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Thursday, February 4, 2016



1 - We're going to try something new today.  NO negative comments from readers will be published to this column.  Let's see how that works?  The haters were ruining it for everybody, even though I found them amusing and wildly entertaining.  Their comments didn't bother me.  Hurting people hurt people.

2 - It was Groundhogs Dog on Tuesday and the best line I saw on social media was a Rider fan who said Gainer the Gopher saw his shadow meaning it's 42 weeks until the Roughriders are IN the Grey Cup!  Do you expect them to be?

3 - The best part of Connor McDavid's triumphant return to the Oilers lineup?  Seeing Jordan Eberle smile.  That was the best thing for me anyway.  And why hadn't those two played on a line together before?  It's because they've always been hurt at the same time.

4 - The NHL Trade Deadline coverage on TSN should be sponsored by Nike.  "JUST DO IT".  If Edmonton's going to trade Eberle, then Just Do It.  Enough talking about it.

5 - Are Oiler fans the most repressed fanbase in the NHL?  Not on your life. Start with all the franchises who'be never won a Stanley Cup and count backwards.

6 - Another NHL note: Sportsnet's Rich Sutter told the SportsCage Wednesday that Dennis Wideman's 20-game suspension for hitting a linesman was "too steep".  I say it was just right.

7 - I misread Rider fans' love for Shea Emry.  Because we were being asked about his status five times a week after he went out with a concussion in Week 1 last season, I thought it was because the fans were truly concerned about him.  Turns out they just wanted to know the status of the guy the Riders acquired for the actual fan favourite, Ricky Foley.

I'll admit to being out of touch with the mindset of the fans. It's been so long since I was one.

- Trying to track down Macho Harris for an interview but it's been tough.  The former Roughrider and current Blue Bomber is working 12 hour days as an apprentice electrician.  He's engaged to a Regina gal and his future father-in-law, real estate mogul Marcel Rossler, thinks the absolute world of Macho.  Sounds like when he's done playing football, Macho's here to stay.

9 - Where does it say that just because you played in the NHL, you don't have to work another day in your life?

10 - Funny thing about the retirement of LB Shea Emry from the CFL this week: we forgot to ask Rider lineman Brendon Labatte if he was over Emry punching him in "the pills" in 2012 (Labatte's term, not mine).   It occurred in Regina when Emry's Alouettes visited Corey Chamblin's Riders. Montreal coach Marc Trestman apologized on Emry's behalf, but I don't believe Shea ever did.

11 - I don't blame John Paddock for the annoying inconsistency of the Regina Pats.  He just won WHL Coach of the Year last year so he didn't get dumb over the summer.  But they'd better figure it out pronto.  Fans are getting restless.  This is what the Pats always want: to be the buzz on the street.  But they'd prefer it to be positive.

12 - VERY stoked about Friday's Pats broadcast against Med Hat on Access 7 which has been picked up all across Western Canada on the Shaw Network.  They're bringing in former NHL'er Jeff Odgers to work with me as colour analyst.  The feeling of butterflies in my stomach is a great one, and one I haven't felt in quite some time.

13 - The newest episode of Shades of Blue airs tonight on Global but I'm not sure I'll tune in.  The series started off with a bang but has gotten extremely weird.  Just like Gotham, which we abandoned last year.  Jennifer Lopez is the only reason to watch this show now but even she can't act her way out of a paper bag. ... Meanwhile at the movies, we've seen Daddy's Home with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg twice and it definitely gets two thumbs up from the MMG.  However I'm with the Leader Post's Rob Vanstone -- don't even consider paying money to watch Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ... And finally, Concussion is playing at Rainbow Cinemas now.  Is it worth seeing?

14 - Don't forget to join us at the Four Seasons Sports Palace for our Super Bowl Party presented by Coors Light on Sunday!  Georgie will have tons of great prizes and we'll have some winners from the SportsCage there as well to catch the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers

15 - WHY is Panthers QB Cam Newton the most polarizing athlete in North America?  I'm going into Super Bowl 50 cheering for Peyton and the Broncos but Newton makes it impossible not to cheer for him.  Haters bedamned!

By the way Newton's popular touchdown dance "The Dab" was invented by a rapper in the quarterback's hometown of Atlanta.