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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Former Roughriders running back Kory Sheets Tweeted a cryptic message on Thursday.  It appears he's reached out to the Saskatchewan Roughriders regarding a comeback but was rejected.

@Sheets24K: "So they say they don't want me back as a Rider.  What to do, where to go? #cfl"

Sheets set a Grey Cup rushing record with 197 yards in Saskatchewan's 45-23 win over Hamilton in the 2013 Grey Cup and signed with the NFL's Oakland Raiders for 2014.  However a ruptured Achilles tendon in a preseason game against Green Bay ended his season and he hasn't played since.

The Riders said this afternoon they met with Sheets this off-season and "chatted" but upon doing some research on his injury history and off-field problems, they aren't interested in signing him to a contract.


Anonymous said...

Sad, he made our offensive line look good and his fumble recovery in the GC game was a key play in our favour. Best of luck in all your future endeavours KS.

Parkside said...

Unfortunate. I feel this had potential for the feel good story of the year. Everyone loves a good comeback.

Anonymous said...

While he was good while here, he left on his own, had injury problems and likely too old and slow now. Best of luck in your new work.

Anonymous said...

I would love see him come back and succeed as much as the next guy, but I am also a realist.

Has had 3 torn Achilles. Has hardly played a down of football in 2 years. Wrong side of 30. And a couple of charges to boot.

Jones/O'day/Murphy made the right call.

Thanks for 2013 Kory. All the best

Chris Hartnell said...

I guess he should have stayed while his stock here was high.

Curtis said...

Darian advised Kory not to go to the NFL. Instead he had to try his chances in the NOT FOR LONG league. If he had remained with the Riders, who knows what would have happened. We will not know if he would have ruptured his Achilles if had remained here. If had stayed, he could have become one of the top 2 or 3 RB in Rider history. We will never know.

As of now we do not have any proven RB on the roster, it would have cost the Riders nothing to bring him into the camp. If he did not measure up, then cut him.

Anonymous said...

As Roy Shivers used to say "International running backs are a dime a dozen" We will find one

Anonymous said...

His fumble recovery, which for some strange reason got added to his rushing total, was the most crucial play in the game. It turned the momentum and we never looked back. That's in the past----Jones is the future.

Anonymous said...

Durant never crossed the line of scrimmage, ball never hit the ground. Wasn't a fumble. If it had gone forward it would have been a completed pass.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. You will always be remembered in Rider Folklore. I anticipate one day you reach plaza status. Stay clean and move on to next phase of your life.

Tim from Kansas said...

I totally agree with Curtis. Kory Sheet's future upside with the Riders was off the hook, and his career basically ended when he left Saskatchewan.

I've given this so much thought over the last couple years, watching Fantuz get cut and especially since watching the Dressler story play out from up close. And I've pretty much come to think that if a guy's really got it going in the CFL, and he's older than 26, he should embrace a good thing in Canada instead of chasing a better thing, it's just so competitive in the NFL and it almost never seems to work out.

Easy to say in hindsight I know, but I wish he would have stayed in Canada and I wish things could have worked out better for him.

Anonymous said...

Waste of time to sign and depend on a player with an achilles injury.

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder what type of career he might have had in SK and CFL, if he stayed here instead of getting greedy and trying to cash in like so many try and fail (right Fantuz, right Dressler??)

Anonymous said...

Cryptic message??????? That is very to the point and not cryptic at all

Anonymous said...

right Warren Moon?
right Doug Flutie?
right Cameron Wake?
right Jerrell Freeman?
right Marcus Thigpen?
right Brian Peters?
right Delvin Breaux?

Anonymous said...

right Brandon Browner?

Anonymous said...

right Chris Matthews?

Anonymous said...

right Stephan Logan?

Morgan said...

Good point... I hate how people consider it to be a gready choice to leave the cfl for the nfl. Imagine if he didn't even try out... years later he'd regret it for sure!

Anonymous said...

Yah its just plain greed that makes a professional athlete want to make hundreds of thousands dollars more than he would in the cfl.

What kind of a person leaves a $100k job for a chance at a $500k job?

And its just greed that makes him want to reach the pinnacle of his profession. And of course wanting credibility among his peers, friends and family, is just plain selfish!

Whats with these guys that want to better themselves? Bunch of low-lifes!

Makes you wonder about people that would knock Sheets, Dressler etc for trying to be the best they can.

Anonymous said...

Right John Chick
Right Weston Dressler
Right Andy Fantuz

Rob K said...

Ugh. I wanted Sheets back. Jones is gutting us. He better pull horse shoes out of his rear end this year.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want a 30+ year old running back who has had two torn achilles, is known for being a lousy team mate and has had a few run ins with the law?
The team did their homework on his one, and the juice is not worth the squeeze.

What else would you expect a coach and GM to do when rebuilding a 3-15 team?

You'll be in for a rude awakening when you realize your childhood idols won't play forever and Santa and the Easter bunny don't exist.

Younger, faster, bigger and stronger for the Riders in 2016.