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Monday, January 25, 2016


PUNTA CANA -- Still in the Dominican Republic!  Please wait until Thursday for the resumption of my regular columns, and thoughts on Chick to the Ticats, Dressler to the Bombers (allegedly), the Mike Gibson Situation, hockey news and more.

We watched the NFL conference championships here on Sunday. It was a great set-up.

I'd come back to the Dominican in a second.  Wonderful place and people.



Anonymous said...

sands on the shoreline awesome kool, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Tease us about all this great stuff and then leave us hanging!

THanks Rod!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Rod, Punta Cana is my favorite Carribean spot. Been their a few times and stayed at your resort.

Ron - Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Come on Rod, what are all the nincompoops going to do until then?

william weppler said...

Enjoy RP!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous looming clouds spell hurricane on the horizon Feb 9th

Anonymous said...

Mr. H must be crushed knowing he can't say something incredibly stupid today. By the way, hi Obama it is "nice" to have you back.

Anonymous said...

yup here we go again swami!....thoughts on the Gibson situation were to be revealed today jus as thoughts on greg marshall debacle were to be shared following that season.....Pederson run for'd make a "fine" politician!!! p.s. place looks immaculate..enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey give Rod a break. He was ordered not to discuss the Greg Marshall thing by Hopson as it would make his whole administration look bad. Can't have that now can we. And Rod needs a job just like anyone else.