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Saturday, April 2, 2016


The Regina Pats erupted for four goals in the first period Friday night in Lethbridge and it was all the offense they'd need as they cruised to a 7-2 rout of the Hurricanes.  With the win, the Queen City Kids took the first round WHL series in five games.

Regina's Sam Steel and Lane Zablocki each scored twice in the first period, chasing Hurricanes starting goalie Stuart Skinner from the net.

Lethbridge captain Tyler Wong scored in the second period to cut Regina's lead to 4-1 after 40 minutes.

After the Canes' Giorgio Estephan scored to make it 4-2 early in the third, the Pats poured it on with three more goals off the stick of Austin Wagner, Adam Brooks (powerplay) and Cole Sanford (empty-net).  Sanford's goal came when Lethbridge coach Brent Kisio pulled his goalie with 8:00 remaining.

It was all part of a massive unravelling by Lethbridge in the third period, as Wong was given a five-minute major for charging and a 10-minute misconduct at the 7:11 mark.

Regina was 1/5 on the powerplay and 4/5 on the penalty kill as they wound up outshooting Lethbridge 35-25.  The Pats' Adam Brooks had a goal and two assists to give up 12 points in the series.

Tyler Brown made 23 saves in the Pats goal while the Hurricanes' Skinner and Jayden Sittler combined to make 28 saves.

Regina advances to the second round the WHL Playoffs for the second time in as many years and now await the winner of the Red Deer-Calgary series.




CALGARY - Trevor Martin made 30 saves as Red Deer blanked the Hitmen to take a commanding 3-1 series lead in its first-round playoff matchup.

Luke Philp opened the scoring in the first with Jake DeBrusk adding the other in the second for the Rebels.
Cody Porter kicked out 30-of-32 shots in defeat for Calgary.



PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - Tanner Jeannot and Dryden Hunt both struck twice and Zach Sawchenko stopped all 36 shots he faced as Moose Jaw shut out the Raiders to advance to the next round of the post-season.

Brett Howden added a power-play goal for the Warriors, who won the series 4-1.

Rylan Parenteau turned aside 26-of-31 shots for Prince Albert.



KELOWNA, B.C. - Rodney Southam scored a hat trick and Michael Herringer made 42 saves as the Rockets shut out Kamloops in Game 5 on their first-round WHL series.

Rourke Chartier added a power-play goal for Kelowna, which took a 3-2 advantage in the series.

Conor Ingram kicked out 24 shots in goal for the Blazers.


VICTORIA - Keanu Yamamoto had a short-handed goal and Kailer Yamamoto had a power-play goal as Spokane forced a Game 6 with a win over the Royals.

Curtis Miske and Jacob Cardiff also scored for the Chiefs, who trail 3-2 in the quarter-final series.

Jack Walker chipped in during the first period for Victoria.



Anonymous said...

I predicted it and was right! Now what does that prove?

Pearse Gribbon said...

How about the next round?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pats! Hopefully they can continue this run.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding series by the Pats. Tonight they showed the killer instinct that I thought was missing for part of the year. The return of Williams helps immensely, but the entire team is playing strong defensive hockey. The Rebels/Hitmen will be a tough match next round. Lets pack the Brandt Centre, tickets go on sale Monday. GO PATS GO!!

Anonymous said...

Suck it Wong, you didn't walk the talk and took a massive 5 minute head shot major penalty on Wagner in 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Pats on a great first round! I hope the Rebels can finish off the Hitmen on home ice! Would love to see a Pats/Rebels second round. It'll be a tougher series than round 1 but they can do it!


william weppler said...

A great way to end this series...with a dominating win in the Canes own barn! Well done Pats!

thestoneman said...

Both Wong and Kisio got what they deserve - what a pair of cry babies!!!

Don't forget your golf towel to wipe your tears away!!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI... Hurricanes coaching staff didn't have the balls to shake the Pats players and coaching staff hands after the game. Kisio you absolutely have no class. Game 2- I was convinced you would choke... Go Pats Go

Anonymous said...

Hobbs+Brooks+Brown+Steele = Memorial Cup 2016!

Anonymous said...

Where are all the people who said that pats woul get lit up by the Hurricanes? The Pat played one heck of a series. Red Deer will be tough though, the Pats have a shot though.


Anonymous said...

Watched the hi lights on and the Lethbridge announcer said that Wagner "sold" the hit from Wong after he scored. Not sure that you need to "sell" a headshot when A guy charges you from across the ice. Great series from the Pats, so well coached and prepared

Anonymous said...

