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Sunday, March 27, 2016


VANCOUVER - The B.C. Lions say owner David Braley's condition has improved since being admitted to a hospital in Vancouver earlier this week.

The organization released a statement on Saturday with a brief update.

"Mr. Braley's condition has improved notably over the past two days. He is still in hospital at this time and will likely remain there until midweek.''

The Lions said in a statement Thursday that Braley had been "feeling a little under the weather'' and taken to a hospital that morning "to undergo further testing.'' Braley had been in the city visiting with club executives since Monday.

The team added there will be no further comment from the club over the rest of the Easter weekend.

Braley, 74, has owned the Lions since 1997. He was also owner of the Toronto Argonauts from 2010-2015 and owned the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from 1987-1990.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

All the best in a long recovery

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Wallet Man.