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Saturday, January 23, 2016


TSN's Gary Lawless is reporting the CFL has adopted a new anti-tampering policy to prevent the movement of coaches we saw earlier this off-season.
Here's the policy:
No club or any person connected directly or indirectly with the club will be allowed to have any contact or discussions with any non-player employee currently under contract or associated with or employed by another club unless:

(a) permission in writing has been first obtained from the non-player employee’s current club (president or general manager) to engage in such discussions and express permission has been granted to enter into a contract with the other club, and 

(b) approval in writing by the Commissioner or his delegate copied to both clubs and the non-player employee, for the non-player employee to engage in such discussions with the other Club.

Furthermore, any and all terms of agreement between representatives of the two clubs (if applicable), must be explicitly set out in writing at the time permission has been first obtained from the non-player employee’s current Club. For greater clarity, should the parties agree that a non-player employee can engage in discussions with another club and, if he signs with that other club, an agreement to pay compensation to the former club or some other term must be clearly stated in writing at the time the initial permission is granted to the requesting club.
Any non-player employee who voluntarily resigns or retires prior to the expiration of his contract is not free to discuss or accept employment with another club without the written consent of his former club. This condition will apply for the full remaining term of his contract. Once the non-player employee’s contract has expired, he is free to seek employment with another club.
A non-player employee who has his contract of employment terminated during the term of his contract is eligible to be employed by another club at any time, subject to any provisions in the non-player employee’s contract.
For the maintenance of this policy, the commissioner or his delegate shall have the sole power and authority to determine if this protocol has been breached or tampering has occurred.

The commissioner shall make such a determination after providing notice and a hearing to any and all interested parties. The commissioner shall determine, in his sole discretion, the process involved and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties with no further appeal or review process. clubs and their respective representatives shall provide their full cooperation and assistance in the investigation and hearing process.
Should the commissioner determine this protocol has been breached or tampering has occurred, the penalties will be as follows:

(a) First offence - fine of up to $25,000.00 and the loss of the club’s first-round draft choice in the subsequent draft, or the following draft when the club has a first-round draft choice to lose.

(b) Second offence – suspension of an individual for a specific or indefinite period or for life, at the Commissioner’s discretion.