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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Voice of the Pats Phil Andrews
Happy Wednesday Everybody!

- The NHL's Central Scouting Service released its midterm rankings for the 2016 Entry Draft on Tuesday morning. Three Regina Pats were among the North American list. Forward Sam Steel was ranked the highest at number 29. he has 43 points in 46 games this year. Up next was 19-year-old forward Adam Brooks at 107. Brooks currently leads the WHL in scoring with 71 points and this will be his third year of eligibility for the NHL draft. Finally forward Adam Berg was ranked 155th. The Calgary product has 20 points so far this year.

Couldn't be happier for Adam Brooks. The Winnipeg product has been through so much with this Pats team. From being a 4th line guy for two years and getting next to no playing time to where he is now is nothing short of incredible. He will get drafted, no doubt about it in my opinion. Then the question will be, will the Pats get him back as a 20-year-old? Either way, he deserves the recognition, the season he is having is beyond good.

I was a bit surprised that defenceman Liam Schioler was left off the rankings. He was ranked a 'C' skater in the November players to watch list by the CSS and I would have thought his stock would have only risen considering how well he has played since joining the Pats before Christmas. Lots of time left before the draft and he will eventually find himself on this list.

- The Pats enjoyed Monday and Tuesday off after their 6 game road trip. It was a looooong bus ride back from Kennewick Washington where the Pats finished the trip with a 5-4 shootout loss to the Tri-City Americans. The team finished with a 2-3-0-1 record in the six games, the loss that hurts the most was to the Kootenay Ice to start the trip 5-3. However to pick up 5 points is certainly respectable against a very strong U.S. Division.

Nothing against Canadian fans, however, those U.S. rinks are fun to be in. The people go bananas over everything. They are loud and right into the games. So much fun to be a part of. There are some really nice buildings down there as well. The Spokane Arena is my favourite, Everett and Seattle are a close second and third. It was a great trip.

Here is a look inside the five American rinks.

Inside the Spokane Arena.

Xfinity Arena in Everett is a great barn

Regina native and Seahawks punter Jon Ryan took in the Pats and Silvertips

The Pats got a visit in Everett from crew members of the HMCS Regina. Their ship is dry docked just outside Victoria and they were the loudest fans in the building when the Pats came back to win 4-3 in OT.

The Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland

The ShoWare Center in Kent, home of the Seattle Thunderbirds

Finally Toyota Center where the Pats and Americans went to a 10 round shootout

Now that it's over the Pats get a bit of a breather. They are off until Saturday when they host the Prince Albert Raiders at the Brandt Centre. In the next four weeks, the team will just play two weekend games. That's huge, especially since Connor Hobbs is out with injury, as is Colby Williams. Not to mention the team has just 10 road games left in their final 26.

We will recap the entire trip on Pats TV tonight starting at 6:30 PM only on Access 7.

That's all I have for today, have a great week, talk to you in the Sportscage on Thursday.



Anonymous said...

Former #Riders GM Taman unfairly blamed for Dressler, Chick contractual situations, says @robvanstone #CFL #sports

Best article ever for all of you Tamen haters. It is right on !!!! and there is even more for all of you Jones and Murphy lovers who also supported CC right to the end. The group of you are so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Spokane is the best place to watch hockey in the WHL. Of course I haven't been to every rink but would still make the wager. Everyone should do themselves the favour of catching an Americans vs Chiefs game while hanging out in the ice level beer garden.....brilliance I say!

Anonymous said...

Nice rinks to be sure but empty. Enjoying the piped in sound? Considering the lack of fans maybe it's time to shrink the league. PA, Swift, and MJ would be enough for this province. The true fans from Regina and Saskatoon could easily make the drive

Anonymous said...

Hey Piped In Sound Anon, you are that neighbor that everyone hates aren't you? Life must suck so bad that your only purpose is to troll blogs. Daddy didnt hug you enough? If you would open you eyes you would see it is early warm ups and if you took a look at attendance you would see 2 0f your 3 teams suggested have the worst attendance in the league last year. Swift Current is likely leaving anyway. Wake up, give yourself a slap and enjoy one day of your pathetic life!


Anonymous said...

