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Saturday, January 23, 2016


TSN's Gary Lawless is reporting the CFL has adopted a new anti-tampering policy to prevent the movement of coaches we saw earlier this off-season.
Here's the policy:
No club or any person connected directly or indirectly with the club will be allowed to have any contact or discussions with any non-player employee currently under contract or associated with or employed by another club unless:

(a) permission in writing has been first obtained from the non-player employee’s current club (president or general manager) to engage in such discussions and express permission has been granted to enter into a contract with the other club, and 

(b) approval in writing by the Commissioner or his delegate copied to both clubs and the non-player employee, for the non-player employee to engage in such discussions with the other Club.

Furthermore, any and all terms of agreement between representatives of the two clubs (if applicable), must be explicitly set out in writing at the time permission has been first obtained from the non-player employee’s current Club. For greater clarity, should the parties agree that a non-player employee can engage in discussions with another club and, if he signs with that other club, an agreement to pay compensation to the former club or some other term must be clearly stated in writing at the time the initial permission is granted to the requesting club.
Any non-player employee who voluntarily resigns or retires prior to the expiration of his contract is not free to discuss or accept employment with another club without the written consent of his former club. This condition will apply for the full remaining term of his contract. Once the non-player employee’s contract has expired, he is free to seek employment with another club.
A non-player employee who has his contract of employment terminated during the term of his contract is eligible to be employed by another club at any time, subject to any provisions in the non-player employee’s contract.
For the maintenance of this policy, the commissioner or his delegate shall have the sole power and authority to determine if this protocol has been breached or tampering has occurred.

The commissioner shall make such a determination after providing notice and a hearing to any and all interested parties. The commissioner shall determine, in his sole discretion, the process involved and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties with no further appeal or review process. clubs and their respective representatives shall provide their full cooperation and assistance in the investigation and hearing process.
Should the commissioner determine this protocol has been breached or tampering has occurred, the penalties will be as follows:

(a) First offence - fine of up to $25,000.00 and the loss of the club’s first-round draft choice in the subsequent draft, or the following draft when the club has a first-round draft choice to lose.

(b) Second offence – suspension of an individual for a specific or indefinite period or for life, at the Commissioner’s discretion.


Anonymous said...

This has as much bite as a toothless dog. Any half-baked contract or labor lawyer will blast this out of the water. Additionally all coaches will now make sure that their contracts provide a professional advancement clause. Many contracts in the business industry currently have them. They provide that the current employer cannot refuse you permission to hold discussions, resign, or take any job that advances your career. They also only sign one year contracts. The penalties are also ridiculous and would be the source of an anti-trust suit. Nobody can additionally say how this legislation would be in conflict with Provincial and Federal labour legislation. It also doesn't say if NFL clubs can interfere or be subject to some penalty as well. If not it would be discriminatory. The bite of a toothless dog.

Anonymous said...

Rod's troll buddies will love this, another reason to hate the Riders and post nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Well said poster # 1.

How can limiting coaches careers help attract top notch people? Why would the Commissioner try to limit individuals who feel they want to move up or even across? Would you want an employee working for you who is denied a move?

Is this another case of political correctness or a must move to show who is in charge?

The sooner we dump this fellow the better in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Just what the world needs, more " half-baked" lawyers!

Anonymous said...

Toothless like a Bomber Fan that's what the man said, Toothless!

Anonymous said...

Its called owning up. Funny how a hand shake used to mean something. The new Generation Y wants everything, and want it now. No need to earn their stripes.

Sign a year contract, who cares. Its only your reputation that will get tarnished. If you fail in the first year (chances are good) and there is someone better available at the end of the year, your gone. Hard to see how moving from losing season to losing season will help anyone.

Anonymous said...

This rule should be name the Rider Rule and was specifically designed for the lowly riders ,that's why the CFL has Traitor Jones as the face of the story if not for for the sliders there would not be the mess that that caused

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment " a handshake meaning something". A coach's hiring has nothing to do with their previous season's record. Durrazzio to BC, Dyce to Ottawa, etc etc. It means nothing. They were both on one year contracts. Gibson to Edmonton!!!

Teams don't have to re-new contracts. They can fire you, and you have no recourse. Sign one year deals and put in professional advancement clauses in longer one's. It's about what's good for the individual and the fallout that occurs. You want to keep a guy who doesn't want to be there? You want the calibre of work he will bring? Fire him and you need to pay him out. Keep him and you have problems. It's like staying in a bad marriage and who gets hurt.

Coach's have no pension plan like players do. they need to make as much as they can where and when they can. In the Riders case they got permission from Edmonton to talk to Jones. All of the assistants were free agents on one year contracts. One even passed up a promotion to come here. Edmonton got permission to talk to Maas so no issue there. The Thorpe case was the only iffy one and he may have had permission from the owner. It won't end well in Montreal for certain!

Even in the NCAA an athlete doesn't get a four year free ride. He gets four - one year deals. If anything goes sideways, they don't re-new. Yup--- a deal is a deal. It's time some people really understand what goes on in the sports industry.

Anonymous said...

Its called the Jones Rider rule !!!!!!!!!

Thats what extreme tampering by the Riders gets you.

And oh yes Poster #1 - you are completly wrong.

Anonymous said...

A more accurate name would be the JonesReynolds rule.

Two rookies screwing it up for the cfl and the Riders - very bush league !!!!

Anonymous said...

Reactive rather than proactive kinda like Wall and Sask party policies.

Anonymous said...

The nonsense has begun.

Anonymous said...

If anything it should be known as the Thorpe/Eskimos rule.

The Riders obtained permission to negotiate with Jones from the Eskimos, and thus did nothing wrong.

The Moes on the other hand did do something wrong, and that is why all coaching movement was stopped and the Commissioner ruled that Thorpe had to stay in Montreal.

These are the facts of the matter, the only organization that broke any rules was the Deadmonton Moes.

As I have said before, your fears are groundless, your complaints are moronic.

Unless you are stating facts, you are stating opinion.
Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has them, but we should never have to see the stupid ones in public.

Now, will all the Moes and Stumps fans please go back to groveling at Trudeau's feet for money, and leave conversations about football to useful people with jobs.


Saggy Barns said...

..... how Orridgeish !!!

Saggy Barns

Saggy Barns said...

.... how Orridgeish !!

Anonymous said...

Assinine! It won't work Jeff. manipulated and shredded.

3RD and 1 said...

The Riders had 100% permission from Ed Hervey to speak to Jones. The only weird thing is how all the asst. coaches bailed from the EE. If Ed Hervey would have moved to the front office and gave up his GM role to Jones. Chris would have staid. Instead he left for greener pastures in every way. All of his asst. coaches to which were on 1 year contracts that were expiring. Followed Chris Jones. Which makes sense as the new HC coming in will hire his own coaching staff.
Now the Neil Thorpe from Mintreal to Edmonton had stink all over it. Ed Hervey and Jason Maas spoke to Thorpe without permission from Popp in Montreal. Then Neil Thorpe retiring to take on the DC in Edmonton was illiberal in several ways. Neil's contract was written in a way that Thorpe had no out to another team. He had to work his 3 year contract. Which he had 2 years left.
So the stink eye look on all of this is 100% the EE fault.
Heck remember how Hervey stoke Odel Willis 20 seconds after free agency opened. He already had the deal made up with all the paper work. He was fined 10 grand on that one too.