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Friday, February 26, 2016


GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. - With her last shot of the preliminary round, Manitoba's Kerri Einarson secured a playoff berth Friday at the Canadian women's curling championship.

Alberta's Chelsea Carey, defending champion Jennifer Jones, Manitoba and Northern Ontario's Krista McCarville advanced to the Page playoff at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts at Revolution Place.

Carey and Jones, both 9-2, were to meet in a game between the top two seeds Friday night with the winner advancing to Sunday's championship game.

The loser drops to Saturday evening's semifinal to face the winner of the afternoon playoff between Manitoba and Northern Ontario, both 7-4.

Trailing the entire game against New Brunswick's Sylvie Robichaud, Einarson executed a tricky double takeout and kept her shooter in the rings to score three for the 7-6 win.

Jones defeated B.C.'s Karla Thompson 11-4 in the round-robin finale. The defending champions ranked second because they lost their tournament opener to Alberta.

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Anonymous said...

Was there ever any doubt Sk would be out when they rely on a 2-8 now 2-9 team to pull them into the playoffs, not happening.

Anonymous said...

Well at least the team can return home to Sask and enjoy the tropical weather.

Feb 2016 is the first time I 1) wore shorts outside to wonder around
2) rode my bike on multiple days 3) sat out on my lawn chair and cherished how incredible this weather has been 4) look forward to an very low heating bill.

Sitting in my yard on the grass after a quick rake, I wonder if my grand kids will have yards with Palm trees here in Regina at some not too distant time.

william weppler said...

I would say there was a lot of doubt in everyones' mind until the last shot by Manitoba in the 10th end of the game.

Good run Sask...very good result for a 1st year Team.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it seems to be a continuation of disappointment for Sask rinks. It's much like watching the Rams. Since Sandra we have never had a rink that could go to the Scotties and actually be reasonably sure of winning it. We seem to choke and nobody can make any shots during the week. We seem to have a lot of good curlers but no great ones. The drought continues.

Anonymous said...

…..a lot of winning rinks were also first time rinks….

Anonymous said...

I guess the Anon talking about Sandra has forgotten all about Amber Holland and Stefanie Lawton. To quote Lynch "How dumb can you be?!"