Realty One

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


RED DEER - The Red Deer Rebels advanced to the WHL's East Conference final with a 2-1 victory over the Regina Pats Tuesday evening in Game 7 of their second round WHL series.  It was a heart-breaking defeat for the Pats, who came up just short in their bid for a berth in the Conference final for the first time since 1993.

Tuesday's deciding game was nailbitingly-close, tied 0-0 after the opening period and 1-1 after 40 minutes. Red Deer's Adam Helewka and Regina's Adam Brooks each scored in the middle frame but it was Adam Musil's even-strength goal at 12:46 of the third which stood up as the game-winner.  The Pats lost sight of a loose puck at the side of their net and Musil drove it home to clinch the win.

It was a tentative first period by both teams with the Rebels outshooting the Pats 12-7.  Regina weathered the storm and outshot Red Deer 11-10 in the middle frame and 15-4 in the third but couldn't get enough pucks past Rebels goalie Rylan Toth to turn the tide.  Tyler Brown took the loss in the Regina net, making 24 saves.

The Pats outshot the Rebels 33-26 overall while going 0/2 on the powerplay and 2/3 on the penalty kill.  The attendance was 6264.

Red Deer now moves on to face the Brandon Wheat Kings in the Conference final beginning Friday night in Westman Communications Group Place.

For the Pats, the loss was obviously a bitter pill to swallow but it capped a remarkable season for the third-youngest team in the WHL.  The meat of the team is made up in the 17- and 18-year old age groups and they've gained valuable playoff experience the past two seasons.  The future is incredibly bright but it won't include graduating 20-year olds Colby Williams, Cole Sanford and Aaron Macklin who gave their all in Tuesday's Game 7.

All in all, these remain great times to be a Regina Pats fan.



VICTORIA - Calvin Thurkauf scored 5:56 into overtime as the Kelowna Rockets rallied for a 3-2 win over the Victoria Royals on Tuesday in Game 7 of their Western Hockey League playoff series.

Justin Kirkland scored twice for Kelowna, including the tying goal with one second left in the third period.

Tyler Soy and Alex Forsberg scored first-period goals for the Royals.

Rockets goaltender Michael Herringer made 28 saves as his team advanced to Western Conference championship against the Seattle Thunderbirds.

Victoria's Coleman Vollrath stopped 22 shots in defeat.

Kelowna was 0 for 4 on the power play while the Royals scored once on three chances with the man advantage.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Great effort next season will be amazing

Anonymous said...

What a way to lose, but the Pats can be proud. They are 3rd youngest team in the entire WHL and the future is very good for this team.

Anonymous said...

The team will be very hungry for a longer run in 2017!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic game and great call on Access 7 Roddy. Tough way to lose, but nothing to be ashamed of. It looks at though this team will be a serious contender next year. Should only get better.

Aaron Anderson

Anonymous said...

If we can keep most of these guys for next season, it should be a fun one!

Anonymous said...

Faceoffs were the deciding factor in this game. I would love to see the stats for faceoffs won/lost. In such a tight game, puck possession is everything and when you can't win a faceoff your chasing from the start.

Dick Rubnutz said...

Great series, great season. Can't wait for next year. Get your tickets early folks

Anonymous said...

There were reasons we lost but for the most part the effort was ok. The future in junior hockey is now. You only have a couple of year window to build something. It's just another disappointing second round loss. Because it lasted seven games really doesn't mean much. You need to get good enough to go the distance. Some of the guys here shouldn't be back. We still need upgrades in some areas. The four teams remaining are the four best. If we want to get into the final four, we need to get better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous about the reasons... Clearly unknowlegable about hockey playoffs and your negativity is awful. We were 3rd youngest... And came out in the third period of game 7 and dominated. Game 7s in all hockey end poorly. Why not give these guys some credit. This team is going to be a powerhouse over the next 2 seasons.
I remember I was at a game in the first few weeks our power play had 2 rookies and a 17 year old. Steel zablocki ans lysychn. We looked very young and not ready. 78 games later these guys were the real deal, even Steels game has came along way last 10 games.
Great season guys. Can't wait for September!!!! Thanks Rod, can't wait for riders!

Anonymous said...

To the Anon stating we need to get better. Way to state the obvious. FYI this young team wasn't even suppose to get this far. To take Red deer to a game 7 and lose it in the fashion they did with a 2-1 score. Proves this orginization and team is on the right track. The Pats haven't taken a team to a game 7 in the second round than since... Well a lot of their current fans were even born.
I for one can't wait to see where we go from here. There is a new found faith by most fans of the Pats. Any that know where this club has been the last 20 years. Way to go Pats and let's get even further next year.
Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The future is bright for this team for sure, and the fan base grew as the season progressed. With the proper marketing before next season we can expect better crowds from the beginning of the season. Plenty of interest in rural Saskatchewan as well as in Regina, looking forward to the next season. Congrats to these young men and and the coaching staff! You made us all proud!

Anonymous said...

The Pats played as well as they could. They were an 80 point team who overachieved in the playoffs. It still boils down to two second rounds losses in two years. Losing 4-1 or 4-3 doesn't make any difference. The Pats had a mediocre regular season that some of us sat through (not posters here) where they gave up more goals than they scored and had penalty issues all season. It cost again last night. They had less points than the year before. It cost again last night. They had a little playoff run and some people are making it sound as if it were a magical season. They have one or two seasons at tops to win something special. If they don't they are back to rebuild all over again. Mediocre players getting a year older doesn't make them elite. Most places want to be champions but it seems a bunch of non hockey fans are happy basking in the glory of going seven games with Red Deer. I don't think Victoria is too happy with that today.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say after the last year of Regina Pats hockey is Paddock and company have done more in two years than Daddy's boy did in his tenure. I'm surprised his two bit barbershops are still in operation.

Anonymous said...

It was a great year overall. Better team in the 7th game lost but that doesn't mean the better team lost the series. They were very close but Red Deer a little deeper. They should be as they mortgaged their future to buy this team they have. If I was Sutter I would be asking for my money back. Regina is in fine shape going forward. Pick up a couple good 20 yr olds. Make a couple adjustments and will be fine. If Brooks (if he comes back) Steel, Leschysyn, Zablocki, Cole, Wagner, for top forwards and Hobbs, Harrison, Freadrich, Barteaux, Hilsendsger on back end to start they will do just fine. Also 2 tenders that have shown they can be tops in the league.

william weppler said...

Was a great series and the Team took us for a ride we haven't been on for a few years, with the future looking very good based on current roster and who they will have for the next couple of years. As well we have some good young players who are going to be fighting for roster spots.

Congrats to the players, coaches and especially the new ownership group, who started with a plan and are sticking to it, ignoring the catcalls from those who think a winning team can be built in 2 years when they had to start from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Good step forward for this team. No arguing or denying that.

Problem with sport is there are no guarantees. The Pats have to replace Williams and Sanford and if Brooks cracks the AHL the whole dynamic of this team changes.

They are on the doorstep of going on a big run but a lot of things need to come into place. Brooks has to come back as a 20 and they need to add two more dynamic players. Veteran d-man and a veteran forward.

Should be fun!

Anonymous said...

At least we're on players radar. And thier agents. Players want to win. I hope Brooks comes back and Paddy has a couple years left coaching.

Darren Muller said...

Writing in from the city north of you where the team sporadically makes the playoffs, be proud of your team. I tuned in and listened on radio. By the way, great play by play!! You should be on Sportsnet!! The better team lost for sure. Next year looks good for you and congrats on a great year. Sometimes a tough loss makes you a better team next year. From a saskatoon guy