How you can continue to support Taman is a definite sign that you're a pathetic fool. Taman darn near put us in shambles and you're sticking up for him? Jones will silence you very soon!

Anonymous said...

The Vanstone article is poorly done and appear to be the ramblings of someone who has forgotten what journalism is. His article shows unmitigated stupidity and that some fools believe anything. Half truths and opinions are not factual reporting. If you read close enough it states how Taman bent to pressure and paid the highest possible price. More than anyone else would have paid. To do this he backloaded contracts not caring what the repercussions might be. How is that not on him? He also says what would the fans have said were they not signed? It clearly shows this was an appeasement of some fans and done as a PR thing. They certainly didn't help us much down the road. This was fuelled by interfering CEO's and some BOD. It was also supported by media like Vanstone and other places who wrote it was worth several years of being in the toilet to have won a GC at home. Because of our poor GC record this logic was spread out there like the garbage it was. Lots of teams don't win a GC at home and most don't get to it. It is NOT worth destroying your organization to win a GC. We have a historically poor record getting to and winning GC games. So the hooey was sold that it was worth destroying our team for years just to try and win one game we seldom ever get to or win.

If you didn't have the talent to begin with maybe there were some bigger questions to be answered. Montreal didn't need to sell the farm to beat us two years in a row. Neither did Calgary or Edmonton. We didn't have the required talent in 2013 so we bought a team and played with contracts. How is that not on Taman? Paying too much and not caring about the contractual mess you would have to deal with someday is as irresponsible as you can get. And for Vanstone to try and use the media to distort things and condone Tamans involvement shows that there is still a loser's mentality that exists in the old boys club.

Anonymous said...

Vanstone's article is bang on ... if you prefer to have those two players and content with losing seasons. Rob says it, if Taman was in place those two guys would be still be Riders. What he fails to say is that the record would have no chance of improving.

It is also inaccurate that Ottawa was offering more money. Ottawa offered more money on a long term contract in 2014. Dressler wanted a one year contract to see if he would garner more NFL interest. Taman then offered the 4 year extension with high money before the 2015 season.

Anonymous said...

Sad that this hockey column was hijacked by Rider commenters.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3; Really? I mean Really??? Ever heard of pre game warm ups? Man you just can't fix stupid.
Jhonny Rotten

william weppler said...

Some people just need a place to vent about the sorry mess the Riders were in. Should get a seperate blog to do that...certainly would have lots of traffic.

william weppler said...

Great read Phil. Gonna be good to see junior hockey live this weekend. Schedule sure is wierd for the next month as you pointed out. Any word on how Williams revovery is going? and Hobbs?

Anonymous said...

Post of the year. Now the Hopson lovers and the rest of the old boys club are hoping and praying that Jones/Murphy fail miserably. But they won't so the club is rallying their members to come on this blog and trash the new regime every chance they get. They can't handle the fact that they aren't in control anymore.

Speaker Ryan

Anonymous said...

Vanstone is part of the Od Boys Club, of course he's going to stick up for one of his own. Surprised that Rod hasn't stuck up for Taman more. He's also part of the club.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos. Very cool for many hockey guys that likely won't ever get to those rinks out west.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Vanstone;

I've been around long enough to say I've watched all four Rider Grey Cup victories. I reveled in each one of them and still reminisce about the first three. But, the more I know about the 2013 team the more tainted it gets and that's all on Taman.

Old Guy

Anonymous said...

Breandan T@man a &#!!@# goof !

Anonymous said...

Hear ! Hear ! Thanx for this post.

Anonymous said...

Zabrovskiy and Harrison needed to step and be leaders on the defence, but they have not done the job. With Williams still out and the injury to Hobbs we need out defence to really step up and start playing a lot tougher and smarter. Our goaltending has to better better than it has been over the last month or so. We have more scoring depth now but we need a much more focused effort on team D and discipline. We need to get better in all areas, play 60 minters, and we need to get healthy. Getting playoff spot will be a struggle and this team can't take any nights off.

Anonymous said...

Vanstone article bang on to the uneducated baffoons who have no accumlated business sense. Quick..think fast, what's 2+2? Ta man a uneducated loser from anywhere basement Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Roughriders

Anonymous said...

Patsies SUCK and you know what .