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Thursday, January 14, 2016



PHOENIX, AZ -- It's a travel day for the MMG as we pack up and leave Arizona, headed home to host Hockey Day In Saskatchewan festivities this weekend in Wadena, SK.  However during this break in the beautiful sunshine, there were plenty of notes accumuled for the Thursday column.  Let's get to it:

1.  How many are saying the NCAA boasts the best brand of football of any league including the NFL, CFL or AFL?   Monday's 45-40 Alabama win over Clemson in the national championship was one for the ages.  Many Canadians were watching on TSN, perhaps simply because there wasn't anything else on the tube but they got a wonderful display of football.  Sure it was the highest-scoring game in college championship history, but it was still good old football.  They could actually play defense and lay a hand on a receiver.

The game wasn't painfully held up due to multiple video reviews.  The athleticism was raw but at its finest for players of that age.  It was just good old-fashioned football and don't let the score fool you -- there were some mental busts leading to breakdowns which caused for some big plays.  It's unpredictable just like junior hockey and a big reason is because it's young men.  Many of them teenagers.  It was a wonderful night.

Meanwhile Alabama coach Nick Saban - who earned his fifth national championship on Monday - told ESPN he's willing to listen to NFL offers.  However that would likely be a paycut since he earns $7-million per year.

2.  BREAKING NEWS:  I didn't win the Powerball Lottery.  Apparently three people did, and are going to split $1.5 billion U.S. dollars.  Our odds weren't great, but they were far greater than if we didn't have a ticket at all.

3.  Great move by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Schad Richea has been named full-time Athletic Therapist.  The Dysart, SK product has a tremendous sports therapy resume including the Calgary Flames, University of Calgary and Regina Pats.  He's worked off and on with the Riders for the past few years and the players think highly of him.  Welcome aboard Schad!  He's known as the Rock 'N Roll Trainer.

4.  People with too much time on their hands.  There's a Facebook group of Rider fans who seem miffed that quarterback Darian Durant hasn't been visible for quite some time.  They even reached out to me to ask Darian's whereabouts.  Ummm ... it's January.  As long as he's checking in with his coaches and getting the necessary rehab on the injuries which ended his past two seasons, no one should be concerned with what he's doing.  The suffocating glare of the Rider Nation needs to check itself.  Darian Durant is a private person and his privacy should be respected.  He's earned it.

5.  A few more details of the Riderville Arizona Tour II have been released and this year's event will be staged on Thursday, March 3 when the Arizona Coyotes host the Anaheim Ducks.  There will be a pregame tailgate party with 620 CKRM's SportsCage and yours truly broadcasting live on location.  There will be some Rider celebrities in attendance as well.  More details will be announced but it's advisable to get your tickets now and book your flights and hotel.  You can get the tickets here:  And I suggest using Expedia for the travel.  I used it this week for the first time and it saves you a ton of money.

6. Kickers have rushed to the defense of Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh whose miss on a 27-yard field goal cost his team a playoff win over Seattle on Sunday.  From Roughriders kicker Tyler Crapigna on Facebook:  "I feel for Blair Walsh ... Last time I checked football is a team game."

Hey.  Do your job.

7.  Those poor Edmonton Oilers.  They blew another lead in Phoenix on Tuesday and wound up with a 4-3 overtime loss to the Coyotes.  Connor McDavid turned 19 yesterday but it's he who needs to give a gift, and that is his return to the ice for Edmonton.  Jordan Eberle notched three assists in a losing cause for the Oilers and barely came off the ice.  One has to wonder if the Oilers were showcasing him in an effort to up his trade value.  Surely he wouldn't mind a move out of Oil Country either.  As for Taylor Hall on Tuesday, he was, as usual, ineffective.

8.  If you saw my Facebook post from Tuesday evening, I had the chance to watch Tuesday's game from the Coyotes owners' box as a guest of Regina's Gary Drummond.  They all feel rookie forward Max Domi will "own" Phoenix in just a few short years.  He recorded his first career hattrick on Tuesday night and guested on ESPN Arizona radio Wednesday afternoon.  Domi was asked what teams do with all the hats that rain down onto the ice when a player scores a hattrick and his answer was, "That's a really good question.  I don't know!"  The Coyotes P.R. staff was listening and quickly wrote in that the hats are collected and given to charity.  Do the Regina Pats do the same thing?  I've never looked into it.

