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Friday, April 15, 2016


Mike Reilly isn't content with winning just one Grey Cup title with the Edmonton Eskimos.

The veteran quarterback signed a two-year contract extension Thursday that keeps him in Edmonton through the 2018 season. And with his future now secured, Reilly said he can focus solely on preparing to help the Eskimos not only defending last year's title win over Ottawa but consistently contend for championships.

"We're not done,'' Reilly said during a conference call. "We won one Grey Cup but that was not our end-game goal, we want to build this team into something we can all be proud of and a team that's going to compete and be a challenger for that Grey Cup every single year.

"We're going to have our work cut out for us. There's been a lot of change around the league and every team has gotten better and if you want to repeat you can't stay the same. You've got to be a much better football team than you were the year before and that's our goal.''

And nowhere is change more evident than in Edmonton.

Shortly after players and coaches sipped champagne from the Grey Cup, head coach Chris Jones left to become the head coach/GM of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Edmonton GM Ed Hervey hired Jason Maas - a former Eskimos quarterback and the Redblacks' offensive co-ordinator - as Jones' replacement.

But Reilly feels the addition of Maas will help Edmonton maintain its edge in defending its title.

"With our coaching staff, they were not part of that Grey Cup championship team,'' he said. "They're going to have no problem being motivated and keeping us players motivated to try and go out and win another championship.

"What he (Maas) brings to the table offensively, I just think we're going to be a very explosive offence. I'm very excited for that opportunity to play for him.''

The six-foot-three, 230-pound Reilly began his CFL career in 2010 with the B.C. Lions and was dealt to Edmonton in January 2013 for the Eskimos' second-round picks in the '13 and '14 CFL drafts. Reilly's 2015 season began inauspiciously as he suffered a knee injury in the club's season-opening loss to Toronto at Fort McMurray, B.C.

The native of Kennewick, Wash., returned to Edmonton's lineup in time for its 16-7 Labour Day loss to Calgary. After becoming the starter again, Reilly led the Eskimos on a 10-game win streak to end the season, with the 31-year-old capping it all off by being named the Grey Cup MVP upon completing 21-of-35 passes for 269 yards and two TDs.

Reilly finished last season completing 214-of-329 passes (65.0 per cent) for 2,449 yards with 15 TDs and 10 interceptions. He ran for 324 yards on 66 carries (4.91-yard average) with two TDs.

Reilly has completed 807-of-1,287 passes (62.7 per cent) for 9,983 yards with 56 touchdowns and 39 interceptions since joining the Eskimos. He's also run 229 times for 1,649 yards (7.7-yard average) with 11 touchdowns and 11 fumbles.

Over his CFL career, Reilly has completed 860-of-1,364 passes (63 per cent) for 10,677 yards with 59 TDs and 41 interceptions. He has also accumulated 1,771 yards rushing on 263 carries (6.7-yard average) with 13 touchdowns.

Reilly said it was an easy decision to re-sign with Edmonton. A big part of that, he added, was his relationship with Hervey.

"From the first conversation I had with Ed, I knew he was the guy I wanted to play for,'' Reilly said. "I do feel I have a great relationship with him and I think it stems just from the respect that I have for him and I believe he has for me.''

Reilly said Hervey's patience and vision were clearly evident in 2013 when the Eskimos struggled through a dismal 4-14 campaign.

"There were a lot more downs than ups, and I have to credit Ed as really being that rock,'' Reilly said. "Going through that tough time and just seeing him being an even-keeled presence and saying, 'Keep believing, we're building the foundation properly. Just keep doing the right things and it's going to pay off.'

"That's what you want to see from your leader.''

(Canadian Press)


Christopher Evans said...

A no-brainer for the Esks! Good to see him extended... I sure like to watch him play! Tough as nails!

Anonymous said...

The best QB in the CFL Mike Reilly signs contract extension with the 2015 and 2016 Grey Cup Champs The Edmonton Eskimos

Anonymous said...

Mike and Rod - two fellows who are living the Life of Reilly!

Anonymous said...

Mike Reilly is the best QB in the CFL bar none!

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know he was that old. Risky move by the esks for sure.

Anonymous said...

Risky move by the Esks, what a dumb comment period seeing your riders are paying a 33 year old 450 thousand after being hurt for two years. Reilly is called 'the warrior' for reason bud and is a franchise qb in the CFL, very happy he is in the green and gold. The really funny thing is that the riders have no qb with cfl experience if and when Durant goes down again.

Anonymous said...

Reilly is a band aid. He'll be lucky to make it through the year.

Anonymous said...

Reilly is a band, once again uninformed dumb comment…let's make this simple for you understand…Mike Reilly is has played in a total of 45 games out of a possible 54 in the past 3 seasons which is an average of 3 per season and Darian Durant has played in 29 out of 54 in the past 3 seasons which is an average of just over 8 per season…quite a difference and Darian Durant wins the gold band aid award. What qb you guys going to use when useless durant gets hurt…oh you don't have a qualified back up again this season, have fun with that.

