Realty One

Friday, April 29, 2016


West Palm Beach, FL – Exactly one month before the first day of the 2016 training camp, Alouettes players and coaches took part in the last practice of the 2016 minicamp on Friday, at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, FL.

For most players, it represented their last chance to make a good impression on the coaching staff and scouts, but for everyone it was a last opportunity to practice the new plays they were just presented before the start of training camp.

One thing that is certain is that although everyone is fighting for a spot on the roster, all the players on site were willing and able to help one another. Veterans were seen helping the younger players, while receivers were congratulating defensive backs who prevented them from making a play. And vice-versa.

"We could definitely feel the camaraderie out on the field during mini-camp. Even if a lot of players are fighting for a spot on the roster, everyone here was willing to help their teammates so that they could all get better. That is a promising sign as the season approaches," said Alouettes General Manager and Head Coach, Jim Popp.

Nice Plays
During this last day, the hottest of all three, a few players were able to stand out during drills, including quarterback, Rakeem Cato, who completed a nice 30-yard pass to Duron Carter early on.

On the defensive side, Billy Parker intercepted Kevin Glenn's first pass attempt during the skelly competition.

Next Steps
During the next few days, members of the football operations staff will continue to get ready for the upcoming CFL Canadian Draft on May 10th. Training camp will open on May 29, at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, QC.


Anonymous said...

This could be the year when Kevin Glenn takes home the Grey Cup! Just watch and see folks, Als are loaded with experience and will dominate the CFL in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Sooo, did Kory Sheets show up.

Rod Pedersen said...

The Alouettes have not mentioned him in any of their reports.

Anonymous said...

Riders are Canada's team and now Canada's sports blog fans from every CFL team now make regular appearances. Welcome to Rider Nation

Anonymous said...

The AL's are old and over the hill. They are over 50% patch work of other teams cast offs. Other than Carter they have nothing!

Anonymous said...

Just like the 2015 Riders were going to be 11-7 lol

The crack must be great wherever you're from.

A guy in Lower Canada

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn was intercepted.
Is this the type of consistency expected from vets?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn looking young as ever.