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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced international free agent running back Curtis Steele has signed with the team. As per club policy, details of the contract were not released.
Steele (5'11 – 190) joins the Riders after spending the last three seasons with the Toronto Argonauts. Through his first three seasons, the 28-year-old Memphis product has 138 carries for 820 yards and seven touchdowns while adding 49 receptions for 383 yards and one touchdown.


Anonymous said...

820 yds rushing in 3 seasons !!!!!

What a great signing for all of you Jones and Murphy manlovers

Anonymous said...

I guess if you can not recruit you sign the players no one else wants.

Anonymous said...

Remember silly boy, the Argos have had Chad Kackert for part of those 3 years and an outstanding passing attack with tall receivers and Ricky Ray/Harris and play makers like Chad Owens and Andre Drury. Steele can compete for a feature back opening in Sask.

Anonymous said...

or you sign guys and go find recruits to beat them out. That way you are covered.

Taman just couldn’t get the second part down or he may still be here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 & 2... You do realise how training camp works right? If Steele doesn't fit the bill he'll be cut; it's that simple.

T. Brown

Rocker said...

Always some negative nellies. No matter what they do, who they sign never is good enough for some people. Give it a rest and get on the bandwagon. This management group has forgotten more about football then most people ever knew about it.
Great Job by Jones and Company

Anonymous said...

Ignore the trolls Rocker, they are not Rider fans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wh the £¥¿k is Taman?