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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Craig Reynolds
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have unveiled their 2017 ticket pricing and seating map for new Mosaic Stadium which will host the first Rider game in June of 2017.   In addition to ticket pricing, the Riders have also announced more details on their Season Ticket Holder Transition Plan, which will reseat over 24,000 current Season Ticket Holders into new Mosaic Stadium.  The transition process will begin in the coming months and is expected to take up to 12 months to complete.

Rider Season Ticket Holders in standard seating sections who take advantage of Early Bird payment discounts will see price points that range from $27 to $81 per game.  Single game tickets can be purchased at price points ranging from $32 to $98 per game. 

"This is an exciting time for our fans as we will shortly have an incredible new stadium that will soon be the envy of the league" said Roughriders President and CEO Craig Reynolds.  "We took a fair and balanced approach to pricing at new Mosaic Stadium including providing a number of price points and options which we feel will ensure capacity crowds will continue to provide us with the incredible home field advantage that our players feed off of. We feel with the exceptional experience and amenities that new Mosaic stadium will deliver, that the value for our fans will be second to none." 

Highlights of the new Mosaic Stadium pricing structure include:

· Standard seating single game adult tickets ranging from $32 - $98 per game
· Season ticket packages for a family of four (two adults and two youth) for less than $100/game
· Youth season tickets from $20.64 with Early Bird payment discount
· Adult Season Ticket packages from $27.52 -  $81.34 per game with early payment discount
· Tickets for some locations will drop in price by over 22%
· The lowest priced season ticket tier will decrease by 7% from current Mosaic Stadium
· Four of six Season Ticket pricing tiers will increase by 3% or less
· The highest priced (Tier 1) Season Ticket will see a 10% increase based on Early Bird pricing

The Roughriders will continue to be the only team in the league offering youth discounts in all seat sections.

Season Ticket Holders will receive pricing and reseat process information via mail and email in the coming days.  

Information on ticket pricing, reseating, stadium details and amenities will also be available at


Anonymous said...

Quote regarding parking at the new stadium

"The City of Regina has engaged a consultant to develop a traffic and parking plan for the new stadium. Information will be posted as it becomes available".

WOW..I would have thought that parking might have been a consideration before the decision to move to Exhibition grounds? Now they have determined they might need a consultant to develop a plan.

Stadium great..location not.

Anonymous said...

Truth is they have eliminated 2 sections of sideline rates, and increased ticket prices for Season tickets $200.00 per seat in each section on the side lines.

Truly hope they have a long term corporate support for those middle seats. They are going to look bad if they are empty in 2-3 years.

To me is visually looks like there is no room for my current red seats in this stadium. So I guess I will be moved to one of the corners or end zones.

I'll buy the first year, but it is going to hurt.

Tonald Drump said...

No mention of the stadium surcharge that was/is supposed to be added to ticket prices to help pay for the taxpayer funded stadium that seats less people than current Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium does.

P,S. I'm with that guy on TV who says "Where has the money gone, Brad Wall???" and "Brad Wall, how come we are in such a ridiculous deficit when you brag how much the economy has been booming these past few years???' Just ask Brad Wall.

Anonymous said...

Regina Pats take note of the season tickets example from the Riders.

Did you see they have a YOUTH ticket !! And a Family package !! What a concept.

No scamming and gauging like you are. They are trying to grow the game and have youth want to grow with it over the years.

Wonder if the Riders will ever have a home game during the weekday and tell season ticket holders they CAN NOT have their seats.

Anonymous said...

PROOF that God is a Rider fan :

Aside from the almost perfect weather for almost all home games we decide to build a new stadium and God gives us an almost snow free winter to help with the project. ;)

Even God can't wait for the stadium to watch his team, Canada's team-


Anonymous said...

The Riders continue to get it done right.

Take notice Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, etc

Anonymous said...

Send Brad Wall over here to Alberta; We'll give you two Rachel Nutleys back in exchange! Call it horse-trading, if you like.

Anonymous said...

Walk a few blocks. You'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I don't think God did any of that.

Anonymous said...

Worst campaign ad of all time. Next will be the wolf in sheeps clothing being re-run. Same old NDP.

Anonymous said...

He spent all the money on roads hospitals and schools umlike the Ndp who didn't do crap for many years.

Anonymous said...

We will pass on the Nutley trade. We don't want that end of the horse. Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

It's not taxpayer money if it helps the poor rural population patiently waiting out the winter down south. Too bad the poor rural Alta residents could not be helped by sending Brad a one way bus ticket to the Alta hinterlands.
Parking consultants are needed because Brad and the rural followers do not want to see the real poverty walking through the neighbourhoods on the way to the stadium, too upsetting before and after the game. But better than downtown where the homeless and addicted would be noticed.
Poverty segments grew during the good times so they will decrease during pay no more taxes fiscal management times?
Too much entitlement, too few taxes but moving ahead?

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome to stay home. A couple rotten apples spoil the whole basket. Loser

Anonymous said...

New NDP candidate tweets exposed with terrible remarks about the local media. Enough is enough, time to knock this dinosaur party into extinction.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all this poverty but your buddy Truduea wants to bring in all these Syrians. Shake my head.

Dboe said...

They have youth seats but they're basically the same price as adult. My 2 adult and 1 child seat in section 23 are going from $1401 to $2184...56% increase for the package and I was hoping to finally pick up a 4th ticket for my second daughter...ouch. Friend at work who sits two rows behind me has two adult and her two boys--said they will probably be priced out. I'm leaning towards renewing at this point as I love a sunny day on the East side as much as anywhere in the world but will see where we get assigned and go from there.

This Guy said...

Geez quit being so political. This is about a football stadium not an election.

Each party just complains about the other. I'm not moving out of this province no matter who's in charge. Let's just go back to bitching about football.

Anonymous said...

We originally had good seats in Section 11. Then, they changed the direction of our seats, so instead of looking down the field, we looked straight into the end zone. So, we moved to the opposite side, to seats which were never as good as the first. We are hoping that we have enough seniority to upgrade to better seats.

Anonymous said...

Anon from sec 11, I used to sit there, same as you - been to 4 games since then and no season tickets.