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Thursday, February 25, 2016



1. If you're peering into this blog from outside Saskatchewan's borders, you wouldn't believe the hype that's been generated by the Chris Jones regime and Canada's Team as of late.  For February, I'd put it at an all-time high and that includes the 2013 season when the Roughriders were hosting the Grey Cup and were assembling an all-star team which would eventually win it all in the biggest game in franchise history.  Over the next few points, I'll illustrate how bonkers it is around here right now.

2. Gassing 19 players on December 9 was one thing, but jettisonning Weston Dressler and John Chick a month later was "next level" as the cool new saying goes.  People still haven't settled down over that one and it continues to dominate coffee row talk almost six weeks later.  More on that in a minute.

3. Now with the news that Chris Getzlaf is poised to sign with the Edmonton Eskimos, it's like another tidal wave hit the coast of the Rider Nation.  If we had a coast.  The general thoughts I'm hearing?  Good for Chris, good for the Eskimos, and who exactly are all these new players that'll be wearing Rider jerseys once the 2016 season kicks off?  At least we've still got Darian.  On a personal note, it's too bad Getzlaf has to leave his hometown to prolong his football career but he knows full well what he signed up for.  He's had a blessed career and departs with two Grey Cup rings and tons of memories.

4. Another thought dawned on me while driving past New Mosaic Stadium on Thursday morning; it's too bad Chris won't get to suit up for the Riders in the new facility but if things go well with the Eskimos, perhaps he'll at least get to play in it in 2017.  I'm positive that anyone who drives by that gorgeous new stadium gets tingles each and every time they see it.  I certainly do.

5. Somebody from the Riders' past wrote me on Facebook from the States a month ago or so saying, "What are they doing to my Riders?"  That person - who will remain nameless - was referring to the folksy, downhome nature of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Well those days, from what I can see, are gone and it didn't just start with the hiring of Chris Jones.  Corey Chamblin injected an NFL-mentality and Jim Hopson actually turned this franchise into the monster that it is today.  With regards to cutting fan favourites, Roy Shivers did it years ago when he released Don Narcisse and Dan Farthing.  The furor always dies down eventually.

6. Somebody said it on the SportsCage awhile back - and I can't even remember who it was - that Chris Jones has as many Grey Cup championships to his credit as this entire franchise and that's about all you need to know.

7. As far as how Rider talk is dominating this province right now, well, the topic of Chris Getzlaf going to the Eskimos was fodder for all the morning radio shows today.  Shouldn't they be talking about music?  You simply can't get away from it even if you wanted to.  For a guy who makes his living in the Rider news business, this is a windfall but I'm finding it truly staggering these days.  What a quick turn from fans tuning out the team in 2015.

8.  And it comes at the expense of the other sports entities in this town.  The Regina Pats have won seven straight hockey games and I can't remember the last time that happened.  However it's rare that anyone comments to me about the Queen City Kids unless they have some direct connection to the team.  Hopefully people get on board soon and if the Pats should happen to go a couple of rounds in the playoffs, everybody will be on the bandwagon in record fashion.  Right now though, it's tough sledding if you want to discuss the Pats.  There's the odd comment, and I'm hearing "maybe I should buy a ticket" more and more.   Hopefully there's a big crowd on hand Friday night when the Pats host the P.A. Raiders.

9. Saskatchewan's Jolene Campbell is on the cusp of a playoff berth at the Scotties and that seems to have grabbed peoples' attention, if only mildly-so.  I've even sat down to watch some of the games but if Saskatchewan isn't featured on the TSN telecasts, I switch channels.  Watching curling is a throwback to the good old days of sportsmanship and fair play.  The curlers are laughing and shaking hands with opponents which is SUCH a far cry from the testosterone-fuelled sports I usually engage in.  For instance when I interview MMA fighters, a standard question is "What round do you think you'll knock him out in?"  And they always give a prediction!!  Can you imagine posing a question like that to a curling skip?  "In which end do you think you'll finish her off?"   They'd look at you like you're from another planet.