Stay classy Regina! I agree that the hit by Wong was not a clean one, but do we really need to make comments on him now that the series if over. Wong had an exceptional year, but the Pats frustrated him in the playoffs. He is a 19 year old kid that made a desperation hit (late and poor choice) to try to keep his team in the game. From everything I hear, Wong is a hard working/classy player. Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Go Warriors Go!!

Anonymous said...

Good night Wong! You're a friggen joke buddy! Don't let the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out! Pats Rule!!! Can't wait to see them play in the next round! To moose jaw fans: I hope to see you guys in the 3rd round... we'll be there, now you guys gotta win too!!!

Anonymous said...

Red Deer will sweep the Patsies.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a solid impressively hard fought win. You just take it one game and period at a time.

Lethbridge had a good season but they weren't built for playoffs. They got schooled a little on how to win tough games, and should learn from this. It's unfortunate that their lack of success in the post season revealed a lack of class as an organization. In the second game of the series the PA announcer called out Brooks while receiving his 1st star award which was bush. All of the brilliant minds who wrote and posted about how the Pats were gone in 5, and how the Canes would fill the nets on them?? It was good fodder to post in the dressing room. They didn't respect the Pats and it's they who paid the price.

Then we have two of their players take head shots at out guys receiving majors, and somehow the moron broadcaster is trying to say Wagner "sold" it. When you leave your feet and target the head it's cut and dried.

I don't want to hear any love-in on Wong. Last season he was suspended twice by the WHL. First he got 3 games for a check to the head major, then he got 1 game for a slashing major. NOW this major!! I'm sure the league will kiss his butt though.

If it's true that Kisio and coaches would shake hands with Pats players and coaches, that seals it for me. It shows a pretty classless organization. These idiots have to understand that you need to know how lose with class before you can win with class. The Pats remained a classy organization if after all the stuff Lethbridge tried to inflict on them. Everything that goes around comes around. Anholt and Kisio will learn that.

The next series presumably against Red Deer will be very tough. A lot of people are writing us off on that one but then again they also did in this one. If they stick together and do exactly what they are coached to do, anything is possible. Discipline, defence, and timely scoring. Who can say?

Good job and go get em Pats!

Anonymous said...

should be a good series against Red Deer ! I don't know but I think the pats will want it more than Red deer because Red DEER knows their going to memorial cup anyways just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Pats WILL win their second round series against the Rebels as long as the players listen to the coaches. The Pats have the players to win and the coaching staff will draw up the proper game plan for victory. I gotta tell you the next handful of years for the Pats will be absolutely awesome! Go Pats Go.

Anonymous said...

No E on the end of Steel. You should know that by now. Tsk tsk....

Anonymous said...

Don't anyone ever tell us the Pats don't have a plan now and going forward. Red Deer should be very scared, Sutter knows he'll be in deep to beat the Pats.

Anonymous said...

Captains lead like that! C'mon. ..

Anonymous said...

I don't take Sutter as being scared of anything. Respecting another team is one thing but Sutter will have the Rebels amped and wanting to kick Regina's ass. Up to the team to prove him wrong.

Anonymous said...

You Pats fans are weak Brent Sutter will win this series it is brent sutter after all

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true....nobody wants to play the Pats right now. NOBODY!

Anonymous said...

Pats fans are not weak you piece of ? Exact opposite, we want a winner and have it, Red Deer has sold their soul this year and their devil (Sutter) knows it, Pats in 6

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah and on Monday the NDP gets obliterated too.

Anonymous said...

Pats in 5!

Riley B said...

I truly hope the Brandt Centre become thee toughest place to earn a victory in the western hockey league. get up and get loud pats fans!!! this is something we haven't seen in awhile. Thank you to Todd Lumbard and the boys for putting a CONTENDER on the ice and a true experience for fans in the stands. get the rally towels going!! GO PATS GO

Anonymous said...

It takes a whole team to win a memorial cup ding dong!!!

Anonymous said...

Brent Sutter is a complete joke. His legacy is on par with Mr. Magoo. Deaf, dumb and blind. No respect to that fool after his stay in calgary. The guy is lucky to be a clown at a 5 year old's birthday party.

Anonymous said...

The Brandt Centre needs to get way louder. I was just at the Rebels game in Red Deer. They had a pile of empty seats which was surprising but the fans were incredible and so much louder and enthusiastic! It was quite impressive. Let's raise the roof off the Brandt when the Rebels come to town! Going to be a great series! The Pats can take them!

Go Pats!