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Thursday, April 28, 2016


This is the Farewell Season for Mosaic Stadium, however parts of this historic stadium will live on for years and witness many more memories in eight locations across Saskatchewan.

In 2012, the Grey Cup Legacy Project was created to upgrade Mosaic Stadium facilities in preparation to host the historic 101st Grey Cup game. Mosaic Stadium underwent a $15 million project including an expansion to its seating capacity in both the north and south end zones as well as two new video boards.  Funding for this project came from the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club with the support of the Province of Saskatchewan through a $6.2 million loan. The Grey Cup Legacy Project expanded the capacity of Mosaic Stadium to over 33,000.

The seats have served Mosaic Stadium and Rider fans very well and will be the witness to Mosaic Stadium’s historic Farewell Season. In 2017, the Roughriders will move into new Mosaic Stadium. At that time, the seats and structure in both end zones will be dismantled and donated to the following communities and organizations based on their successful applications as part of the Grey Cup Legacy Project.

Saskatoon (Friends of the Gordie Howe Bowl Foundation) – All of Mosaic Stadium south end zone seats, suites and concourse which will be divided on both the east and west sides of SMF Field on the grounds of Gordie Howe Sports Complex.

Naicam (Naicam School) – Seats for multipurpose field.

Swift Current (Chinook School Division/City of Swift Current) – Expansion of current seats and addition to the track on their multipurpose outdoor field.

Kamsack (Town of Kamsack) – Seats for the improvement of current facilities within the Kamsack Sports grounds

LaFleche (LaFleche and District Recreation Board) –Seats for indoor viewing at their pool as well as their baseball facility

Saskatoon (Saskatoon Soccer Centre Inc.) – Seats for multiple outdoor facilities.

Grenfell (Town of Grenfell) – Seats for their baseball/softball grounds.

Montmarte (Montmarte Arena Board) – Seats for the town hockey arena.

“In 2012 we put together a plan to increase the capacity of Mosaic Stadium and provide additional amenities to help prepare for hosting the 2013 Grey Cup game.”  Craig Reynolds, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders continues, “We were able to install 7,000 new seats, new concourse space and 28 suites, with a goal of giving back and creating a legacy from the Grey Cup by donating these seats to amateur sports facilities across the province in 2017.  Today marks the successful completion of our Grey Cup Legacy Project.  We are thrilled to announce that seats and suites will be donated to eight different amateur sports organizations across the province.”

The final chapter will see the seats in their new homes, bearing witness to new memories, and helping enrich these communities through sports and recreation. The Saskatchewan Roughriders will continue to track their journey as the seats make their way to completing these outstanding community projects.

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Great program. Nice work Riders.