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Thursday, April 7, 2016



1 - OILERS DO IT RIGHT:  The Edmonton Oilers and their wonderful fans sent Northlands Coliseum out with a bang Wednesday night, trouncing the Vancouver Canucks 6-2 in the final game ever in the 42-year old facility.  Here are some thoughts: 1) Leon Draisitl scored the last-ever Oilers goal at "Rexall" while Jordan Eberle scooped up the puck at game's end. ... 2) Wouldn't it have been something if disgruntled forward Nail Yakupov's second period goal would've stood up as the game-winner in a 1-0 victory?  That certainly would've left a stench in Skyreach Centre. ... 3) The interviews before, during and after the game paid homage to the storied franchise and featured names we haven't heard of in years like Craig Muni, Brad Isbister and Georges Laracques.  They were all fantastic. ... 4) Hockey fans across the country bemoaned the length of the postgame ceremony on Sportsnet featuring close to 200 Oilers alumni but those viewers had the option to change the channel at anytime.  Enough with the whining!  The ceremony was for the team and us long-time Oilers observers/fans. ... 5) The 16,839 fans in attendance had to have left the facility teary-eyed, but hopeful better days are ahead since the club finally didn't let them down when it mattered the most. .... 6) However just because they're moving into the "finest hockey arena on the planet" (as tabbed by the Edmonton Sun's Terry Jones), it doesn't mean the Oilers won't be picking #1 again in 2017. ... 7) Jordan Eberle received a long, raucous ovation when he was introduced by Sportsnet's John Shannon after the game.  We still think of "Ebs" as a Pat, but he's spent much more time as an Oiler than he did as a Regina junior.  Methinks he won't be on the trading block anytime soon. ... 8) I was dismayed that former Hall of Fame Voice of the Oilers Rod Phillips wasn't brought in to call the game on 630 CHED just as Bob Cole was for Sportsnet.  However, I appeared to be the only one who was dismayed.  Time marches on I guess, and maybe it's time to move on.  Phillips hasn't called Oilers games for five seasons. ... 9) The Farewell ceremony and the Oilers' season-long celebration is a boon for the Roughriders who will be going through the exact same thing in 2016.  Surely the Roughriders will pick up some great ideas but the Oilers have set the bar very high.

2 - STADIUM ENVY:  It will be infinitely fascinating to watch the narrative out of Calgary over the next few years as they scramble to find the funds for their Calgary-NEXT project; the movement to construct new NHL and CFL facilities.  You have to know it's driving them bonkers that Saskatchewan and Edmonton are putting the finishing touches on the finest stadiums in the land while Calgary's facilities are fast becoming the oldest in their respective leagues.  Take for instance this excerpt from a story written on CHQR Radio's website, written by the Voice of the Stampeders Mark Stephen:

"When the Oilers open the new building in the fall, they will be doing the Calgary Flames a huge favour.  Once Calgarians take a peak at the new Edmonton building, a serious case of stadium envy will break out.

Differences associated with building Calgary NEXT will quickly disappear.  The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Group, politicians and other civic leader will hear a loud, clear message -- build the dang thing!  Somehow the current obstacles will disappear."

* I was flabbergasted when I read that.  Is Calgary expecting to raise a billion dollars with the snap of their fingers or the wave of a wand?  A mountain like that doesn't just melt away.  They'll be playing in the Saddledome and McMahon Stadium for years and years to come.

Sportsnet's Rich Sutter told the SportsCage that the Calgary Flames "got ahead of themselves" with regards to where they are as a team in 2015-16.  It seems they're doing the same thing with the arena project.

