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Friday, February 26, 2016


The newest member of the Edmonton Eskimos, receiver Chris Getzlaf, met with reporters in Regina on Friday, one day after signing with the rival Eskimos.  Here are some notes from the gathering:

- "It's a great opportunity. They're the defending Grey Cup champions with a solid core of players and hopefully I'll be able to add to that mix."

- "There was a tiny bit of discussion (with the Riders) off the start but it faded away pretty quick and they were nice enough to let me know they weren't going to be offering me anything and I could wrap my mind around being somewhere else."

- "It was difficult to accept. It's been a phenomenal nine years and not everybody gets the chance to play that amount of time anywhere let alone the city you grew up in.  There's a lot of memories that'll never be forgotten."

- "The Riders came in with a plan and a vision of what the team was going to look like and unfortunately I wasn't going to be in that vision. To each their own. They've had a lot of success in this league."

- "Not once. Not at all.  (Regarding considering retirement). I've got a lot of ball left in me and at no point in time did I consider retiring. I'm excited for the new opportunity."

- Getzlaf said he's been working out religiously and that his feet are 100%. They've hampered him with injuries the past two seasons.

- Despite Chris playing for Edmonton, the Chris Getzlaf & Friends Charity Golf Classic will be back for a third year in Avonlea in late-May.



Anonymous said...

Getzy, Dress and JC will all have all star years with their new teams. Just watch-


sam said...

Welcome to Eskie nation Chris home of the 2015 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS you are gonna help us to back to back cups

Anonymous said...

Yes, lets all hope that Getz still has a little gas in the tank so he can have a Jason Clermont like finish to a fine career as a CFL star.

Anonymous said...

I don't think ANYONE would be severely shocked if any one of those three had an all-star like season. The Riders have never said they aren't still good players.

Could the Riders realistically win a Grey Cup with those three still in the lineup this year? The answer is no.

Can the Riders win without them in year one? Doubtful.

But nobody can disagree with the FACT the team will be better in the near future by moving on. Unfortunately they all happened in the same off season but it had to be that way.

I guess you can disagree but you can't be disappointed in losing seasons then.

Anonymous said...

Canadians play their way off of rosters while Americans play their way on. He was never a key guy. Filled a spot that's all.

Anonymous said...

Never a key guy? You're clueless.

Anonymous said...

He played well for the Riders even though he had a problem hanging on to the ball at times. He will still have to make the roster

Marcc said...

Injuries caught up with him

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the Saskatchewan Roughriders trading for the home town boy early in his career he would have been out of the league some time ago. Best of luck to him trying to crack Edmonton roster 2016.

Anonymous said...

Tough crowd for a guy that is top ten in franchise history in receiving, had two 1,000 yard seasons, won most valuable Canadian in the teams biggest win in its 100+ years of existence, two time all-star.

People get 'injured' working a desk job, working construction, nursing, whatever it is. It is part of life and a definite part of sport.

Proud to have you as a Rider Chris! All the best in the CFL and beyond.

A fan with a heart and brain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some get moments and catches with the Riders, Getz!

Good luck with your health and success.


Anonymous said...

Getz was a great receiver to watch. Sure he dropped the odd pass but show me a receiver in any League that hasn't. My only concern on what I am reading here is that he mentioned that his feet were 100% and shortly before he was released the Riders announced that they were sending him to a Specialist in the USA regarding his injuries to make sure he was okay before they signed him. Something just does not add up here, so could it be that the Riders found out something that we are not being told about?

Anonymous said...

Bagg is now the only good proven receiver the riders have.
Even at 33 Getz is a million times better than anything jones and murphy have signed.

Imagine a 1 receiver team - what a joke

Anonymous said...

It took awhile, but thanks to another article on this blog, I finally understand why exactly some people don't like the player transactions made by the current Rider management team.

It has to do with the "folksy", small town character of Rider nation and Saskatchewan.

We are not the biggest, don't have the most resources but we'll work very hard to do the best we can. We'll also support our own as much as we can. We know who everyone in the community is and form very strong relationships with people.

While this is a great way of life, it is not the way to run a professional football team. This small town/time attitude and it's related low expectations have resulted in exactly four championships in over 100 years, and the Riders being the perpetual laughing stock of the league. Even during the last decade, the best in team history, the record was only 81-80.

While that might be good enough for small towners/timers, it is totally pathetic.

I understand the mentality of small town/time people very well. Low expectations, minimal ambition but they are very loyal to their friends. When a friend leaves, it hurts them personally.

These small town/time minions could see themselves when they looked at Dressler, Chick and Getzlaf. It hurt them personally when these people moved away.

While I still visit my home town in Saskatchewan frequently and still have many friends there, would I trust any of these people to run a multi-million dollar business? Not a chance.

Do their opinions about Rider player transactions matter? Not really. Theses opinions are just an emotional reaction to their "friends" leaving and they don't have the intelligence to deal with change rationally.

So the next time you see one of these people have a melt down, just remember it's not their fault they are the way they are. Smile, pat them on the head, offer some kind words, maybe some pocket change and celebrate the Riders next win.

Anonymous said...

Fans with a heart and brain are few and far between on this blog. Getz will be in the Plaza along with Chick and Dressler, they served the team well. Time waits for no one time to move on.

Anonymous said...

What doesn't add up is that the Riders never said they were sending him to a specialist. Rod Pedersen said that and admitted on his show he only heard that as a rumour around the city not through the team.

Anonymous said...

Why would these men represent a obsolete riders plaza? They are representive of the following CFL franchises, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton now. Move on.

Anonymous said...

I like Getz and he has had a great career, but I am guessing he is on placed on IR before the season starts. He's done!

Anonymous said...

Jason Clermont retired years ago

Anonymous said...

I don't get why everyone points to the plaza as if it is a hall of fame. As has been shown before it isn't an honor based on your play, but based on your willingness to come shill to sell expensive dinner tickets. They pick a couple of guys willing to do that every year and then everyone gathers to drink $11 cocktails and pat themselves on the back. The folks at that dinner are the same ones that are at the cottage for the saturday games or suddenly busy on cold or rainy days.

Anonymous said...

it's time to end the plaza

Anonymous said...

McAdoo is going to reinstitute the same boring short passing and zone run game that was put in place in Toronto and then Edmonton. While Jones runs a high risk attacking D, on the other side of the ball he wants a low risk time of possession style offense to which Getzlaf would never fit. The majority of receivers in this offense are drones used as downfield blockers and need to be over 6' and 200 lbs to push around the smaller DB's creating YAC. One or two will get the majority of the targets as playmakers like Kendial Lawrence and Rob Bagg. Mix in Steele as a receiving back and you have the new look Rider offense.

Getzlaf may or may not last all 18 games, but he does bring experience and mentorship to the Eskimos young group of National receivers. Even if he platoons with Watson and Coehoorn he gives a boundary side threat that is stronger than Chambers. For all of the hype around Chambers and the 48 yards that gave him the Most Outstanding Canadian at the Grey Cup; he really has not done much as an Eskimo. The swap straight across Chambers for Getzlaf is actually advantage Eskimos as Chambers was not going to start over Watson and has less upside over Bailey. If Getzlaf, similar to Paris Jackson provides the Eskimos insurance, some production and mentorship for Bailey it is a win for the Eskimos hands down as Chambers will most likely accomplish little in the current Rider offensive scheme.