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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


REGINA -- This time it was the Regina Pats' turn to wreak havoc on the powerplay.

Tuesday night in Game 3 of their WHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinal against Lethbridge, the Pats buried two key powerplay goals to eke out a 3-2 victory and in the process, grab a 2-1 series lead.

In Friday's Game 1, the Hurricanes rode four powerplay goals to a 6-3 triumph however now they find themselves behind in the series and without the momentum.

Regina started off slowly in Game 3.  Very slow.  In fact they didn't produce a shot on goal until the 13:05 mark of the first period and that included almost the entire five minutes of a major penalty to the Hurricanes' Carter Folk for his check to the head of Regina's Jared Freadrich.  In fact the Hurricanes scored a shorthanded goal - off the stick of Giorgio Estephan - during that penalty.

The Folk hit set off fireworks as Lethbridge coach Brent Kisio went ballistic on the officials for making the call after watching the replay of the hit on the video scoreboard.  Apparently the refs aren't supposed to do that?  Oh well.

But, showing why the Pats acquired him at the WHL Trade Deadline, 20-year old sniper Cole Sanford tied the game on the powerplay late in the second period to make it 1-1 going to the third.

Pats star 17-year old Sam Steel was a threat all night and his powerplay goal midway through the third frame gave Regina a 2-1 lead.  Moments later, Pats forward Rykr Cole of Moosomin, SK scored the eventual game-winner when his even strength tally made it 3-1.

The Canes' Andrew Nielson scored a powerplay goal late - with just under two minutes to go - however Lethbridge couldn't force overtime despite furious pressure in the dying seconds.

THE STATS:  Lethbridge outshot Regina 32-22. ... Regina goalie Tyler Brown (30 saves) collected the win while Lethbridge target Stuart Skinner (19 saves) got the loss. ... Regina's Adam Brooks picked up three assists on the evening.  He received a standing ovation before the game for winning the WHL scoring title. ... Regina was 2/7 on the powerplay and 5/6 killing penalties. ... The attendance was announced at 6,049 however if they'd announced a sellout of 6,484 no one would've known the difference.

UP NEXT:  The Pats host the Hurricanes Wednesday in Game 4 at 7:00 pm on 620 CKRM. ... Don't miss 620 CKRM's SportsCage live from the Brandt Centre on Wednesday at 4:00 pm for a second straight day.  The show has served to be a 3-hour pregame show for the Pats.




MOOSE JAW, Sask. - Dryden Hunt had three goals and an assist and Zach Sawchenko stopped 26 shots as the Moose Jaw Warriors blanked the visiting Prince Albert Raiders 7-0 on Tuesday in Western Hockey League playoff action.

Brett Howden, Josh Brook and Jayden Halbgewachs had a goal and an assist apiece for the Warriors, who now hold a 3-1 lead in their first-round series and can eliminate Prince Albert with a victory on Friday.

Jesse Shynkaruk also scored for Medicine Hat while Noah Gregor and Brayden Point each added three assists.

Rylan Parenteau started in net for the Raiders but was pulled after allowing four goals on 21 shots in 27:25 of action. Ian Scott turned away 12-of-15 shots in relief.

The Warriors went 2 for 7 on the power play while Prince Albert failed to score on four chances with the man advantage.



KAMLOOPS, B.C. - Michael Herringer made 40 saves as Kelowna shut out the Blazers to take a 2-1 first-round series lead.

Justin Kirkland scored the game's only goal 1:45 into the second period.

Connor Ingram kicked out 36-of-37 shots for Kamloops.



PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Cavin Leth struck twice and Landon Bow made 27 saves as Seattle took a 3-0 first-round series lead by blanking the Cougars.

Keegan Kolesar and Nick Holowko had a goal and an assist apiece for the Thunderbirds and Alexander True added the other.

Ty Edmonds allowed three goals on 10 shots for Prince George before giving way to Nick McBride, who made 22 saves in 36:29 of relief.



SPOKANE, Wash. - Keanu Yamamoto set up three goals and the Chiefs broke out to a five-goal lead en route to their first series victory over the Royals.

Jason Fram, Jordan Henderson, Hudson Elynuik, Presten Kopeck and Jaret Anderson-Dolan supplied the goals for Spokane, which trails the first-round matchup 2-1. Lasse Petersen stopped 22 shots for the win.

Matthew Philips and Scott Walford scored third-period goals for Victoria as Coleman Vollrath made 32 saves in defeat.



