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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


TORONTO (April 26, 2016) – The Canadian Football League Scouting Bureau has released its third and final rankings of the top-20 eligible prospects for the 2016 CFL Canadian Draft that’s taking place on May 10, 2016.

April Scouting Bureau Ranking

1 David Onyemata DL Manitoba, Lagos, Nigeria
2 Tevaun Smith WR Iowa, Toronto, ON
3 Mehdi Abdesmad DL Boston College, Montreal, QC
4 Arjen Colquhoun DB Michigan St., Windsor, ON
5 Josiah St. John OL Oklahoma, Toronto, ON
6 Charles Vaillancourt OL Laval, Coaticook, QC
7 Alex Singleton LB Montana St., Thousand Oaks , CA
8 Trent Corney DL Virginia, Brockville, ON
9 Philippe Gagnon OL Laval, L’Ancienne-Lorette, QC
10 Brian Jones WR Acadia, Enfield, NS
11 Taylor Loffler DB UBC, Kelowna, B.C.
12 Juwan Brescacin WR Northern Illinois, Mississauga, ON
13 Mercer Timmins RB Calgary, Burlington, ON
14 Dillon Guy OL Buffalo, Hamilton, ON
15 Anthony Thompson DB Southern Illinois, Montreal, QC
16 Michael Couture OL Simon Fraser, Burnaby, BC
17 Jason Lauzon-Seguin OL Laval, Pointe-Claire, QC
18 Elie Bouka DB Calgary, Laval, QC
19 Llevi Noel WR, Windsor AKO Toronto, ON
20 Doug Corby WR Queen's, Burlington, ON


Anonymous said...

Is Scruffy stealing your material or vice-versa? Seems you two are "sharing" a lot of items these days.

Anonymous said...

University of Regina Football Cougars (Rams), fourteen coaches. Huh????

Anonymous said...

For being the football "factory" of Canada, it seems that Sask needs to step up their game. Not a single prospect in the Top 20?

Anonymous said...

Some years are better than others for different programs. Rams will be back soon

Anonymous said...

who said Sask was the football factory? Have they ever consistently produced top CFL prospects? They thrive at the depth level.

Bad beak. Your reaching pal.

Anonymous said...

I guess the trick is to pick someone that is good enough to make the team but not good enough to attract an NFL invite. I'd be tempted to trade the #1 pick for someone you need because the draft is a real crap shoot. Do you get a Brett Jones or a Shomari Williams?

Lyle Pederson said...

SK IS a football factory. (And hockey as well) Especially rural SK where tough kids with strong work ethic still survives. What has changed is college recruiting. It's now more like pro sports.