Anonymous said...

Reilly misses the first 9 games of last year and was lucky enough to have a replacement that could win games.
Reilly misses at least a third of a season every year. He is BUCK PIERCE 2.0 The only difference is Buck never had a chance to start for a championship well coached team. As well as great players all around him.
The Eskimos will slip big time this year

Reginald of Regina

Dean said...

Up until that terrible day on Banjo bowl DD was the most durable QB in the league. I never worried about him getting hurt. The man just always got up. If he did get hurt it was the odd game.

So things can change in the blink of the eye.

The EE now pays its QB top dollar now leaving less for other players. Its the price you pay to keep your all star QB.

Time will only tell what will happen now. Honestly I can see Reilly getting hurt a lot. He does run a lot and takes some hits. I'm banking on his weak ankle. Happens to him every season.

Anonymous said...

The bigger issue isn't Reilly's durability, but how poorly Edmonton has managed their salary cap. They have given big contracts to both Reilly and Bowman this year, taking up significant cap space in two players.

Smart move on a 46 man roster? Not really. The only worse move was Winnipeg dropping $175k on an American kicker.

A 31 year old QB and his pet receiver, who has only ever played well when with that QB, taking up that much cap space? Stupid. Really stupid.

Oh, and Durant's contract is performance based. He only gets $450k if he plays all 18 games. His base salary is right around $200k. Of course if you did research instead of shooting your mouth off you would know that, but I assume knowledge isn't your strong suit.

Too much negative change in Edmonton this year. Rookie HC, with a mostly new coaching staff,multiple starters gone and now a poorly managed salary cap and it's corresponding lack of roster depth will mean a long fall in Edmonton.

And you won't even have your EI cheques by then either lol

Anonymous said...

You konw not what you talk about sask Corn Cob as your halatosis breath exspells around your one tooth.

Anonymous said...

Reilly wins 4 games in 2013. I cant remember a season where Darian Durant only won 4 games. In 2013 it was all Darian that got the Riders to the Grey Cup. Last year 50% of the season Reilly was on the injury list. Darian has had 1 football injury in the last 2 years. He had his team a 8-2 when he was hit in the Banjo Bowl and tearing the muscles. Last years injury was not a football injury and was a freak injury. Darian will have no problem coming back from that. Hell Coby Bryant came back from the same injury. You have to plant, stop and go a hell of a lot more in Basketball then a QB in football.
Im curious as to why Eskimo fans chose to come on a Saskatchewan Sports blog. You couldnt even support your own Edmonton Rush and lost them to Saskatoon. The Oilers suck beyond sucking. You Smos fans are like a virus. All you do is try and spread disease where ever you go.

Anonymous said...

Jones is the master.

Those idiots in Edmonton sign Mike "Bandaid" Rielly to big money the moment Jones leaves, leaving less for other players. We seen that song here in Saskatchewan.

Jones comes to Sask and gets Doubles to take a pay cut.

Game, set,match, Chris Jones.

Anonymous said...

Hervey is the Grey Cup master.

Those Corn Cob Idiots Taman/O'Day/Hopson in saskatchewan sign assumed starting qb "Ole Rip Torn" to big money (500-750k per annum) for not playing nearly two seasons leaving less money for other's and ensuing releases of valuble team assets. Ole Rip Torn not worth 175.k per year period. Jones should cut both O'Day (just for being party to insane waste of mismanagement) and Ole Rip Torn and chalk it up to inherited loss moving forward.

Anonymous said...

As a rider fan, I like our QB but I'll be the first to admit Reilly is a hell of a quarterback. Edmonton has a good one there.

Anonymous said...

You guys have durant for the same money…like take a look at more then a one way street and also durant wasn't the reason for your 2013 situation because it was your grey cup mvp that deserves all that recognition through the season and playoffs…all durant would do is dump a 2 yard pass off to a guy named Kory Sheets and he would do the work so get your facts straight. Durant is also the band aid…Reilly has not missed more then half a season in any year unlike durant being only accountable for playing in just over 50% of his games in the last 3 years and its going to be funny seeing all the riders fans excuses for this horrible season they are about to see.

Anonymous said...

You see how an Edmontonoion reacts to real stats and facts. They start name calling a Province of people corn cobs with one tooth. I cant understand why an Albertan who lives in a province full of Cattle Farms and Pig Farms would chose to call others names.
I would suggest that since the oil market has all but dried up. The single Ladies of Alberta will be leaving searching for Men that can support them. Either to BC or SK. So all you disrespectful EE fans will soon be getting real close with all those Alberta heifers and sows. So dont be throwing stones in glass houses

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the shmo on here taking it, hook, line and sinker!

Anonymous said...