9.  Speaking of the Regina Pats, Coach & GM John Paddock looks like a genius this week after acquiring sniper Cole Sanford on the WHL Trade Deadline, and then the 20-year old scored the OT winner for the Pats Tuesday in Everett.  Somebody wrote in here this week saying Paddock has the best hockey resume of anyone in the province and he should be left alone to run the Pats the way he sees fit.  I concur.

10.  Some interesting Regina Pats business notes:  Ticket revenue is up 11% from this point last year ... Scanned attendance is up 4% over this time last year ... Paid attendance is up 2.3% from last year.  Obviously the city and surrounding area are taking notice of the Queen City Kids and don't forget the club boasts the WHL's leading scorer in Adam Brooks who is on a 15-game point streak including Wednesday night's 4-1 loss at Portland.  Regina's next home game is Saturday, January 23 when they host Curtis Hunt's P.A. Raiders.

11.  I must say I do adore Arizona.  It's just so comfortable here and it feels like a great fit.  In Canada there's so much "You can't do this, and You can't do that".  Here, everybody ropes and everybody rides.  There's no speed limit on the Arizona 101.  You want to talk on your cell phone while driving?  Go for it.  But if you die, that's your problem.  I call it Natural Selection.  Keep your head on a swivel and let 'er rip.  Nobody's gonna look after you and that suits me just fine.

12.  Saturday night's home playoff game against the Green Bay Packers marks the 104th consecutive sellout for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals.  Beat that.  74,500.

13.  So Reginan Kayla Allie is searching for 200,000 signatures on an online petition to get Garth Brooks to be the first concert in the New Mosaic Stadium.  Apparently Garth has a thing for opening new stadiums and he would certainly sell out in a jiffy.  The rumour I heard is that Bruce Springsteen will open the stadium however that has not been substantiated by the Roughriders whatsoever.  It's just fun gossip.  The other note I heard is that the first-ever game in the new stadium will feature the U of R Rams which would automatically make it the highest-attended CIS football game in Saskatchewan history.

They won't like that in Saskatoon.

Speaking of, will they be able to fill SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon for Friday night's Saskatchewan Rush home-opener against the Vancouver Stealth?  That's the goal of Rush President Lee Genier.  Hopefully they do fill the joint, but I'll be surprised if it happens.



My friend Tim Purvis (the designer of the SportsCage logo) is attempting to raise $3000 via Go Fund Me to purchase a defibrillator for the Flowing Springs Golf Course.  Here's what he wrote, and how you can help:

- It’s a serious responsibility to own a defibrillator as people now expect you to be able to save lives as opposed to not saving them without. The course could easily buy it on their own, but I thought I would take this on, on my own.

The Queen City Kinsmen gave $1000 and we have a collection at the course and the GoFundMe campaign. We will be making a plaque for the wall beside the AED to thank the Kinsmen and any other major contributors ($100 and up).

Once we buy one, there needs to be about 6 people trained on how to use it and there is upkeep costs as well, which the course is willing to take on. I am going to get trained and a couple of other members and some staff at the course. If there is a need to use it out there, it kinda shuts down the course as well, especially if Loney and or Brian have to go out (if others trained are not available).

So for those reasons, Loney was reluctant to just buy it on his own as people don’t understand the commitment and responsibility. He would rather see members and other golfers contribute to its existence and he will take over from there with additional costs and responsibility.

It really wouldn’t /shouldn’t take that long:

·       1700 people donate $1.00
·       850 people donate $2.00
·       425 people donate $4.00
·       Etc.

Here's the link to donate:




Anonymous said...

"Hey. Do your job" What kind of crap is that. He scored all the points for the Vikings. Where were the offensive touchdowns and the defensive stops. Football is a team sport Rod!

Don Mitchell said...