10. JUST NOTES:  Scruffy just wouldn't let it die on the SportsCage on Wednesday.  He maintains the face of the Toronto Blue Jays is Josh Donaldson even though Toronto sportscasters Jim Lang and Arash Madani concur that it's still Jose Bautista. ... Regarding Bautista's contract demands - ignoring the fact the money in sports is completely out of whack - I say give the man $30-million per season on a new three-year deal.  He's earned it, he's reportedly a tremendous guy, and should be rewarded for all he's done. ... I wasn't shocked to learn that SportsCage co-host Luc Mullinder sided with Apple in its argument with the FBI over unlocking the Iphone of the terrorist shooter in California from last year.  There are many who agree with Luc however I feel when it's in the best interest of national security and the law enforcement process, open the damn phone.  They're probably not going to find anything in it anyway.  Does Apple support terrorism?  Of course not - and I can't boycott the company because I love my smartphone so much - but some are making that leap. In polls, a narrow margin is siding in favour of the FBI. ... Best comment I heard over the Regina-Saskatoon rivalry this week:  "It's like too old ladies arguing over who's hotter". ... I wish they'd leave poor Peyton Manning alone.  Who hasn't regretted something they did when they were 19?  Sometimes the haters just won't relent.  ... The story from the website 3Down Nation this week quoting an anonymous player about how the CFL takes advantage of its players would have carried a lot more weight if he'd identified himself.  Otherwise, his comments mean little to me. ... The talk in American sports circles this week has centred around an NFL team at this week's Combine asking a player, "You have dreadlocks so you must smoke weed".  It's offended people far and wide but perhaps oddly enough, one CFL scout told me he'd rather a player smoke dope than drink excessively.  Take that for what it's worth. ... The plight of the Oilers?  That's a topic for another time but it's shocking their braintrust just now discovered they need "huge" changes. ... An app for is in development.  When it's ready, hopefully you'll find it in your heart to download it.  It'll make reading this blog even easier and will automatically link you to my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.




Anonymous said...

No one cares about the pats because there's too many hicks that live and breathe through the plight of the riders.

Bradford said...

Roddy, the part of the issue re: Apple vs US Gov is that the Government wants Apple to write new software to allow the Government to use Brute Force attacks to unlock a cell phone.

Rather than specifically tasking Apple to unlock one cell phone, they want Apple to make a back door into the software to allow access to all Apple cell phones.

I agree they should assist with cracking the potentially offending cell phone, but not open the entire Apple ecosystem up to any reasonably decent hacker.

My 2 cents (CDN rounded up to a nickel)


Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! How many years ago did I ask you for an app?? Too hard to keep up when one can't sit at a computer all day! lol
Seriously though, the app will be killer, it will take the sports talk about Sask. to a new level IMHO. We will still get the usual suspects and their hilarious off the wall banter but being able to keep up non-stop will be awesome -

Jared Dumba

Anonymous said...

Bradford do not attempt to explain complex issues

Anonymous said...

And there's too many hipsters that think hockey is a redneck barbaric sport so they stay as far away from it as possible.

Anonymous said...

"too old ladies" arguing over who is hotter - such as they are all in their 30's or for some, like Frenzy, into their late 80's. LOL

Anonymous said...

The plight of the Oilers? That's a topic for another time but it's shocking their braintrust just now discovered they need "huge" changes.

Everywhere you look there's stories about "Who should the Oilers trade? Unbelievably many of them mention Jordan Eberle. Duh, haven't you noticed the chemistry between Eberle and Connor McDavid? During the game against Ottawa two nights ago they showed a graphic illustrating a projection that Jordan would score 60 goals in a full season with McSavior.

Trade a 60 goal man? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Rod I heard you say the other day on your show that your a "huge Oilers fan". So does it mean that you believe the current "braintrust" is not capable of developing a winning team? Is it your belief the teams current managment and coaches are inadequate?
I have the confidence that they will make the diferance. Even with my limited knowledge and a good sense of business, I too would want to evaluate my team before making a decision that will make the diferance in year two and beyond. It's not like the fans are going anywhere. They have supported this team at the gate and will continue, especially with the new arena.
Keep up your support of the Oilers and you be there when the ship gets turned around.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the drug dealer arrested in Regina's big drug bust today - Ryan Robson - is not the same Ryan Robson who played for the Pats in 1997/98.

Rod Pedersen said...

I never said I was a huge Oilers fan. I said I watched all the games, which is true.

And there was no Ryan Robson with the Pats to my recollection. I believe there was one with Brandon.

Curtis said...


What did the folksy down home nature of the Riders earn them ? It earned them all of 2 Grey Cup championships and several million dollars in the hole and playing in front of 25,000 fans in a stadium approaching 100 years old. Since 2003, the Riders have only missed the playoffs twice, been in 7 Division Finals, 4 Grey Cups and have two Championships to show for it. The team now plays in front of sold out stadiums, which has earned them an 8 digit bank account. In addition, they are about to move into a new $ 278 Million dollar stadium. The choice between pre-2003 and the post-2003 I will take post-2003 every day of the week.