3 - ON ROUGHRIDERS:  Beginning this weekend the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be front-and-centre in CFL circles when they get the jump on everyone else by hosting their annual spring minicamp in Vero Beach, FL.  Details on the camp are minimal right now but I'm told there will be EIGHT quarterbacks participating.  The Riders really have no idea how many players will show up for the "Play-In" tryouts on Saturday.  Players are simply asked to show up with $100US and fill out a registration form.  If they're not invited over to the minicamp beginning Sunday, their money will be refunded.  It looks to me like it'll be a mad scramble Saturday morning and then once the minicamp begins, I'm not sure if the club will even be practicing with helmets.  No matter, Chris Jones will be able to tell very quickly who can play at this level and who can't.

It's all well and good to see who has the fastest 40 time or the most benchpress reps but it'll be in the minicamp itself where the Riders will discover who has the required heart and football intelligence.

The camp roster is also closely-guarded and at this point, we're not sure how many veterans will participate other than quarterbacks Darian Durant and Brett Smith.  Some vets have said over the past few weeks that the Rider brass had hinted that they'd be invited, but nothing was confirmed at the time.

Coverage of the minicamp will be vast as we'll be broadcasting the SportsCage on 620 CKRM Sunday at 2:00 pm live from Dodgertown followed by 4:00 pm shows on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be comprehensive coverage here on this blog as well as video livestreams on and coverage from all the Riders' various digital media platforms.

And the Floridians seem to be excited to welcome the Saskatchewan Roughriders to Vero Beach, FL even if they aren't sure what they're in for, or who exactly we are.

Take for example this headline (on the left) in the Treasure Coast Palm newspaper on Wednesday!

4 - FACE PALM:  One of the patrons on the 620 CKRM sponsors excursion to Las Vegas this week asked me if we'd have time to swing by Disneyworld in Orlando, FL while we're down there.  Another Rider fan said he'd be in the area and asked if he'd bump into me on the beach.

Uh, no!  I learned very quickly over the past couple of minicamps that these affairs are sun-up to sundown propositions.  For the coaches, they're working 16-18 hour days between organizing, coaching, evaluating and even more evaluating.  For us reporters at minicamp, it's covering the workouts, broadcasting our shows and then posting reports, interviews and photos.  Truthfully the only difference between a Florida minicamp and Rider training camp in Saskatoon is the glorious weather.  It's all business and the second it's over, we're gone.

5 - EVIL EMPIRE:  After spending much time examining the volatile blowback I received from Eskimo players Mike Reilly, Odell Willis, Nate Coehoorn and Calvin McCarty over my 2016 CFL West Division predictions, I've reached this conclusion:  the anger over losing Chris Jones and his coaching to Saskatchewan has been simmering since December and my prediction was enough to cause the Eskimos to blow their stack.  The tipping point.  I mean, how else would you explain such heated emotions over the near-meaningless prognostications from a simple play-by-play guy from a rival team?  It still doesn't make sense to me.  An Edmonton-area radio host went so far as to label me "The Donald Trump of the CFL"!  To that, I said "Thanks".

6 - THE GREATEST TEAM YOU NEVER KNEW:  We maintain the Saskatchewan Roughriders will surprise in 2016.  The biggest reason why they're under-the-radar right now is that most CFL fans are barely familiar with names like John Chiles, Jeremy Kelley, Shamawd Chambers, Andrew Jones, Greg Jones, Curtis Steele, Ed Gainey, Kendial Lawrence, Otha Foster and Curtis Steele.  But they're all mid-to-late 20-somethings on their second CFL contracts and are just approaching their prime.  The 2015 Roughriders were a collection of rookies and aging vets with barely any players in that "Sweet Spot" of their careers.  However that's the age of players you win with in the pros, whether it be NHL, CFL, NFL, etc.  Combined with the best, tightest, coaching staff in the CFL, look out for Canada's Team.

However another patron on the CKRM trip to Las Vegas posed this question to me this week:  "Why aren't the Riders willing to give Kory Sheets another shot because of his Achilles injury yet they're pinning all their hopes on Darian Durant who's coming back from the exact same problem?"  I don't know the answer to that, but it's something we can deliberate on Friday's SportsCage.