Glad you are having fun down there.
I hope the CFL BOD was watching the Bama-Clemson game to see how exciting a game can be when you let the players PLAY!!!!!!!

I would love to go to the Yotes-Ducks game but with the CDN $ below 70 cents US it is becoming a huge issue. When will the Canadian NHL teams start feeling the pain?

Another option for low airfare is this one
I used it to fly to Kauai from Regina return - $625.00 CDN taxes included

Anonymous said...

'As for Taylor Hall on Tuesday, he was, as usual, ineffective.'

Clearly you don't watch much Oiler hockey. More points than either Sedin, Stamkos, Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin.

Yep, ineffective all right. He's not the reason the Oilers are losing.

Anonymous said...

I love entry #11.

Anonymous said...

'You want to talk on your cell phone while driving? Go for it. But if you die, that's your problem. I call it Natural Selection. Keep your head on a swivel and let 'er rip. Nobody's gonna look after you and that suits me just fine.'

And what if you cause an accident that takes other lives along with yours ?

What a douche.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing SGI won't be using you as a corporate shill for your inane cellphone comment. Glad to know you are probably putting the lives of others at risk by yapping on your phone while driving.

Anonymous said...

That Purvis is a good guy.

Rod Pedersen said...

Then stay in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pedersen ... You call our beautiful Arena in Saskatoon a "JOINT" ? Then what the hell do you call your "BARN?

Anonymous said...

Rod's had too much vacation, he's feeling good and confident and the brash statements are coming out about Saskatoon. He's just trying to stir up the pot. But make no mistake, if the first game in the new stadium is the Rams and the place is full, it sure won't be becaus the fans are there to see the worst team in Canada West. That's not a shot either, it's the truth. Need to have such a game with the Huskies as the opposition and get the Stoon/northern SK crowd fired up. It would be fantastic.

Oilers of course continue to suck but that's expected. Should talk about how everyone's buzzing about Sam Bennett busting out for four goals last night for the Flames against Florida. So he couldn't do a pull-up, big whoop. Gretzky was a pipsqueak when he was in his prime and nobody cared. Kane today is still a pipsqueak and he's the top scorer.

If you're going to Wadena Rod, make the hour drive east to check out Rawhides bar in Stenen. Best bar in the province by far. It's an old western experience with great food on the grill and George Strait on the stereo. Seriously.

Gundersons Yorkton

Rod Pedersen said...

Here we go. This is gonna be a fun day ...

Anonymous said...


Poking the ever popular "Saskatoon Bear".

Love it.

Yes, the Rams might then have the attendance record but that should work nicely with having the "lowest attendance" CIS game in Saskatchewan history.


I had a question about Satellite Radio. Does the NFL on XM always just have the home broadcaster radio show on? I know in the NHL playoffs you could choose home or away. (I think for the final 4.)At some point do they get "NFL" guys to do it. As in not affiliated with a certain team?

Hope you had a good trip Rod.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

If you go to the Rush website for ticket sales, tickets are only available in the lower bowl and the upper deck between the blue lines. If they sell out available tickets probably 11,000. Unless Saskatoon gives away a ton of tickets I predict a crowd of 8500.

Point #11 - Redneck Rod living the dream in Arizona

Anonymous said...

Funny how Rod is gushing over the college football championship on Monday. Yes it was a good game. Was it the best football players in the world playing in that game? No. Did anyone care? No! But yet that's the excuse that the NFL snobs in this country use to bash the CFL and treat it as a third world league. Rod you guys in the media need to take some of the blame for this too. You, Remple, Phil and Scruff have all done your share of NFL tire pumping (like the time you said the CFL should become a minor league to the NFL. Screw that). It's not just you, TSN is guilty of it too with the ultimate worst being Tim and Sid. Sid was whining after the Grey Cup that he didn't watch cause he "wants to be entertained". What a deuche.

That poster before Grey Cup hit a home run saying how it's the media has done the CFL no favours with its ignoring and bashing. Good old inferiority complex towards a great tradition of Canadian football. Americans love college football even though they're not the best in the world.

