some great concerts.  It really is a meeting place for our city.  I know that you're proud of this facility, as is City Council."

Fougere took a minute to inform the crowd of who the stadium was originally named after, which was a worthwhile footnote on the day.

"Before it was Mosaic Stadium, it was Taylor Field, named after Neil Joseph 'Piffles' Taylor who was many things to this city," Fougere continued.  "He was a law school graduate, city councillor, business manager, a player on the Regina Rugby team and a coach as well, a fighter pilot in World War I who was shot down and taken as a Prisoner of War in Germany for a year.  He came back and started the Regina Rubgy club and was a league championship quarterback.  His name is on this stadium because of his impact on this city."

Regina's Mayor closed his remarks with his own favourite memories of Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium and made sure fans celebrate the facility, as well as themselves, for the rest of 2016.

"The 2013 Grey Cup was the most fantastic game that could ever be played in this stadium," Fougere concluded.  "The memory of the Rolling Stones here, Paul McCartney, the Blue Jays playing here at one time, are fantastic.  Being here knowing that we have the best fans in the world in Regina and Saskatchewan!"

The City of Regina and Saskatchewan Roughriders will be rolling out announcements over the coming weeks regarding how the Farewell Season will be celebrated as well as how fans can be involved.


Anonymous said...

You were at this AND you spoke in Saskatoon on Saturday Roddy?

Rod Pedersen said...


Anonymous said...

I remember being a youngster and sitting on the east side in row one or two, real low and 'Cookie' Gilchrist straight armed a would be tackler. It seemed like it was just 15 or 20 feet away, that's my favourite Taylor Field memory.

The runner up would be the day Bill Baker acquired the nickname 'Undertaker'. He knocked three Eskimo QBs out of the game. Of course it was funny back then before we knew about concussions.

Anonymous said...

Hey, #RodNation has no limits. Regina, Stoon, Hudson Bay, Estevan, Eatonia, Strasbourg, etc. Rod's a real man of the land, that's why he's so popular. Course he can't drive a combine worth a damn but that's ok.

gpb said...

Based on the pictures did anyone even show up to this event. I thought for Regina fine cuisine like free hotdogs there would be thousands.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you realize it's just a stadium, right??!

Anonymous said...

A teepee on Taylor Field, now I've seen everything! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Farewell? Shouldn't they reserve that for day of the last event held and they dis-connect the power to this facility forever 2017+? What a waste of public monies celebrating absoloutly nothing 2016.


Anonymous said...

A TeePee on Taylor Field, how Regina-ish.