7 - I HOPE THIS ISN'T RIGHT:  Sportsnet's Arash Madani got a tip from inside a meeting room at the CFL's Congress meetings this week that the league "intentionally went quiet" this off-season.  Sort of an "under-the-radar" philosophy.  I have to ask whose idea this was?  What would the league sponsors think if this is in fact the case?  This is the kind of situation that makes me panic and gets my palms sweaty.  Who would condone such a strategy?  Oh well, all I can control is me and this blog will continue to keep cranking out the CFL coverage.

And I'll save the CFL a seat at my seminar about how to attract attention to your team, league, business or organization.  Details at

8 - OKAY BLUE JAYS:  The Toronto Blue Jays got a controversial split of their season-opening four game series in Tampa Bay this week and now get set to host the Boston Red Sox in their 2016 home-opener on Friday.  Toronto sportscaster Jim Lang told the SportsCage on Wednesday that Blue Jays Fever is at a pitch not even rivaled by their great teams of the early-90's.  TV ratings of the Jays' Opening Day win at Tampa Bay smashed those of Hockey Night In Canada for the first time ever.  Meanwhile, across town, fabled Toronto reporter Marty York Tweeted that the Toronto Blue Jays are "overrated".  Please discuss.

9 - GO PATS GO:  The Regina Pats are gearing up for their second round WHL Playoff series which begins Saturday in Red Deer.  It's the second time in history these two clubs have met in the postseason with the first being in 1997 when the Rebels upset the Pats in a five-game series.  What a tough pill that was to swallow!  A 43-win season fizzled into oblivion.  Rebels Assistant GM Shaun Sutter told the SportsCage on Wednesday that they'll "have their hands full" with the Pats in this one and I'm starting to think the Pats have a real shot at winning it.  Red Deer is hampered by injuries including first-round Arizona Coyotes prospect Connor Bleakley while Regina is healthy and playing their best hockey of the season.  Pats in seven?

By the way, regarding Lethbridge Hurricanes coach Brent Kisio not shaking hands with the Regina Pats staff after Round 1, I'm hoping Kisio was simply displaying his youth and the tradition slipped his mind.  However word's coming out now that Kisio shook John Paddock's hand, but not his assistants.

Still, shake hands guys.  It's not going to kill you.

10 - LEAVING LAS VEGAS:  I was excited to get back on the SportsCage on Wednesday and discuss the Blue Jays-Rays fiasco, the NHL playoff races and the Pats-Rebels series but it was awfully tough to leave Sin City on the very day they were holding the grand opening of T-Mobile Arena. The 31 degrees Celsius was glorious too. ... Unfortunately we weren't able to get a new arena tour because of the hubbub of the week so that will have to wait until our next visit. ... How ironic that they were opening the greatest facility on the continent in Las Vegas on the very day famed Northlands Coliseum was being closed down. ... It was a busy week in Las Vegas with plenty of meetings and they were fruitful.  I got to have a coffee at separate times with Rider Chairman Wayne Morsky, popular former Roughriders punter Eddie Johnson and Riders' Las Vegas-based scout Vic Poma. ... Eddie flew in from Newport Beach, CA for the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday at MGM Grand however he was able to find time for me.  He wants his fans to know that he's busy in front of the camera taking acting lessons and appearing in all kinds of commercials for such companies as Volkswagen, Just For Men and Verizon.  However he's quick to point out it's "acting" and not "modelling". ... A note for any Las Vegas travellers this spring and summer -- get on and book your shows early!  Jerry Seinfeld and Mike Tyson's shows were sold out days in advance so we had to settle for Rock of Ages at the Rio.  However that was a fantastic show, particularly if you're into 80's rock. ... And, finally, it truly is just a matter of time before Las Vegas is awarded an NHL expansion franchise.  The locals are talking like they have a team already.  After all, why would the NHL be ammending its Expansion Draft rules if they weren't planning on adding a team (or two)?  And as one local aptly pointed out as we were leaving Wednesday morning, "Vegas always gets what it wants".




