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Friday, April 8, 2016


TORONTO - The CFL's board of governors voted Thursday to expand video review for the upcoming season.

It's one of 10 rule changes proposed by the CFL's rules committee that the league's board of governors adopted. The board decided further analysis was needed regarding how far downfield offensive linemen could block on a pass play and the recommendation will be reconsidered next year.

The CFL will add a video official in the command centre to address obvious errors not covered by replay challenges. One example would be when both the offence and defence jump into the neutral zone before the snap, the replay official could examine the play and communicate to the referee which team jumped first.

According to the CFL, the video official would be a first in North American pro sports.

Two years after allowing CFL coaches to challenge defensive pass interference, the league has deemed offensive pass interference, illegal contact and illegal interference on pass plays as reviewable offences.

Penalties reviewable by a coach's challenge will also include no yards, called illegal blocks on kick plays, roughing the passer or kicker and illegal interference at the point of reception on kickoff attempts.

(The Canadian Press)