PORTLAND, Ore. - Remi Laurencelle and Matt Fonteyne had a goal and an assist apiece as Everett pushed the Winterhawks a game away from elimination.

Dawson Leedahl, Patrick Bajkov and Brycen Martin also scored for the Silvertips, who are up 3-0 in their first-round series. Mario Petit made 23 saves for the win.

Cody Glass, Rihards Bukarts and Alex Schoenborn struck for Portland, which got a 20-save outing from Adin Hill.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Moose Jaw has Raiders on the ropes

Anonymous said...

Wow what a game. The boys were so nervous out of the gate but weathered the storm and kept plugging away and were rewarded for working hard. I haven't seen the building rocking like it was tonight since 1992-1993 when Shawn Yakimishyn got ejected and swung his stick at the crowd. Fantastic entertainment tonight. Well done Pats!

Anonymous said...

Brooks + Hobbs + Tyler Brown = Memorial Cup 2016!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod,
Although you can be a cornball sometimes, I gotta give you props on the Pats coverage.

Anonymous said...

Remember the good ole days when the Pats had a marketing department and gave away rally towels, thunder sticks, or sea of white t-shirts..... This year they gave out a .15 cent piece of cardboard.

They did a poor job of hyping the game.... the atmosphere felt like a weekday game in the middle of January.

No hockey minds... no creative thinking. They just want my money (chuck a puck, jersey raffle, etc..)

Instead lets try and another row of tables and seats behind the last row of seats on the lower level and make what was a already a difficult walk around almost impossible. Its almost a single file walk way now. But if the Pats can grease someone to spend $$ on seating... lets do it. Screw the season ticket holders and the regular fan.

Or better yet....Hey lets have a afternoon game and tell the season ticket holders who pay top dollar for their seats that they can come to the game but NOT sit in their seats....brilliant idea !!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Regina, big fail in not selling out a playoff game, in a 6500 seat arena!

Anonymous said...

one game so kids can have fun to enjoy a hockey game? you sir need to take a pill

Anonymous said...

Stay home.

Anonymous said...

Stay home.

Anonymous said...

Why are you even a season ticket holder all you just did is whine and complain. Brutal Next you will be complaining that it was too loud in the building, like really give your season tickets to someone else. You must live a very horrible life being that bitchy and negative all the time, stay home and let someone else enjoy the game.

Anonymous said...

6400seating capacity and no it was actually a good crowd you anon wouldn't be happy with anything Regina does anyways 400 short of sellout not to shabby. Moose jaw had 3289 1500 short of capacity Portland had 6000 or so way short of capacity, Spokane 3400 prince george3400 Spokane filled the arena to about 30 percent capacity prince George 60 percent

Anonymous said...

If fans are consistenrly told to stay home, they will.

Anonymous said...

I am a Pats fan and hope they keep playing well....however for Mr Pedersen to make the comment on the Refs watching the video replay and saying "Oh Well"...I can just imagine his comments if the tables were would have been crying uncontrollable....was one of the worst officiating games I have seen right from the beginning..glad Brooks is really taking charge of this team as well as brown playing well

Anonymous said...

One of the strangest games I have ever been to. Two standing ovations before the game was 10 minutes old ... and the Pats were being outshot 7-0. The first period was clearly 2nd versus 7th. The Pats didn't belong and ahd me wondering how they won game two in Lethbridge.

My how things changed!

Still, I have two other sides of the coin points. The atmosphere from the 5-minute major in the first until the last minute of the game was preseason-ish. Atmosphere isn't measured when a team scores the tying and goal ahead goals. Its reaction to hits, saves, chances.

Lastly, parking on Evraz is a joke. I like that they are now trying to help but until they have plan of how to let people in and out it is a nightmare going. Enough to have to actually consider whether its worth going to game.

Big game tonight! Go Pats.

Anonymous said...

Sellouts are simply perception. I'm glad they announced what they did. Saying something is sold out then seeing hundreds of empty seats in the second level just makes it a joke.

My friends and I attend a lot of games and we refer to the empty sections of seats as the Brandt employees section. Get it?

Anonymous said...

You sir are not very smart if you truly believe that but my guess is you are just trying to stir the pot. Actually the reffing was very fair and accurate. Much better than 1st game in Lethbridge. That game was over reffed. Folk deserves a suspension, so hopefully the league follows through.

Anonymous said...