Anonymous said...


I've been to CFL games in McMahon Stadium and NHL games in both The Saddledome and Northlands Coliseum/Skyreach Centre/Rexall Place. I really don't know why any of them would need to be replaced.
On the other hand, Taylor Field/Mosiac Stadium does need to disappear but I really don't know why that would make Calgary jealous. Are you upset that Winnipeg has a new stadium?
Maybe you're just stirring the pot again Rod.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't see new stadium or arena happening in Calgary any time soon. I've been to a game at the Saddledome recently and it seems to get the job done. I don't see why as a taxpayer in Calgary I should contribute big bucks for a new rink so the mega rich owners of the Flames can make more money. Especially for a team that has only made the playoffs once in the last 5-6 years.

Bettman coming into town a few months back and "deeming" the Saddledome unsatisfactory and telling us to build a new arena was a huge bad P.R. move. Don't try to tell us how to spend our money. Arrogant!

Anonymous said...

Re: the question on Kory Sheets not getting another look see after his Achilles injury while Darian is expected to return to form.

Simple answer. Kory Sheets in a running back and Darian Durant is a quarterback. Think about the why a Peyton Manning retires at age 39 and a Marshawn Lynch retires at 29. Apples and Oranges my friends.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

An Edmonton-area radio host went so far as to label me "The Donald Trump of the CFL"! To that, I said "Thanks".

RP, once again all you do is prove what a jerk you are !!!!!

You should be banned from having any thing to do with the riders or the cfl.You are an embarrassment !!!!!

Anonymous said...

To answer the question about Sheets' injury vs. Durant's injury, it really comes down to the difference between their positions.

A QB can make up for losing a step with shorter drops, better reads etc. Same goes for receivers, who can make up for losing speed with more precise routes.

A RB, once they lose a step, are not able to do anything to make up for it. The hole the Oline opens is only there for a fraction of a second. Thats it, that's all. If the RB can't make it there before it closes, it's gone. This is why you can count on one hand the number of RBs who were productive past age 30.

Sheets has had two achilles injuries, and is well past the RB expiration date of 30.

Anonymous said...


Because he has an opinion that is contradictory to those of Moes supporters?

You, my friend, are an embarrassment to the human race. Please stop immediately.

Anonymous said...

Rod might be like Trump.

He can tell the rest of Canada that the Riders being successful will make the CFL great again.

Anonymous said...

Durant will be lucky to last 5 games this season.

Anonymous said...

Let Rod be Donald Trump and with Mighty Merle passing away just after the Saskatchewan election we give thanks for his music. We are particularly thankful for his song Rainbow Stew which sums up our current times:

"Eatin' rainbow stew in a silver spoon,
Underneath that sky of blue.
All be drinkin' that free bubble up,
An' eatin' that rainbow stew." a few months we can play Merle's song Are the Good Times really over because reality check is a coming.

Anonymous said...

Todd Strueby was one of the MANY Oilers introduced. How many games did he play for Edmonton?

Anonymous said...

Are there Merle fans on here? The good times is right - from song

Before The Beatles and 'Yesterday'
When a man could still work, still would
The best of the free life behind us now
And are the good times really over for good?

when a man could still work, still would - go ask one of those schlubs in the oil patch to go flip a burger or work at Walmart or get a politician to tell him that. Not a chance they'd rather use our tax dollars to clean up their mess.

Anonymous said...

Strueby played five NHL games, all of them alongside names like Gretzky, Coffee, Anderson, Kurri. Was a black ace during the 83-84 Cup run.

Could you imagine playing for a team for five games over three seasons and being asked back to be part of one of their biggest celebrations in franchises existence. Pretty special.

But hey, you know more than us. After all you have the ability to post on a blog comments section.

Voice of reason

Anonymous said...