Why do people say Darian has been hurt for 2 years???
Durant played in 2014 and the Riders were 8 wins 2 loses when Darian went down. So Darian missed 8 games in 2014. Less games than Reilly in 2015.
Darian in 2015 was an unfortunate situation. However he was not out with a football injury. Durant will be back and have his team competing each and every game.

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant won the 2013 Semi final game against the BC lions in the 4th QTR. Our so called Grey Cup MVP was shut down by BC's defence. Darian put the whole team on his sholders and ran for 100 yards. So nice try EE no mind fan. Why dont you shuffle off back to the land of poor oil prices and unemployment

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ed Hervey hire Kavis "Consequences" Reed as his first HC ?

What a genius move that was.

Your argument is now invalid.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Great news sk praire corn cobs, your favorite team will be back this year wearing their famous familiar Royal Blue uniforms. Happy happy happy.

Anonymous said...

I'm banking, laughing actually all the way to the same bank as you as Durant doesn't even have to take hits on his very weak fragile ankle/elbow etc etc. Happens to him every season past two years and the future.

Anonymous said...

Schmos fans on a Roder blog. Buff said.

Anonymous said...

It's embarrassing enough to come here to get rider gossip and news. It is beyond sanity for non rider fans to engage this forum. There is no info for you here. You would be better off teasing Rottweilers.

Anonymous said...

Nice try cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton has tonnes of cap space left ,not sure where u sliders fans are coming from were not over paying for a coach to do 4 jobs at 800,000 per year even tho I know coaches salary don't count against the cap plus your paying chambers 170,000 per year and has never had more than 496 yards in a season Plus your paying capricotti 220,000 a year that is only 2 of many players you Overpaid to come here it is the ONLY way players will come here to be with last place team just like traitor Jones he fleeced you guys and is laughing about how crazy whinerville is

Anonymous said...

Nice made up numbers.

Two questions,
1) why are you on here. Seriously

2) do you or any of your bankrupt friends that were living beyond your means when oil crashed have any good deals on luxury vehicles...I can pay cash.

Anonymous said...

Shows how dumb you rider fans are and ignorant comments…football has nothing to do with peoples well being and you people would be that type to laugh or poke at someone struggling and you should realize this has effected oil workers in sask as well morons its not just Alberta. Now on to the real subject which is football…all I can say is your bringing your best against Edmonton this year won't be enough, so bring it on riders any day and any time…we are waiting to put you back in your holes with your stupid gopher…Jones may need to stop eating cheeseburgers for a while to help fit into the hole to join the rest of you.

Anonymous said...

You a$$holes from Alberta have brought this all on yourselves with your arrogance and stupidity.

You have no argument with either economics or football.

I will now prove that I'm better than you by waiting for the season and not shooting my mouth off like some low rent Nostrodamus wannabe. We'll see what happens on the field.

Anonymous said...

Hey SCMO fan... Your eatin the same crap that you guys dished out the last 10 years. Remember all the comments that SK people had to move to Alberta to work. That the only reason your poor attendance was jacked each Rider game was because Rider fans lived in Calgary and Alberta. That SK is a nothing this and blah, blah, blah.
Well guess what... When you throw crap and it dosent stick. Eventually it gets thrown right back.
You guys can wallow in your NDP Government with your bankrupt future. While SK grows and all the unemployed Albertan's move here.
Also your numbers are so messed up with Head Coach & GM Jones. As well as Chambers Capricotti. You pulled numbers out of the air. The Riders didnt pay anywhere near those numbers. Especially the 800K for Jones. That is a laugh. In fact its costing the Riders less to have 1 guy be all the positions Jones has. Then to hire 2 or 3 people. So I agree with the others. Stay in your poor house Province that never put away a dollar for the hard times. Never mind SK having to do telethons in the hard times to keep the Riders alive. You guys will be doing telethons to raise money for your citizens just to pay their utility bills.
So just go away and you wont have to eat all of the insults that you more than deserve.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Didn't the NDP in Alta cause the oil slump?

Anonymous said...

We have had the best average attendance for many years and wasn't because of rider fans…it was because of guys such as Gizmo Williams and so on. Yes we will see what happens so don't cry to hard in the end. Sask have the same problem alberta is right now with the oil work and Alberta will survive in the end.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is really all you have to look forward to is survival.


Anonymous said...

SK's involvement in oil is a fraction of what Alberta jumped into. Fortunately SK has many other resources like Potash, Diamonds and wheat just to name a few.
The small sector of SK citizens employed in oil have many other areas they can work in to feed their family. SK's economy is just fine!
Unlike Alberta who jumped into oil with both feet and have lived way above their mean for so long they havent put away any money for times like this. No PST because they were so oil rich. Watch the NDP start to tax everything in that Province in order not to bring in a Provincal sales tax on purchases.
Someone said earlier that Alberta fans rubbed it into SK face about telethons to keep the Riders alive in hard times. Now its time the NDP start having Provincal Telethons in order to keep the lights on.