What's our excuse?

Speaker Ryan

Anonymous said...

Entry #11 ..... how Regina-ish

Anonymous said...

Nic saban spent two average years in Miami before running back to college again after telling dolphins he was staying while a moving van sat at his house. Coaching college boys vs millionaire men are two different things. I doubt he'd leave Alabama for nfl again.

You don't need 'training' to run a defibrillator. You read the manual once and if you have half a brain you can figure it out. Plus the new machines will tell you what to do step by step what to do and where to place the patches and so on. You'd think with the fees the course charges they could afford their own machine like 80% of the businesses out there did already.

Anonymous said...

Entry #11 how Rod-ish

Rod Pedersen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have sold out 350 consecutive games in an 80,000 seat stadium. Makes Arizona's sellout streak look miniscule.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why most people think you're such a d***

Anonymous said...

Paddock is a decent coach but is only slightly above .500 since he's been here. No pennants or championships so It's hardly time to hand keys to the city. Two games is hardly a measure his GM ability or if it was a coup in getting Sanford, especially when it cost a ton of his farm. Sanford was mia last night by the way so that story has to be written at season's end. I've read the same stuff about Parker, Chamblin and especially Taman. None of them are here any longer. Let's see a memorial Cup here before we start handing out too many accolades.

There are many people in graveyards because of distracted driving on cells phones. Kids who could resist talking to their BFF's about nothing. There are also families wiped out by them. Nobody wins here. A 16 year old Montana girl who kills a mom and two children because she had to talk to her BFF over he breakup with her 17 year old boyfriend. The family is dead and the girl is in prison. Nobody wins. Yup..Natural Selection.

Anonymous said...

Rod's not a redneck, he's a good ol boy that'll give you the shirt off his back. He just lets his ego get too inflated which causes him to say dumb things. You all say dumb shit every day too.

Wade Boggs' Beard

Anonymous said...

Most people aren't that dumb.

GWil26 said...

Even with the highest attended game in CIS history, which would be an awesome accomplishment, I'm sure they could find a way to still finish lower than other CIS teams in average attendance over the season haha.

Anonymous said...

People forget that every-time you drive off in your vehicle with your family you are at risk of being killed.

Defensive driving means that you need to be aware of the fact that there are going to be drivers on the road who have alcohol in their system or who are using a cell phone. These things are beyond our control, so if you do not have the skill to avoid these drunk or inattentive drivers and their vehicles, should they veer into your path, then stay off the road!

Just like the slogan Buyer Beware, there is Driver Beware. People miss Rod's point - laws against cell phone use while driving and drunk driving do not stop people from doing so. It is up to the individual to stay out of their way and be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. Emergency services are there to deal with any aftermath.


Anonymous said...

jus wunderin rod if u had won the powerball,would u keep your "job"?

Anonymous said...

I thank the gods that there is a full slate of NFL play-off football this weekend as the cold January weather sets in. Go Steelers!

Anonymous said...

Promoting using your cellphone while driving? Seriously?

That's a whole lotta messed up.

Are you gonna promote drunk driving in your next column?

Anonymous said...

Your arrogance is 2nd to none Pedersen.

I'm surprised you don't drive around in a pickup truck because you are truly the king of the Saskatchewan douchebag chapter.

Anonymous said...

" I must say I do adore Arizona. It's just so comfortable here and it feels like a great fit. In Canada there's so much "You can't do this, and You can't do that". Here, everybody ropes and everybody rides. There's no speed limit on the Arizona 101. You want to talk on your cell phone while driving? Go for it. But if you die, that's your problem. I call it Natural Selection. Keep your head on a swivel and let 'er rip. Nobody's gonna look after you and that suits me just fine."

Racism last week and now this today ... big fan of yours but really off base. Would you apply the same theory to drunk driving?

Anonymous said...

Not all comments get posted

Anonymous said... we go again, Rod doing what Rod does best, bragging and name Pedersenish.

Your Hero said...

Rod Pedersen,

I've trained you well, young grasshopper.