Kane-Toews, Crosby-Malkin, Getzlaf-Perry, Kopitar-Carter, Ovechkin-Backstrom, Benn-Seguin, Thorton-Pavelski, Bergeron-Kreijci ....... McDavid-Eberle

It's the reason the Oilers will never be great. They are content on making the playoffs and just being relative but have no actual designs of creating a team that can win a championship and build around an actual superstar.

Instead they will unload the malcontents that have no actual return value. Schultz, Yakupov, RNH. When they trade someone of value like Hall or Eberle i will be the first to say they are serious about building a winner.

Just for closure, none of those above pairings include the plethora of all-stars and depth at defence and goalie behind them which the Oilers have none.

Anonymous said...

the oilers are content just making the playoffs?
have not been there in 10 years, all you hockey savants need to take the jerseys off and go sit in a corner.

Anonymous said...

The Merle fan is Obama. No question.

Anonymous said...

Sheets is not healthy. I've heard he'd be lucky to pass a physical.

Anonymous said...

Roddy what happened to the photo of the Trump hat?

Tanner in Cgy

Rod Pedersen said...

Some didn't see the same humour in it that I did.

And they get off on bringing others down.

Sad people, but not worth fighting with at this time.

Anonymous said...

Would those be the same people that voted NDP in our provincial election. How did that work out for them.


Anonymous said...

Oh it was posted in humour like the pictures with Brad Wall and Stephen Harper? I get the joke it's be sad if you actually thought along the same lines as those people.

Anonymous said...

You should read it again. They are content building a team that simply makes the playoffs. They have no evidence to support they are willing to do what it takes to build a stanley cup contender.

You should go back to school, while we stand in the corner.

Jeff Maz said...

Exactly Rod. Anybody posting with "Anonymous" should have an asterisk and a turd above their comment anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

The rumor here in Calgary is that the city will make another run at the Olympics to necessitate a new arena and stadium. And would get federal and provincial dollars to help pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau and Cam Broten. Now that's funny!!

Anonymous said...

What a sad world we live in. As people we believe that we are protecting ourselves and others but really we are without a shadow of doubt becoming weaker.

A person can't wear a hat ... a hat! Or humorously be compared to won of the worlds most successful business men who is currently running to be president of the united states. An individual that will have the support and votes of millions of people. Personally, if I were Rod I would be insulted if someone compared me to the current president (or Canadian PM for that matter).

John Gibbons makes the dresses comment and the world explodes! I have a daughter, if that is the worst thing she hears or is compared to then she will live a glorious life.

You can raise your family however you want but keep inside your house. Me? I'm going to raise my kids to take on the world - and unfortunately it is a horrible place.

Put that picture back up Roddy!

Anonymous said...

I see Rod still doesn't know the difference between his right and his left. Another fine example of the Saskatchewan public school system.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad world with and it is now okay to openly hate one another without taking into account another's life story or path they are on. Is Justin Trudeau funny? I don't know if he is, I do know he has a mother that suffers from mental illness and his brother was killed in an accident. Yet he decides to enter the public domain and try to make the world a better place. Is Cam Broten funny? I don't know if he is, but I do know he is a young man with a family and he and his wife before the age of 40 know the horrors of having their child die. - So maybe these people are funny and that's the sense of humor that Rod speaks of that gets lost in all of this.

This blog is simply a mirrored reflection of what is in people's hearts. The power is there to moderate and keep it strictly to opinions on sports but somehow that doesn't happen.

It's very in style to be mean now.

Anonymous said...

All you hipsters think Justin is the greatest cause he's one of you. Yet he's about to be exposed in the Panama papers scandal. But who am I kidding, you'll find some excuse to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau is a funny person - his mother has severe mental illness and his brother died in an accident. - I can see why you'd think he's a joke.

Cam Broten is a young guy with a family. He's not even 40, but he and his wife know the horrors of losing a young child. - I can see why you'd think he's a joke.

Anonymous said...