Hey, to the guy that chirps the Pats marketing department on a daily basis. We get it, you didn't get hired. Last I checked, the marketing departments job is to want your money. If they gave away towels and thunder sticks, how would that be 'creative thinking'? I would love for you to post some ideas on here that are better than what they are doing. Now smarten up and go back to looking for a job, you self proclaimed 'hockey mind', you.

Anonymous said...

First Anon #4, I want you to come to the game....but I also want you to enjoy it. There are about 5 season ticket holders in my section that yell and bitch every game. They change their target from the refs to Paddock to Brown staying in his net.....etc. Pre-game they complain the entire time, I don't get how you can continue to buy season tickets if all you want to do is complain. I think the table seating behind is a great idea, big deal if the traffic is jammed a bit. Complaining about losing your seats for one game so kids can attend is ridiculous. I believe that one school division had a reading initiative tied to the game. Other kids got to go to a game that may not have the opportunity. It was the only home game that I missed this year, but alt east it was for a good cause.

Now when it comes to the game atmosphere, last night was decent. I was in Lethbridge last weekend, I thought their rally towels and $20 tshirts were a cool addition to the first game, but the momentum of the crowd already went down in Game 2 (still good). I would prefer the Pats save their giveaways for the next round. If there isn't another round, so be it....I don't need a free giveaway. If you got a rally towel or T-shirt this round, what would you want the next round?

Folk's hit on Friedrich was definitely dirty. Call it a charge, a hit to the head or interference.....I suspect a short suspension (1-2 games). However, I was blown away that the Ref's watched the hit on the big screen. I would have been choked if I was Kisio too. Make the call as you see it, but don't take a slow motion look at the hit before you make the call.

Adam! Big game tonight, GO PATS GO!!

Kellin Enslev said...

Great atmosphere. Rumour has it, attendance is up - wouldn't believe it sometimes with the hostility in the keyboard warriors section of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Great crowd, great atmosphere and great win. The Sh_t Heads will always have some little thing to complain about (if they really are seasons ticket holders). The Pats looked nervous and tentative early and started to get back to their game as it went on. By the third period they were doing there thing and also hit a couple pipes as well. They will be much better tonight.

Does Hilsendager not get you can't take three needless penalties per game? The slash of a guys stick out of his hand late in the third could have been a devastating penalty. Poor play and poor discipline. Maybe they should consider dressing Schoiler and get him some experience.

The Brandt Center needs a lot of upgrades but there is a question as to whether or not it's possible. The limited concessions and lineups make it nearly impossible to get anything between periods. Even washroom usage is a challenge. The upper deck patrons are at an even greater impediment. If possible they should raise the roof and put in the following: a second concourse, more skyboxes, a few more rows of seats, washroom and concession facilities. These are the real things that make a game enjoyable. The big question is will they or can they do this? or if there a need for a better hockey facility where parking is much better.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of nincompoops. There, done.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kellin just because its in the paper doesnt mean its true. The Pats "sold-out" the night they unveiled the new clock too but everyone in the city knows that the owners gave away 1,000 seats to brandt employees.

I have been to over a dozen games this season when 4,000 announced attendance and i would put my life on the fact there were less than 3,000 in the house. A lot of sponsored seats are bought in support of the local team but rarely filled.

Anonymous said...

The Pats go ahead in a playoff series and all people can do is complain. It's so sad.
Slow start for the Pats last night but they prevailed! Keep rolling boys!

Rocker said...

Some people have too much time to do nothing but bitch. Been season ticket holder for the last 14 years and last nights atmosphere was one of the best I've been to. There were times during the game that you could not here the guy next to you. I'm paying $20.00 a game to watch great hockey I do not need any gimmicks to make me want to come. If your not happy stay away.

Anonymous said...

There is a looooot of unhappy people on this blog. Trouble at home?

Great job Pats. Keep er rolling tonight.

Anonymous said...

I have now seen the Teaching Video for a CTH (Rule 48.3/48.4) with the Carter Folk hit on Jared Freadrich. If there isn't a multi game suspension for this hit it will be a travesty. WHL shouldn't condone S#!+ like this.

Anonymous said...

Stay home.

Anonymous said...

Things are so rosy for the Pats that the ticket guy needs to come on and defend his team.

Anonymous said...

Stay home directed to a few dis-satisfied chronic complainers who are never happy with the product.

william weppler said...