In regards to the Apple issue, the recent court ruling in favour of the FBI specifically called for Apple to ONLY give access to the SINGLE phone that the terrorist used in California. The FBI is not asking for access to ALL Apple phones just the ONE phone that the terrorist used. In addition, the phone that the terrorist used was not his personal phone it the first place, it was his employers.

Rod Pedersen said...

Mr. Anonymous - don't try to explain the truth to the irrational.

Arla Rowbothm said...

Looking forward to the app, it will be way easier to read your blog!


Anonymous said...

Feb 26 tomorrow and it will be above 10 degrees! I guess we can kiss any hope of some more ice time on the outdoor rink goodbye. Regina weather sucks this year! Can't even have a decent snow-ball fight.

Anonymous said...

People should be getting out to the Pats hockey games. I used to go to all of them but got away from it when the fighting became more important than the hockey. Tried some games out late last year and enjoyed them. Have gone to a few more this year. Fighting is rare now which suits me just fine. I pay to watch hockey and the Pats are providing some good entertainment lately. GO PATS GO!!!

As for the Riders, I haven't anointed the 2016 team Grey Cup Champs quite yet. So far all we have is a bunch of tall players who have signed a contract. Now we need to see if the coaches can make them into a team. I am sure it will be better than last year. Can it be any worse?

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the "folksy Riders" at all. Nice to have a team that wants to win the Cup every year and is run that way.
One question, how can anyone cheer for a Canadian based hockey team?

Anonymous said...

The way that the Riders have mistreated our Eskimos since the Grey Cup win is unfair and unsportsman like. The CFL needs to come up with tougher rules.

Anonymous said...

>>The way that the Riders have mistreated our Eskimos since the Grey Cup win is unfair and unsportsman like. The CFL needs to come up with tougher rules.<<

ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.... Remember when Edmonton had the Riders star defensive end named Odel Willis all signed 20 seconds after free agency started. That my goofy Edmonton fan is tampering and illegal
Everything SK has done to the Eskimo's has been up front and legal. Your GM gave the Rider president permission to speak to Chris Jones. So we signed him with a year left on his contract. Kinda like what Edmonton did to Toronto when the Eskimos signed Chris Jones who was still under contract.
The coaches following Jones over to SK. Why wouldnt they???? They were no longer under contract. The new head coach hires his own crew. He dosent hire the last head coach assistants.
The Evil Empire has screwed every team in the league the first 35 years. Its nice to see them get a little of what they use to take.
By the way, there is nothing wrong with hiring free agents on the second day of free agency.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The guy who publishes comment after comment after comment from "anonymous" says the CFL player who says league takes advantage of player would carry more weight if he wasn't "anonymous".

Nice double standard Pedersen. Take your own advice!

Anonymous said...

Ok Rod, you never did answer my questions regarding the Oilers.

First I have to say how much I enjoy the info about the Riders, the Pats and the NHL you deliver. Your blog and the Sportscage are a great resource. However, lately, more and more of your personal opinions and getting in the way of the facts. So much so that your opinions and legions seem to change from day to day, very confusing and not enjoyable from the perspective of the listener and readers.

I'm a huge Riders fan. I could never change my legions. You on the other hand seem to be able to change NHL teams like you change your shorts. I've heard you say your a Dallas fan, a Arizona fan and a "huge Oilers fan" (YES you did say it Sportscage Feb12/16 at the 21:03 mark). Really.

So will I get an answer to my original questions regarding the Oilers?

Rod I heard you say the other day on your show that your a "huge Oilers fan". So does it mean that you believe the current "braintrust" is not capable of developing a winning team? Is it your belief the teams current management and coaches are inadequate?

Anonymous said...

"...oddly enough, one CFL scout told me he'd rather a player smoke dope than drink excessively"

Not sure why that is odd Roddy... Maybe you still don't understand the harm of alcohol, the way families have been torn apart or alcohol induced crimes committed. Yet the guy who gets high and relaxes at home on the couch with some munchies is somehow worse off???

I think the player scout had it right...

Go Riders

ps., legalization coming soon to a drug store near you!!!

In your backyard

Rod Pedersen said...

I have my reasons for who I cheer for. I'm sure it's not that interesting to anyone who listens.

The Oiler players, for the most part, have quit. This braintrust can turn it around but they need to stick dynamite in that dressing room. Somebody's got to go and i vote for Taylor Hall.

