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Monday, April 25, 2016


TORONTO - There were no violations of the CFL's salary cap in 2015, the league announced Tuesday.

"This demonstrates that the salary management system that was implemented in 2007 is working, and that teams are adhering to the system that's designed to preserving competitive balance, as well as cost certainty in the Canadian Football League,'' CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge said in a statement.

The 2015 salary cap was $5.05 million. It increases to $5.1 for the upcoming season.

CFL clubs are audited twice annually - once during the season and then after its completion. Franchises also must provide regular updates on compensation levels after six, 12 and 18 games during the course of the year.

With no team exceeding the cap, the order for the CFL draft May 10 won't change. The Saskatchewan Roughriders continue to hold the first overall selection.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

So what happened to Jones and Murphys big stink that players saleries were to big and taking the riders over the cap

Just another bunch of BS by Jones and Murphy

Anonymous said...

You're lack of understanding of the situation is mind boggling.

A guy in Lower Canada

Anonymous said...

To anon #1.

I can't believe you and your kind. Did you enjoy being 3/15?

Anon #2

Anonymous said...

Anon #1

Guess you missed the fact the riders had to trade Glenn and Messam away for the sole purpose of saving cap money. And also a big reason why Brackenridge and George weren't supposed to play the final few weeks.

anything can make sense if you only listen to what you want to hear.

Anonymous said...

A #1 right on.
Jones and Murphy have screwed everything up that they have touched since coming to the riders !!!
They are a disaster !!!

Anonymous said...


The Riders will be a total disaster when they are no longer ran like a small town tractor dealership.

It looks like a disaster to you because you have no idea how a modern professional sports organization should be ran.

The days of the loveable losers are over. Get ready for an organization that will be competitive and profitable for a long time.

A guy in Lower Canada