Start slowly & finish strong! It was pretty tough to watch the 1st period...looked like pond hockey. Can't beleive Pats were nervous but maybe so. Ended up to be a great win and I believe they will dominate tonight. Double shifting Brooks onto 3rd/4th lines paid off again last night with the Cole goal - beauty setup by Adam. Cole always goes to the net (need more like him).
Thought Browny looked a little mesmerized at times in the 1st as well but made some real nice stops at keys times and that's what allows the home team to come out on top.
Ref didn't need to see the replay on Big Screen as it happened right in front of him and saw the hit 1st hand. Kisio had nothing to complain about and is fortunate he didn't get ejected. Bordered on Match penalty I think!

Still scratching my head on the Williams "holding" call when he was off to the races if not hauled do you call both players for holding?

Get'r done tonight Boys!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how someone can say they were in the building last night and call the atmosphere pre seasonish! Get a grip bud. Don't listen to all the negative Nancy's get your tickets while you can. The building will be rocking tonight and you won't want to miss it.

Anonymous said...

/////// Go Pats Go \\\\\\\ //////// Go Pats Go \\\\\\\
/////// Go Pats Go \\\\\\\ /////// Go Pats Go \\\\\\\

Anonymous said...

I don't think you folks get the meaning of the word sellout. It means they sold the tickets, but doesn't mean that there were people sitting in the seats.

There ya go, some knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Football news.....want football news.....need football

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to see kids suspended but when they are totally reckless, sometimes it's the only option. Some might argue Hilsendager could have got more than a minor on Miette but really? Miette kept looking back at the refs while laying out like he had been mugged. He went off for a bit and was back before the period ended. He got an assist on a goal later. I believe the refs rightly felt he was faking it. The hit on Freadrich was a deliberate attempt to injure. He targeted the head, left his feet and delivered a blow to the head with his heavily padded elbow pads. Freadrich came back for a shift and wasn't seen again. He a huge part of the d-corps and maybe out. We don't know but if he is at all, it's a big blow to the Pats. Why should we be missing a players because of an intent to injure? Moorons on another board are trying to justify the hit and one even called it "epic". Nobody but a mental midget would call that hit epic. I remember when Dryden Hunt took a hit like that a few years back. It set him back about a year so "no" moron, it's not an epic hit. Those reckless actions have ruined NHL careers. There is no place for that "type" of hit. Anything less than three games would be laughable.

As far as Kisio screaming like a child, who gives a rats butt!!! It's often said the apple doesn''t fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

I wish more people who take the time to post here were like Mr. Weppler: constructive thoughts from someone who knows and loves his team. The immature posts that so often appear on this comment section are so pointless and meaningless you have to wonder why they bother. No one wants to read their crap and writing crap can't be a source of much joy for them either.

Anonymous said...

Why are you even bothering covering the Moose Jaw Warriors in this blog? Everyone knows that Moose Jaw is full of nothing but a bunch of inbreds. This blog should have nothing to do with Moose Jaw and should focus on the Pats in the WHL.

Darren Hansford

Anonymous said...

Hey Darren Hansford it was a great game in Moose Jaw last night. Warriors 7 Raiders 0. Great atmosphere no complaining like the Regina Meatheads.

GO WARRIORS GO! Hope we play you in the playoffs. Bahahahaha!


Pearse Gribbon said...

I couldn't have said it better myself

Anonymous said...

Well so far I've watched a well refereed series in my opinion (pats and hurricanes).. it's playoff hockey let them decide it to a point. Now tube to the brandon edm series and nothing but a bunch of tickey tack calls to edm and blatant missed calls on brandon. I was skeptical of your theory Rod thus being the KMHL but I'm beginning to believe.. those kids in edm were on the verge of a pretty massive upset but alas you can rest assured KM is doing his best to make sure that doesn't happen. I think the pats will prevail this series and have to defeat the best (Brandon). The reffing stinks from what I've seen in Edmonton . Oh well. GO PATS GO !!!

Anonymous said...

I hope so too.. I think that series would be off the hook!! I'm a pats fan. And an old fashioned let them play hockey fan. I hope the league seriously looks at the reffing in that brandon game tonite .. oh I forgot .. turtle it's Kelly Mccrimmon . What a joke dude can't win fair a lower team matches up against you so good they're gonna beat you you better get the zebras onside. Couldn't be happier with officiating in the pats series. Let's hope if we both make it that far the crews keep the game under control and let them play.

Anonymous said...

Wheaties tie up series 2-2 and will now move on to play MJ or PA second round