A lot of you people need to realize Rod is just being the stereotypical sports talk show host. Opinionated, Arrogant, Brash, Half-Truths galore.

It's what the best ones do, and Rod smiles at all of you who criticize him, but show up column after column to voice your frustration.

Hate 'em, Like 'em, He doesn't care. You all just keep adding clicks to his hit counter and keeps earning him the $$$$ to go on his monthly trips.

Once again, Rod, I'm happy I could be a source of inspiration. You've learned from the best.

Your pal,
Colin Cowherd

Rod Pedersen said...

Arizona has the toughest impaired driving laws in America. And besides, I don't drink.

Anonymous said...

Stan ....
You're a bigger idiot than Pedersen, and I didn't even think that was even possible. Next time I talk to someone that lost a loved one due to a drunk driver I'll tell them what you said. That it was their fault because they didn't get out of the drunk's way.

I'm still in shock over the stupidity I have witnessed today.

Anonymous said...

So people that drive trucks are deuche bags? You must write for the Prairie Dog or something.

Anonymous said...

Quit drinking??? What's next, Hopson grows his hair back?

I call schmautzie.

Lynyrd Skynyrd said...

"Whiskey bottles, brand new cars, oak tree your in my way"

Anonymous said...

Rod's ultimate goal is to be the next Howard Stern. He's well on his way, toupe and all.

Anonymous said...

I am with Rod on this smart phone thing. The drive from Swift Current to Regina was always a huge bore, but now I can watch You Tube between curves in the road.

Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen a Big Fish in a little pond, time to find a bigger pond Rod. You've become too big for little ole Saskatchewan

Anonymous said...

Come on Rod you can't quit the sauce. You're Regina's answer to John Daly!

Rod Pedersen said...

Coming up on one year.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kayla Allie is a Rider season ticket holder.

Anonymous said...

Regarding best brand of football:

- my love is for the CFL, but like a family member that you tolerate, loving something so much over the years sometimes has it's challenges

- my addiction is NCAA College football, it has all the excitement, it's straight up quality ball.

- and, not to end on a down note, but the NFL is merely something I watch when the NCAA Bowl games are all done. I finally tune in for the last remaining games of the NFL, sadly to endure corporate mayhem, slow ball, too many commercials, an out-dated overtime format, a restrictive two feet must be in-bounds for a catch rule, and just too much overall hype.

Again, it is the love of the CFL first, and the addiction and excitement of College ball second for this fan.


Anonymous said...

Great to see some talk of US College ball... with avg attendance anywhere from 60,000 - 100,000, so many fans can't have it wrong.

Go UW Huskies!!!

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

I assumed you drank before writing any of your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your sobriety, too bad your still a loudmouth red neck hick.

Anonymous said...

'A loudmouth red neck hick' .... that's actually high class for Regina

Anonymous said...

I know too many people in my life who drank and are now in their grave, before the age of 60.

Alcohol is a known carcinogen, so best avoided by those shy of chemo and other vile procedures within the medical system. Better to live in the land of the healthy than the land of the sick.

Rod's decision to stop the drink simply ensures that he will be doing Rider play-by-play when the Riders celebrate their 150th anniversary (or at least as a special guest of the broadcast ala John Frenzy).

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

"TSN is guilty of it too with the ultimate worst being Tim and Sid. Sid was whining after the Grey Cup that he didn't watch cause he "wants to be entertained". What a deuche."

Tim and Sid work for Sportsnet/Rogers. The Canadian company that supports the CFL as little as humanly possible.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why Rod allows you fools to spew this crap. There's no one who works harder than he does.


Anonymous said...

Keep your head on a swivel and let 'er rip!!
Keep your head up when crossing any streets today. I'll be texting and driving all day! May, or may not stop at red lights.

MC Matt said...

Great as always, Rod! Best sports blog… period.

Would love to see Garth open the new stadium, going to find and sign that petition now.

Or, a special George Strait concert. George never ruled out playing special events, he is just not touring. Saw his final tour when it came to LA, he sounds as clear and perfect as he did when I first saw him in 1989. He is the Frank Sinatra of country music, you understand every word he sings.