Then the defense and goaltending need to be addressed. They're a disaster and I'm shocked it's taken this long to notice.

Anonymous said...

My god man, get a life. Do you really care that Rod likes more than one NHL team? Do you really need him to tell you whether "he thinks" the Oiler management can develop a winning team? I thought you did not want "your opinions and getting in the way of the facts" (sic)! Anyone is free to believe what they want about a "teams current management and coaches". Whatever ...

Rod Pedersen said...

I provided the quote from the scout and let people react for themselves. Your defensiveness is not a surprise. Nor is it that you're a pothead. Have a great night.

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous- Right on man! Our 'legions' are not to be messed with!! And the Oath Of A Legions shouldn't be as commonplace as changing one's shorts, hey Rod?

Anonymous said...

I agree Rod. Taylor Hall has to go. For some reason none of his mistakes are ever talked about. He is terrible at puck mgmt. he turns it over regularly. Way over rated. For Gods sake Taylor stay on your feet!! He is always sliding around on the ice. Lots of effort though. He is well thought of around the league which would make him good trade bait...for a Travis Hamonic type plus a draft pick.
So what is an app going to do for you that the website doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Rod I guess you cheer for multiple teams, just confusing when you make disparaging remarks about a team and then say your a huge fan.

I also agree the braintrust can turn it around. For me the only untouchable is #97. Should make for an interesting trade deadline and off season yet again.

I guess the only point we disagree on is on how long it takes to put a team together with the new braintrust. I honestly didn't think they would make the playoffs this year. I'm definably looking for a serious run at the playoffs next year, and a serious chance at a strong playoff run in year three.

Anonymous said...

Someone must defend the majority Rod... (70% support cannabis legalization) Especially when Sask is one of the rare provinces who still want to hang onto those great years - ah the 50's... When men were men and alcohol ruled the roost... them was the days... who needs any of that liberal crap or weed... Hah, imagine that, weed... Who needs it, I'll take a drink any day, in fact I am taking one right now!!!

Back to sports...

Go Riders!

Anonymous said...

I think hall is the cancer and has to be the one traded. I have to disagree that the riders are the buzz of coffee shops. It's the weather and politics right now you just keep trying to throw the riders to the front. We're all rider fans but there is too much.

Anonymous said...

Someone will pay Bautista 30 million per year. But it won't be the Jays and I don't blame them. He will be 36 after this season, it would be crazy to give him that type of money and expect him to produce like a 30 million dollar player.

Ben Bernanke

william weppler said...

I think they refer to curling as "the grand old game" RP. It is certainly a "slower" sport and has a more friendly atmosphere amongst players on the ice than most sports you cover and/or are interested in.

I appreciate you giving the sport some time on your blog, as you are aware I am a FAN of it :))

If people take the time to understand the sport they will realize that it takes tremendous skill to perform at a high level against the world's best teams. For those who don't believe that come go down to your local curling club and throw a few stones.

As well, in the last 10 - 20 years the sport requires the elite curlers to train year around in order to stay at the top of thier game. I know fitness is more important in the NHL, CFL and NFL then it used to be in the old days and curling is no different (if you want to be successful).

One of the other aspects I like about the sport is the can start very young and continue competing until you are very old. I think you are still young enough to give it a try Rod! :))

Anonymous said...

Joe Namath of one great quarterback who seemed to play his best after a late night of heavy boozing.

Ron Lancaster and George Reed were both addicted to tobacco and seemed to do fine during the long careers.

No doubt any boozers and smokers might not be looked on favourably in any NFL or CFL scouting combine today.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous - don't try to explain the truth to the irrational.

Yep - Jones has 1 success full year under his belt and nothing more but a bunch of seasons as a helper doing what he is told, that is what an asisstant is !!!!!!!

So far all he is proved is that he can do what he is told or maybe not as no team has ever asked him back or found him worthy of a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Rod, can't wait for the App!

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod,

Not all people who drink are 'alcoholics'; similarly, not all people who smoke cannabis are 'pot-heads'. A majority of people have tried it, many continue to use it for the purpose of either medicinal usage or recreational.

I guess the over 50% of people that attend the games in Regina, or that read your blog, are nothing but 'pot-heads'.

I don't have anything against alcohol, I use it recreationally, but at least cannabis has a medicinal factor.

Thank-you for negatively labelling a majority of football, your blog readers, cannabis patients (including vets), and the majority of Canadians as 'pot-heads'.

Your quite the guy RP...

In Your Backyard