To RP,

There are about 50% of your readers that are not with you every time you go political Rod, not sure why you keep choosing to go down a losing path. Yes it is your site, but it is always disappointing every time you venture into politics (you are simply not on the path of most Canadians).

I'm reading along, enjoying the banter, especially about football and the Riders, then suddenly you talk about Donald Trump and that you are somehow okay to be associated with him or to emulate him. In the US he is not only representing the right wing Republicans, but he is part of the fanatical far right, the tea party hard core haters that hate all who is not conservative (or white for that matter). That is the guy you are okay with?

Oh yeah, I forgot you also supported throwing street people on a bus... Yeah, I guess you are a far right wing tea party like Trump figure - I just wouldn't be so proud. A majority of us think Trump is an idiotic clown.

Anonymous said...

I believe the only embarrassment on here is the Anon poster who reads this blog then calls the Blog owner an embarrassment.

Reginald of Regina

Rod Pedersen said...

To quote John Gibbons, "people need to lighten up".

Anonymous said...

These are probably the same people who flipped out over your CFL predictions.

They're not entertaining or intelligent, just self righteous, annoying and a waste of space.

I really don't understand why you post their comments, but I won't tell you how to do your job either.

Anonymous said...


To the guy that made the comment about Rod aligning himself with the "losing path"...

You did hear the election results on Monday, right?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the lefties don't understand?

If you don't support the large oil companies with tax breaks and incentives, then they will not be there for you. Even if they are making enormous profits, even if their oil executives make millions each year and never give back to the community, that's none of our business, we have to look up to those people as they give us the jobs.

By continuing to give them tax breaks, the jobs will be there for us, even in hard times.... wait a minute... we are in hard times now... wait a minute... why are the oil companies not there for us now? What gives?

And now that I think about it, how do citizens in oil rich countries like Norway seem to be doing okay, ... I heard they actually put money away for a rainy day and invested in our citizens instead of simply giving all the profits to the oil companies... wait a minute... Could we have done things wrong here in the prairies? Could this be?

Where are those companies now? I guess they simply cut and ran with all the profits? Maybe the lefties are onto something???

Anonymous said...

If I were Donald Trump I would feel insulted.

Anonymous said...

Take my advice, post your thoughts and ignore the other comments. Spend your time saved with a good book or magazine.

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau being interview and asked tough questions...

Interviewer: How can you justify enhancing EI benefits for people in this country except the hardest hit region of Edmonton?

Justin: Well that's a good question, a tough question, a fair question......ummmmm..........ahhhhhhhhh...........ummmmmmmm............SELFIE TIME........WHO WANTS A SELFIE WITH THE PM............SELFIES..........I LOVE SELFIES......sorry, what was the question?

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau

The man who promised a 10 billion dollar deficit, and two months later it's 33 billion...and were not in a recession, not even close. Shake my head. He's making Harper look like a genius.

GST hike inside two years......BOOK IT.

Anonymous said...

"simple play-by-play guy" working irelevant am radio, emphasis on the word simple.

Anonymous said...

Of more concern is the looming provincial deficit and the borrowed and owed money on the PPPs. This may have an impact on the provincial credit rating. How will this affect the stadium loan guarantees, provincial sponsorship, and city of Regina tax load. If fewer municipal dollars are available does the city need to borrow from the falling provincial credit base? The stadium infrastructure and timeline may be exceptional but the finances may be turn into a mess that no sunny ways or grow Saskatchewan propaganda will fix. A true embarrassment would be a completed stadium that is in receivership and chained shut due to oil going south with the dollar. There was never any fiscal stability talk regarding a low dollar and falling resource prices during the stadium planning phase. Kinda reminds you of the don't say whoa in a mud hole days. And for the right wingers how did that work out for the province?

Anonymous said...

Just imagine what would have happened with an NDP government at the helm. Just close up shop like they did with the rural hospitals


Rod Pedersen said...

Just posted to show people what I have to deal with.


