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Saturday, March 5, 2016


A source tells that Stephen Bryce will be the next head coach of the University of Regina Rams football program.

Bryce was named a finalist for the job along with current Rams assistant coach Sheldon Gray two weeks ago.

It's believed Gray will be the Defensive Coordinator on Bryce's staff.

Bryce was a lineman for the Rams in the late 1980's before playing at the University of Jamestown. He then coached seven years at Etiwanda High School in California.

Welcome back to the Rams Stephen.



Anonymous said...

I remember when he worked at McDonalds north in Regina, the guy could pound the food down back then.

Anonymous said...

Not the most inspiring hiring the Rams could have made. A team that's been in the the dumps for as long as the Rams, yet they chose a rookie in Collegiate coaching. It's pretty clear to most that Ram Football program is in deep do do. We really needed s proven CIS winner. Someone who could stack up to the great football minds and recruiters in the CIS. It was chance to really move forward and make a statement, yet they opted for a safe and convenient hire. Now this guy can fight between both factions of the Alumni.

Anonymous said...

Don’t know what people expect regarding hiring a bona-fide CIS coach.

No bona-fide CIS coach will step foot in the Rams program because it is well documented throughout the country what the alumni is like to deal with.

The only hope the Rams have is to give a guy a chance and hope he can survive the alumni and do something with the opportunity that no one else wants.

Anonymous said...

CIS U of Regina Rams? U of R needs to change that team moniker asap!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't been a Head Coach in five years…Yup

Glenn Szabo said...

You're not going to satisfy everyone. The alumni got one of their own as head coach. Lets support this guy and the team instead of all the bitching going on.
By the way as an alumnus of the the Cougar Men's Basketball program, I'd like to finish with 2 things. Keep the Rams name, I believe in respecting tradition. Congratulations Cougar basketball and Coach Burrows on a fantastic season. Keep Grindin'.

Anonymous said...

Congrats....the Rams have their man.

The next order of business for the U of R Athletics Dep't should be the Cougar Mens Hockey Program.

Anonymous said...

This is a great hire! Then again, after the last guy, some Joe off the street with no football sense would have been a great hire!

Anonymous said...

They hired a Joe off the street who worked at McDonalds? WTF!

Anonymous said...

BT was B who cares when he was hired for the Huskies. Back then they were a poor team with a lot of apathy. Maybe an easier fix than the Rams micromanagers who should own their ohhh for the season.

Anonymous said...

At least he's not saying would you like fries with that anymore you hater.