Anonymous said...

Ok, but then why force the useful people to read them?

Shared pain is not always a good thing lol

Why not read enough to figure out they're an idiot and delete them.

You can keep a score board on each section that tracks how many idiot comments have been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Calgary will get their new arena at some point, probably in 8 to 10 years and yes it could be in conjunction with an Olympic bid to help it out. But I can really see Calgary building a new arena and dumping the football stadium idea in order to get the new arena. The Flames are more important to most Calgarians than the Stumps.

And yes there will be envy due to Edmonton's new hockey palace, it is just that natural rivalry between the two Alberta cities. It is a hockey city first and the new arena would mean more to the city than a new football stadium. There is no threat of a CFL team leaving its city but the Flames could hold the city ransom by saying they cant afford to stay and could move to maybe another American city. The Oilers were almost to that stage until they announce the new arena.

The Saddledome is almost 35 years old and they soon will have the oldest arena if you don't count MSG and its billion dollar renos and the Joe in Detroit which is being replaced in a couple years.

Anonymous said...

Effin NDPers

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Rod...'just showing people what you have to deal with', get over it because when you want to stir the pot this is what you get bud. You seem to know everything and talk about Edmonton teams quite often on here and expect nobody to defend them and when we do we are called trolls. If your supposed to just be a rider guy then just stick to the riders instead of opening your mouth with such unimformed garbage. Must be bored of talking about your 3 and 15 season or your big 4 grey cups...but yet the riders are the CFL, what a joke the riders were and still will be.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon... You know the troll from Edmonton. Yes when you troll other teams blogs you get what you deserve. I've read the Eskimos blog a few times. It's so outdated with stories on the front page of articles still from 2013 and before. No one posts on there because it's so outdated. Maybe try and keep your own blog current instead of ranting on here.
If the blog owner can't make a prediction without all of you losers getting upset. Than you better check your insecurities bud!
The EE 2 years ago was a 4-14 team. This is the 1st grey cup they have won in ten years. In that same time the Riders have won 2 grey cups with 4 appearances.
Dint talk about crap from your great grandpappys era. All we care about is what's happening in the last decade and moving forward.
When the Eskimos hit the field with a whole new coaching staff and an abundance of staring players that left. They will be scrambling.
This is the same crap you and you Smos buddies dished out to SK after the 2013 Grey Cup. Not to mention the years of mentioning how Saskatchewanites left for Alberta to live and work. Well now the tables have turned. How many people are unemployed and leaving Alberta for greener pastures. Your economy has crashed and your neighbors are afraid of what's going to happen. I could get real mean here and write the same crap that all you Albertans wrote for years. However I'm not going too. It's unfortunate and sad watching families lose their vehicles and their houses. We actually have compassion here in this Province for those who are going through that.
So why don't you learn from this and show some humility you sac of brown potatoes.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Hey bud why dont you look at the updated Eskimos blog that I am on daily that is up to I said, you rider fans and media should quit opening your mouths up until your informed enough to do so. You want to bring our 4 and 14 season up, I guess you would seeing we dont do that very often. How is the past of your team, not good and that is fact.

Anonymous said...

One CFL Podcaster named Tony (r o u g e) referred to Rod as a Chicken Shit haha

Anonymous said...

Also why is it only alright to talk about the last 10 years…history is history bud, just because the riders have only fit in with the rest of the league in the past ten years doesn't mean the other past/history of the league doesn't matter because it does and by the way so you know…since 2005 we both have two grey cups so that is an even deal but I can tell you prior years to that you don't even come close. One other thing is I am talking about football not politics of what provinces are suffering right now…which isn't effecting me but don't like seeing fellow people go through this no matter what part of Canada you are from.

Anonymous said...

What's this about Scruffy's enema?

Anonymous said...

Hey Shmos fans,

Thanks for coming out to Rods blog. Enjoy Notley lol lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

Ya Notley is an absolute disaster over there